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5 tips on how to start to tweet by Social Media Editor Sarah Somers. Presentation for the EUVIRNA: European Training Network on (+)RNA Virus Replication and Antiviral Drug Development on the 4th February 2014.

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  • 1. Start to tweet 4 February 2014

2. 1. Just try it! Create an account Look around & discover Dont forget: its never easy in the beginning 3. 2. Build an online identity Create a clear, concise profile o o oPhoto Bio Links 4. 3. Build your network Find and follow people in your field of expertise Use lists Use hashtags # Retweet Interact 5. 4. What to tweet about? Your research - even preliminary results 6. 4. What to tweet about? Your field of expertise: links, photos, other studies 7. 4. What to tweet about? Your opinion: you're the expert! 8. 4. What to tweet about? Join the discussion 9. 5. Use your common sense Your tweets are readable by all Professional vs. private BUT dont let it scare you! 10. 5 tips 1. 2. 3. 4.Just try it! Build an online identity Build your network Tweet about your research, your field of expertise, your opinion and join the discussion 5. Use your common sense 11. Questions? 12. Enjoy tweeting! Keep us posted on your social media experiences: @julianienaber @SarahSomers @ManuelSintubin