Starstainles balustrades installation melbourne

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Star Stainless supply an extensive range of high quality balustrade products online. We provide balustrade installation services in Melbourne, VIC & NSW.

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Balustrade Installation Melbourne

Balustrades installation Melbourne are timeless in their elegance. While perhaps better suited to low-traffic areas and therefore largely more decorative, they can also be most affordable, easy to install and to maintain.

Strong & durable

Balustrades installation Melbourne have a structural PVC pipe in the middle of each top and bottom rail. There is also a steel pipe in the middle of each baluster making this complete system very strong and durable.

Easy installation

Balustrades installation Melbourne are very easy installation and low maintenance and do not ever rot or deteriorate over time. They are impervious to insects and are made to last a lifetime.


Balustrades are designed to suit domestic, commercial and architectural applications. From the smallest handrail in domestic housing to beachfront promenades, hotels and many more stunning stainless steel constructions you will be amazed by the impact of our high quality systems.

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