Starters Sandwiches and Burgers Mains Pasta - .Soto Ayam Spiced chicken soup, glass noodles, egg

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Transcript of Starters Sandwiches and Burgers Mains Pasta - .Soto Ayam Spiced chicken soup, glass noodles, egg

  • StartersGarlic PanniToasted panni and garlic herb butter

    Tempura Soft Shell CrabChili Jam and Mango Salsa

    Steamed Dim SumsSoy and ginger dipping sauce

    Salt and Pepper SquidLemon and caper mayonnaise

    Seminyak Kitchen Made DipsEggplant dip, salmon roe dip, sun-dried tomato dip and grilled sour dough

    Indonesian FavouritesNasi Goreng/Mie GorengFried egg, chicken satay, fried chicken, kroepoek and pickled vegetables

    Soto AyamSpiced chicken soup, glass noodles, egg and steamed rice

    Gado GadoPotato, bean cake, water spinach, long bean, cucumber, cabbage, tempe, tofu, boiled egg and peanut sauce

    Beef RendangMild beef curry, natural yoghurt, sambal, prawn crackers and steamed rice

    Satay BabiPork satay, peanut sauce, kafir lime and sambal

    Ikan Bakar SeminyakOven roasted catch of the day, sambal, kafir lime and steamed rice

    SoupsCrme of Mushroom

    Seafood Bisque

    "All served with crostini and drizzle of cream"

    Sandwiches and BurgersMighty MOAussie beef patty, sesame bun, kosher pickle, bacon, cheddar and tomato

    Club SandwichChicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, fried egg, tomato

    Steak SandwichGrilled Aussie beef steak, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion, cheddar, pork bacon and barbeque sauce

    Signature Bloody Mary Burger Ground beef patty mixed with Worcestershire, tabasco sauce and encrusted with cracked pepper topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and tomato tapenade

    "All our sandwiches and burgers are served with a basket of fries and homemade ketchup"

    ClassicsSteak and Fries200 gm Australian sirloin, steak fries, pepper sauce and salad

    Beer Battered Fish and ChipsTartare sauce, salad and lemon

    Coconut Chicken CurryTraditional Balinese curry served in fresh coconut with steamed rice and sambal chili jam

    Breaded Chicken SchnitzelGarden salad, fries and mushroom sauce

    PastaVegetable LasagnaWarm garlic bread and salad

    CarbonaraBacon, parmesan cheese, egg and cream sauce

    Alla PanaHam, mushroom, parmesan cheese and cream sauce

    Pasta options: Spaghetti | Penne | Fettuccine

    GreensCaesar Plain/ChickenCos lettuce, bacon, poached egg and parmesan dressing

    Tuna NioiseSeared tuna, soft boiled egg

    House SaladRoasted vegetables, mixed greens, avocado and citrus dressing

    SweetsBread and Butter PuddingWith vanilla ice cream

    SundaeVanilla ice cream and your choice of toppingsChocolate/Strawberry/Caramel

    Signature Chocolate BrownieClassic style baked brownie with rum and raisin ice cream, caramel chips and chocolate fudge sauce

    Native FruitsMarket selection of the day

    Traditional Crme BruleToffee shards and almond biscotti

    Coconut Panna CottaRaspberry coulis and fresh strawberries

    MainsBraised Lamb ShankBraised lamb shank, seasonal vegetables, soft polenta and pan juices

    Twice Cooked Duck ConfitCouscous, sauted spinach and citrus sauce

    Imported Australian Rib Eye350g imported beef, truffle mash potato, broccoli and red wine jus

    Grilled Atlantic Salmon180g atlantic salmon, asparagus, lemon mash and hollandaise sauce

    Creamy Wild Mushroom Risotto Mushrooms, roast pumpkin, pine nuts, green peas, cream and parmesan

    Something ExtraPotato WedgesSour cream and chili sauce

    Thick Cut ChipsTomato sauce and mayonnaise

    Green BeansGarlic butter

    Steamed Rice

    Sauted Mushrooms


    All prices are quoted in thousands and are subjected to 11% Government tax and 10% service charges.


    Allergies? Holler at us and we'll make sure your meal is scrumptiousand tailored to your needs. Have fun


    Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak JALAN CAMPLUNG TANDUK NO. 103 SP, DHYANA PURA SEMINYAK, BALI, ID 80361 0361 849 9600 0361 849 9200

  • BEERSBintang


    San Miguel LightCorona

    SINGLE MALT WHISKYGlenfiddich 12 years

    Glenmorangie 10 years


    Jack Daniels

    CANADIAN & IRISH WHISKEYCanadian ClubJohn Jameson

    Old Bushmill

    GINGordonsBombay SapphireTanquerayHendricks

    VODKASmirnoff RedAbsolut BlueAbsolut Apple TwistKetel OneGrey Goose Premium Ciroc Original

    TEQUILAJose Cuervo Gold

    Patron GoldPatron XO Coffee

    Don Julio Reposado

    BLENDED WHISKYJ&B RareBallantine Finest ScotchJohnnie Walker Red LabelJohnnie Walker Black LabelChivas Regal

    BRANDY & COGNACBeehiveCourvoisier VSOPHennesy VSOPCalvados, Christian DrouinGrappa, Di BrunelloHennesy XO

    APERITIFMartini dryMartini rossoMartini biancoCampariRicardPernod

    RUMBacardi Light RumCaptain MorganMyers, Dark RumLeblon CachacaSagatibaBacardi 151




    Benedictine DomMalibu

    Southern ComfortAmaretto DOriginale


    DrambuieSambuca Vacari


    PORT & SHERRYGrahams Fine Tawny Port

    Tio Pepe Palomino Pino

    SHOTS AND LONG DRINKSMake My DayLight rum, southern comfort, cranberry juice, sugar syrup, kratingdaeng

    Kent & ToddLight rum, banana liqueur, blue curacao, Bacardi 151

    Blue MachineTequila, light rum, brandy, vodka, triple sec, blue curacao, sugar syrup, kratingdaeng

    BullfrogLight rum, triple sec, vodka, gin, whiskey, blue curacao, kratingdaeng

    Very Long BeachVodka, gin, light rum, tequila, vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, 7up

    The TaxiVodka, gin, light rum, tequila, triple sec, maraschino liqueur, orange juice

    OLDSCHOOLScrew DriverVodka, Orange Juice

    Cosmopolitan GlideVodka, triple sec, grand marnier, cranberry juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup, orange juice

    Papa DobleLight rum, maraschino liqueur, lime, sugar syrup

    CaipiroscaVodka, fresh lime, palm sugar, lemon juice

    Classic MargaritaTequila, triple sec, sour mix

    Classic Bloody MaryVodka, angostura bitter, tomato juice, LP sauce, horseradish sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper, dill, celery stick

    Red/White SangriaDark or light rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, cubed tropical fruits, topped up with red or white wine

    MIXOLOGYEspresso MartiniVodka, crme de cacao white, kahlua, espresso, dash of vanilla syrup

    Toblerone MartiniVodka, frangelico liqueur, galliano, kahlua, baileys

    Lychee MartiniVodka, triple sec, lychee liqueur, lychee syrup, lemon juice

    Frozen Blue MargaritaTequila, triple sec, blue curacao, sour mix

    Frozen Strawberry DaiquiryVodka, triple sec, strawberry jam, lemon juice, grenadine syrup

    Mint Lemonade MargaritaTequila, triple sec lemon juice, mint leaves, sugar syrup, 7up

    SeminyakTequila, triple sec, pineapple liqueur, coconut milk, pineapple juice, hazelnut syrup

    Jepun CucumberGin, lime juice, fresh cucumber, sugar syrup, tonic water

    SEMINYAK BUBBLYSeminyak RoyaleFresh mangosteen muddled together with orange and grand marnier, strained and topped with sparkling rose

    MimosaTriple sec, orange juice topped with sparkling rose

    Kir RoyaleCrme de cassis liqueur topped with sparkling rose

    My BelliniPeach liqueur, lychee syrup, peach fruit topped with sparkling rose

    MOJITO NATIONSPassion Fruit MojitoLight rum, vodka, passion fruit syrup, fresh passion fruit, fresh lime, mint leaves, 7up

    Mandarin MojitoLight rum, vodka, fresh mandarin orange, mint leaves, orange juice, 7up

    Peach Dream MojitoLight rum, vodka, mint leaves, lychee syrup, fresh peach fruit, lychee fruit, 7up

    Tamarind MojitoDark rum, vodka, tamarind juice, fresh mint, 7up

    Harajuku MojitoLight rum, melon liqueur, blue curacao, fresh mint, fresh lime pineapple juice

    Purple Dragon MojitoVodka, blue curacao, mint syrup, fresh mint dragon fruit, pears, sour mix, 7up

    Tomasil MojitoVodka, angostura bitter, fresh lime, tabasco, LP sauce, tomato juice, calamansi juice

    MojakoLight rum, vodka, melon liqueur, fresh mint, fresh lime, maraschino cherry, fresh pineapple, kratingdaeng

    WATER Equil Natural 380ml/760ml

    Equil Sparkling 380ml/760mlSan Pellegrino 760ml

    SOFT DRINKPepsi Diet Coke 7Up

    Mirinda Ginger Ale Soda WaterTonic Water Kratingdaeng


    VanillaBanana Avogato

    Choco AvocadoOreo Avocado


    FRESH JUICESOrange Pineapple CarrotWatermelon Green AppleAvocado Mango Banana

    ZERO BOOZIESMint Serenade

    Lime juice, vanilla syrup, mint leaves, 7up

    Tamarind SplashTamarind juice, mint leaves, soda water

    Passion CoolerCranberry juice, grape juice, passion fruit syrup, 7up

    My MandarinFresh mandarin, orange juice, fresh lime, 7up

    Melon DelightHoney dew melon, fresh milk, grenadine syrup

    SunsetOrange juice, fresh peach, grenadine syrup, fresh pears

    Orange GingerOrange juice, pineapple juice, ginger syrup, ginger ale

    Meet DewoCranberry juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup, 7up

    HOT & ICED COFFEEFreshly Brewed CoffeeDecaffeinated Coffee

    MochaCaf LatteFlat White


    Double Espresso

    HOT & ICED TEAEnglish breakfast Earl Grey

    Darjeeling Sencha Green teaNatural Green Oolong

    Camomile Peppermint Jasmine Lychee Peach

    COURTYARD SIGNATURE COCKTAILSSeminyak ConnectionsVodka, triple sec, midori, blue curacao, tonic

    Tropical ElixirVodka, orange liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice, orgeat syrup, dash of lemon juice

    Pool Bar GrandeGin, crme de cassis, raspberry jam, tonic water

    Rainbow On The PoolGin, maraschino liqueur, lemon grass syrup

    Seminyak ColadaLight rum, coconut liqueur, banana liqueur, triple sec, hazelnut syrup, coconut milk, pineapple juice