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Felipe Lopes Rezende Director, EvoBooks

Transcript of [Startup Nations Summit 2014] Competition - Brazil

  • 1. BRAZIL

2. The EvoBooks call to actionLets maximize the pedagogical impact of technology in educationLets propose an Evolutionto the TextbooksEvoBooks 3. But first: What are textbooks andwhat made them great?It takes A LOT of resources and dedicated people to create GREAT textbooksCurriculum & StandardsCuration & BalanceStructure & StorylineQuality & ReliabilityAllow teachers to create their courses (unlike videos)Teachers love textbooks!Their primary pedagogical supportEvoBooksTextbooks are NOT just content!Textbooks deliver a unique value proposition: 4. Big Publishers have those resources and actually make great textbooks...WRONGPublishers are mostly digitalizing or marginally enhancing textbooks so, they will bring us great digitaltextbooks Right?There are industrial legacies and economic dynamics that hinder publishers' innovationEvoBooks 5. It is not just about digitalizing the old.There must be real value. We must rethink.Games & Movies Industries technologyRich graphicsInteractivitySimulationsFun factorEngagementTraditional booksEvolution of the textbook industryeBooksMarginally enhancedeBooksCurrentrichmedia full potentialLetsrethinkthe textbook, combining the full potential of rich media with textbooks'unique value propositionEducational Book-AppsEvoBooks 6. Introducing: Leader in rich media interactive textbooksEvoBooksPlay ProductVideo 7. NewIn-ClassroomDynamicsAgain: It isnotjustaboutthecontent!Curriculum + StandardsTeacherProfessional DevelopmentServices On-Site andMobilePedagogicalSupportServicesOn-site, Mobile andPhoneEvoBooks 8. What does it mean for education?Kids are accustomed to games, wont take any less at school.More engagement & learning for the digital nativesMore efficiency to educational systemsWe are giving the teachers one good pedagogical arsenalBetter tools for teachers to use insidethe classroomVirtual labs and simulations that would be very expensive if analogical 9. STEMNatureSciencesHumanSciencesLangugesArts20 Book-Appspublishedin 2 yearsin everyK-12 major core curricular area 10. The ResultsOver 1.100 schools Over 500k students Projects in every region in Brazil Began international sales and partnerships 11. Sales to local government (state and municipalities) + several private schools in BrazilEvoBooksConsiderable pipelineProfitabilityachievedin 20142-3x growth expected for 2015 12. The ResultsEvoBooks won 2 of the most significant prizes for education companies in BrazilWinnerWorld Summit Award Prize Brazil 2013Best in e-Learning & ScienceWinnerTOP Education Prize Brazil 2014Best Educational SoftwareEvoBooks 13. How to bring it to the classroom and have a real impact while having healthy profitability to create a sustainable company?Proven business modelEvoBooksUnique product- market fitAll capabilities united1.2.3.How we are winning the challenge of building a company in educationThe Keys to Success 14. EvoBooksAvailable fully offlineSizeable corecurricular coverageQuality assurance & supportReliable teacher authorsAll platforms, including mobile1. Unique Product-Market FitWinning Product FeaturesDesignedforin-classuse, includingactivitiesComplete Books UniqueValueProposition 15. 2. Proven Business ModelEvoBooksCapture price premiumsEasy to understandLeverage distribution networksBusiness model derived & enhanced from Traditional Publishers 16. Management Consulting3. All Capabilities UnitedEvoBooksFounders and InvestorsKey market knowledge and execution capabilitiesEducation & PedagogyComputer Science & EngineeringSales for large clients and governmentsMain teamTechnologyPublishingInvestment BankingEducation ManagementGames 17. The time is nowThe market is considerableThe mobile revolution is hereMillions of Tablets and Notebooks arriving at schoolsSteve Jobs, 2010EvoBooksThe textbook industry is an$8-billion-a-year business ripefor digital disruptionSchool systems are looking for solutionsThe teachers and students are waiting for the innovators 18. Lets bring this to everyone!Felipe RezendeCEOfelipe.rezende@evobooks.com.brCarlos GriecoCMOcarlos.grieco@evobooks.com.brEvoBookswww.evobooks.com.br 19. www.evobooks.com.br