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    Step 1 - Introducing the Georgia OKeeffe Slideshow Guide MOTIVATION BEGIN READING HERE

    You usually Meet the Masters by looking at slides of their artwork and hearing about their lives. Today you will get to hear the real voice of our master artist, Georgia OKeeffe! She will tell you all about her artwork and her life in her own words. This famous artist will share her feelings and ideas with you while you enjoy seeing her paintings. Before we hear directly from our artist, let me further introduce her. Today we will meet master artist Georgia OKeeffe. What year did Georgia OKeeffe die? (1986, POINT TO EASEL) How old was she when she died? (98 YEARS OLD)

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    1. EARLY 1900s Lets put ourselves in the period of Georgias lifetime. Her lifetime as an American spanned nearly one hundred years. Do you think she witnessed major changes in our nation? Imagine the contrast between riding in horse-drawn carriages as a child to watching men land on the moon! New York, where she lived, was no longer the city of gas-lit lamps but a city of skyscrapers with neon flashing lights. New ideas could also be seen in the arts. This was the world in which Georgia found herself. Do you think there were many women artists at that time? (NO) Do you think the male-dominated art profession intimidated OKeeffe? (NO) She was a very independent woman for her time, and she fit in very well with her male artist friends. So being a woman artist in that era set Georgia OKeeffe apart, but there was something else about her that was very different from other artists. Most artists struggle for many years to gain recognition. They study, enter many exhibits, only to struggle some more. Fame and success came easily and quickly to Georgia in a very different way. Let me tell you the story. Do you think OKeeffe decided to become an artist when she was very young? (YES) By the age of twelve she knew without a doubt what she wanted to do with her life.

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    1 GEORGIA OKEEFFE Ages 10 Adult | MeetTheMasters Online Edition


    2. PORTRAIT OF OKEEFFE BY HILDA BELCHER She attended Columbia University when very few women were enrolled and later became a schoolteacher. But painting was her first love, and she devoted all her spare time to her art. This is a portrait of Georgia at age twenty when she was a college student. She lived near Columbia (NY) in a little $4 a week rented room in which there was a bed, a small dresser, and a table and a chair. She was unsure of her talent, so she sent a roll of her paintings to her best friend to get her opinion. She also sent strict instructions not to show the paintings to anyone else. Her friend ignored that request and showed them to Alfred Stieglitz, who owned a gallery. He thought her work was so good, he immediately displayed her paintings in his gallery. When Georgia found out about it, she stormed down there to demand that he take her paintings down. She told him he had no right to exhibit her work without her permission! They argued back and forth, and guess who won? Stieglitz got his way and the paintings remained. But Georgia, even though outraged, was on her way to fame. Alfred and Georgia were married a few years later. OKeeffe was a very popular and famous artist for most of her life. She won every award possible, even the Civilian Medal of Honor, our nations highest award. As happens with fame, many people were curious about her life and her art. So she agreed to be interviewed. That interview was recorded, and you will hear parts of it today. She was in her nineties when this interview took place, so her voice is not always strong and clear. You will have to listen carefully to catch her words. Are you ready to hear all about Georgia OKeeffe in her own voice and words?

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    I see shapes. Its as if my mind creates shapes that I dont know about. I cant say it any other way. I get this shape in my head, and sometimes I know what it comes from, and sometimes I dont. And I think with myself that there are a few shapes I have repeated a few times, and I havent known I was repeating them until after I had done it.

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    What did OKeeffe say her mind creates? (SHAPES) Besides just thinking up shapes, Georgia had the talent to beautifully turn those shapes into works of art. Are the shapes realistic or ABSTRACT? (ABSTRACT) An abstract work of art doesnt look like a real thing. It invites us to imagine and experience a feeling.

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    2 GEORGIA OKEEFFE Ages 10 Adult | MeetTheMasters Online Edition


    4. PINK TULIP Do you collect something? Georgia had two special collections. Artificial flowers were one of the things she collected. Why do you think an artist would collect artificial flowers? (TO DRAW AND PAINT) Lets remember, though, were OKeeffes paintings realistic or ABSTRACT? (ABSTRACT) So would her painting of this flower look just like it? (NO)

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    5. RED CANNA I want you to pretend that you are a photographer that I hired to photograph a flower in a unique way using a zoom lens. (OPTIONAL: USE AN ARTIFICAL OR REAL FLOWER WITH LESSON) A powerful zoom lens would bring you closer and closer to the flower. As that happens, you of course see less and less of the flower as it is SCALED to a larger size. If you use your zoom lens, what would you see of the flower through your camera lens? (PETALS, VEINS, CENTER, STEM) Georgia looked at her collection of artificial flowers as if she had a zoom lens as part of her eyes. She SCALED UP the flowers when she painted. Did the last few pictures remind you of flowers at all? Lets go back and take another look. Listen to the reasons Georgia gives for painting the flowers so big.

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    There was a collection of paintings in New York that I would see every once in a while, and they had a new painting, but it was a floral painting, about 20 x 16 maybe. But the flower was beautifully painted, and I thought, now if I would paint that flower, just that flower, the size it is -- no one would ever look at it. But if I enjoy the flower, and I would paint the flower, I will paint it big, so they will have to look at it.

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    Why did she scale up the flowers? (SO PEOPLE WOULD NOTICE THEM) Do you think her plan worked? (YES) She became very famous for her flower paintings.

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    3. WHITE ROSE II The title of this painting is White Rose II. Is it scaled up? (YES) Look carefully and notice that the rose seems to have been caught in various stages of its growth, as though it were unfolding before our eyes. Do you feel like youre viewing the beginning or the end of this growth? Why? (COLOR, SHAPE)

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    3 GEORGIA OKEEFFE Ages 10 Adult | MeetTheMasters Online Edition


    6. BLUE AND GREEN MUSIC Besides the shapes in this painting, what else catches your attention? (COLOR) Look carefully. Do you see more than one color of blue in this painting? Do you see several colors of green too? We call those different colors VALUES. Values of a color can go from very light to very dark. This painting is not a scaled up flower. I will tell you the story of what inspired Georgia to paint this. While she was attending Columbia University, she was walking down the hall one day and heard music coming from a classroom. Being curious she opened the door and went in. The students were being asked to make a drawing from what they heard. So Georgia sat down and made a drawing too. Then the teacher played a very different kind of music for another quick drawing. This gave OKeeffe an idea that continued to interest her -- the idea that music could be translated into something for the eye. The title of this is Blue and Green Music. What kind of music do you hear when you look at it? (RESPONSES WILL VARY) - Click Next To Change Slide 7. SHADE AND TINT Lets find out how OKeeffe created all those values of blue and green that we saw. Do you know what OKeeffe added to a color to make it darker? (BLACK) Black added to a color makes a SHADE of that color. What would you add to make it lighter? (WHITE) White added to a color makes a TINT of that color. Now I want you to create a picture in your mind of brown hills. OKeeffe painted hills with so many values of brown that you cant even count them, and the result is a rich, interesting painting that captures the beauty of nature. See if her painting is anything like what you pictured in your mind. - Click Next To Change Slide 8. THE MOUNTAIN, NEW MEXICO Lets experiment with shades and tints so that you really understand this art concept. Im going to point to a value in this painting, and you tell me if it is a shade or a tint. (POINT TO SEVERAL DIFFERENT VALUES) Georgia OKeeffe was born and lived in the United States for her entire life. She lived in New York for many years, but she preferred another part of America. Her favorite place was a world completely different from New York, and thats where she painted these beautiful hills. Lets look at another view of those hills she loved as she tells you all about this place. - Click Next To Change Slide

    4 GEORGIA OKEEFFE Ages 10 Adult | MeetTheMasters Online Edition