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  • 1. AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2011Around the world,resurgent retail is inspiringthe industry with creativityand challenging traditionalways of doing business.The store is evolvinginto a fluid idea thatfits the mobile,global customerin search of newexperiencesto share. A STATE OF THE INDUSTRY REPORT FROM001A_csa_09_11.indd 18/25/11 2:55 PM

2. Table of Contents 3A Vibrancy, creativity and optimism Domestic and foreign chain store openings aggressive throughout 2011. The necessity for passion, daring and breaking with the past. 6A Increased momentum, willingness to change Technological creativity, social engagement, rethinking square footage. 8A Adapting to the changed consumer More shopping shifts to online, the dominance of deals, going to the city.10A Different values and tastes The industry looks around the world for opportunity, embraces sustainability, finds room for super-specialty concepts.12A Breakout creativity Brands add excitement and drama to routine transactions.13A Rethinking shops and shopping Traditions return, as goods get delivered to the door and heritage brands gain young audiences. 14A A sophisticated approach to digital Improved digital strategies coupled with exciting design drive demand. 16A Engaging and listening Business is devoting more energy to keeping up with customers and learning their preferences.18A International influence Innovative projects from around the world inspire the industry.19A Secrets to long-term success Be part of the culture, expand wisely and love the business.20A The Chain Store Age Top 100A comprehensive list of the 100 largestretailers in the United States.30A Buried TreasuresTop 10 brands within Top 100 companies28A Index An alphabetical listing of the 100largest retailers.31A Money MakersTop 20 retailers based on net income29A Methodology31A Million-Dollar StoresTop 10 retailers based on earnings per store30A Big PresenceTop 20 retailers by North America store count 32A Acknowledgments 2Achainstoreage.comAugust/september 2011001A_csa_09_11.indd 28/25/11 2:55 PM 3. Vibrancy, Creativityand OptimismProvocative designs, unexpected offerings,digital magic and fresh experiences.This is retail today.The excitement is back! Retailers around the world areresponding to consumer shifts in behavior, tastes anddesires with aggressive creativity. Shopping environmentsare once again striking, elegant, witty and fun.Fitting rooms that play music to match the style of cloth-ing being tried on. Architecture that looks like soft meshfabric. Digital mirrors that animate the image of the shop-per. Stores that behave like galleries and performancespaces. Environments that bond with customers throughstorytelling and social responsibility. Simulator zones totest real weather conditions. Zero-packaging grocerystores. The landscape is fairly bursting with innovation.From Seoul to Sao Paolo, Cape Town to Cologne, retailersare breaking out of their old brand identities in favor ofsurreal vistas, rich textures and digitally connected com-munities. Industry leaders are pushing the boundaries ofwhat it is to be a merchant, re-inspiring the industry asa whole, while giving us a glimpse of the future of retail.Want to see more?The following pages are packed with innovative retail ideas.If you see this icon it means there is more to see online.To access the bonus content, snap a picture of this QR Codeor visit 3 8/25/11 2:55 PM 4. A coming crisis of relevanceIs the concept of store obsolete? Now that consumers can shop the worldanytime from anywhere, their expectations of having every need instantlysatisfied through a range of solutions is sky-high. Product searches begin inthe cloud of the Internet, largely unattached to a physical store of any kind.Neither is shopping an isolated event. Like our lives, it now streams simultane-ously online, our thoughts and decisions publicly shared and reviewed by ourpersonal networks and the larger world.This new flow of life has led to a different idea of what constitutes a store.People no longer distinguish between physical and virtual channels, whilethe word store implies a fixed amount of stock being passively held untilneeded. Today, a retailer must think of itself in theory, and soon in operation, The next step in local/as a moveable feastan engaging entity with values, moods and emotions as sustainable concepts iswell as commercial, social and educational aspects. the package-free, zero-For that reason, the idea of leading by brandthe values and meaning thatwaste grocery store.define how a retailer does businessis a highly relevant business design, Shoppers not only bringstable yet adaptable to these fast-paced world-involved times. their own bags, but theirTake for example the growing trend in online replenishment shopping. Retailers own containers. They arethat fail to understand how this disruptive practice impacts shelves and also treated to cookingcategories may find their mall-based stores abandoned. Just as failing to keepup with the growing preference for engaging experiences or easier-to-shop classes, gardening work-layouts may cost some retailers forward momentum. No company can survive shops and art without a burning desire to engage the customernor can it thrivewithout a strong point of view, passion and daring. And without imagination, Romanticism, a Chinesethe store is in danger of becoming a rusty relic of the past. womens wear retailer, designed its Hangzhou flagship of netlike material, inspired by woven fabric and the idea that clothing should be like a third skin.In South Korea, Tescos Homeplus division opened avirtual supermarket in a subway station. Productimages and QR codes allow users to place orders viasmartphone; the orders are delivered the same day. 4A August/september 2011001A_csa_09_11.indd 48/25/11 2:55 PM 5. In a demonstration of optimism, U.S. chain store openings will likely continue at an aggressive pace throughout 2011.An upbeat up-North attitudeFor many U.S. retail chains, expansion means Canada, where the economyremains healthy and its fairly easy to gain international business experience.Target, Marshalls, Dicks Sporting Goods, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and tentativelyKohls and Nordstrom will join Apple, Victorias Secret and Crate & Barrel upnorth. While there are upsidesthe culture is similar to that of the U.S.thereare some risks and barriers to entry, such as high real estate prices and arelatively small population. Aritzia Fresh from Canada Joe Fresh has already whetted the international shoppers appetite with its value prices and its trendy clothing, de- scribed as a notch or two above Forever 21. The brand plans to in- vade the U.S. starting inSlay a clichDeutsche Telekoms second community store concept, 4010 Telekom New York City in fallShop, Cologne, is said to illustrate the increasing blurring of retail and art. 2011. Stylish, upscale Conceived as a brand experience rather than a place of commerce, fashion retailer Aritzia the brand appeals to youth with readings, showcases and workshops. has big plans to bring Products are secondary. Even from the curb its easy to see 4010 isnot just another telecom store. something new to the party, recognizing that America is ripe for new retail concepts. There are not a lot of new ideas in our category, accord- ing to one Aritzia execu- tive. Music and artwork are an integral part of the stores concept.001A_csa_09_11.indd 5 8/25/11 2:55 PM 6. Jumping genres When Chipotle wanted to expand on its success, it didnt tweak its Mexican grill concept of rice and beans. It made a bold leap to a completely diff erent cuisine of rice and noodles. The new restaurant chain opening fall 2011, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, will draw on the Chipotle model of interactive service and food with integrity. Shophouses in southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are typically mom-and-pop-style operations where the family lives upstairs and runs the restaurant downstairs. Expect a creative twist, however, like Chipotles application of French culinary tech-Dont leave town niques to Mexican cuisine. The staying local macrotrend normally takes two forms. The first is sourcing merchandise locally or adjusting the merchandise mix according to local tastes. The second is breaking out of the chain men- tality to create branded environments, altering the material and construction process depending on geog- raphy and target market. Australian health and beauty chain, Aesop, believes unequivocally that good design can improve your life. The brand collaborates with designers to create stunning showcases for its spe- cialty products with materials of local origin, including everything from cardboard to porcelain.Are these pants singing to me?In an imaginative use of technology, one retailer created an interactive installa-tion in order to play music that matched the style/genre of the clothes tried on,whether indie, punk, rock or hip hop. Tagged RFID chips in the fashion appareland readers in the fitting room trigger music from directional speakers.Proximity SMS also called the customers smartphone to promote the clothesas well as the music. Retailer: U.K. based Topshop/Topman; Music provider:Singapore-based communications/entertainment company Starhub. 6Achainstoreage.com001A_csa_09_11.indd 6 8/25/11 2:55 PM 7. How big shoulda store be?Last year, big-box vacancies shook retailreal estate. Although the big-box retailerswont be going away, consumers desirefor easier shopping, inviting environments Luxury recoversand closer locationsnot to mention theimpact of multichannel shoppingischanging the shape of the store. Walmart, Wealthy Americans are expected to increase their Target, Best Buy, Bloomingdales and Gap, spending on luxury items by 8% to $359 billion thisamong others, have small concepts in the year. Barneys New York, Nordstrom a