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A document from a series in a fan-fiction project. This records, in detail, the various component changes on a character's personal starship. Each item was discovered from careful research, and many of the descriptions are interpreted into original content by myself.

Transcript of Star Wars - Barloz-Freighter Upgrade Journal

Barloz Medium FreighterUpgrades: Total Cost = 193,400 creditsInstallation Procedure: Renting a basic hanger to work on upgrades and repairs in costnormal docking fees, normally 50 to 100cr a day. Renting a dry dock slip for a small space transport cost 200cr a day. Specialized upgrade tools cost 500cr and are readily available at most starports. A skilled laborer to work on the upgrade cost 15cr an hour. No upgrade may be taken more than once unless noted as such in its description.

Power Core/Hyper drive:1. Systematic engine upgrade and tuning: 10,000cr. +1 speed in space, +200kph atmospheric. Most CEC ships use a Nova Quad drive system or something similar for sub light travel that comes from the factory with reliable but unimpressive performance. Aftermarket parts and tuning can be used to greatly enhance the performance of these drive engines. Less than one thing, this kit represents hundreds of small jobs. Requires specialized tools and 320 person-hours to install. (Labor=4,800)(Dry dock space=8,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=10,000) Installed


Enhanced Hyper drive Package: 15,000cr. Improves the hyper drive modifier from x2 to x1. Consisting of replacements for many of the stock hyper drive parts, navcomputer software and a new hyper drive core this package is the most popular CEC makes but is expensive and difficult to install and calibrate. Requires specialized tools and 120 personhours to install. (Labor=1,800)(Dry dock=3,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=15,000) Installed


Aftermarket stabilizers and maneuvering system: 12,000cr. +4 dexterity. A YT-1300 is a sluggish ship with only basic repuslorlifts and maneuvering thrusters. By adding secondary ion thrusters to the outer hull at twelve points and installing a dedicated processor for sub light maneuvering it is possible to considerably increase the ships capability to change course. Requires specialized tools and 200 person-hours to install.


dock=5,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=12,000) Installed

Shields/Sensors:1. SoroSuub Duplex Shield Enhancement Kit: 6000cr. Adds 25 shield points to an existing shield generator. Better computer management, military style emitters and vary high quality superconductors allow for much greater performance, putting the normal shields of an upgraded craft on a par with light patrol craft. Requires specialized tools and 160 person hours to install. (Labor=2,400)(Dry dock=4,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=6,000) Installed


CEC Guardian shield generator/emitter array.: 5000cr. Provides 25 shield points. The YT1300 has built in equipment slot and attachment points for this shield generator, and most CEC ships can accept it with little or no modification. Most captains make this upgrade their first goal and several have been known to wonder out loud why CEC makes this an aftermarket kit rather than a standard option. Requires basic tools and 40 person-hours to install. (Labor=600)(Dry dock=1,000)(Parts=5,000) Installed

3. Kaut Drive Yards MV-12 Antiscan system: 40,000cr. Availability Illegal.Unknown in most places, this complex and expensive device makes it very difficult to locate the ship with normal sensor systems. -10 to perception checks to detect the vessel it is mounted on. (Labor=4,800)(Dry dock=8,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=40,000) Installed


CEC Lifesaver damage control and auxiliary armor: 4000cr. Adds 30 hit points. A cheap upgrade that mostly consist of installing better damage control software and following the structural reinforcement plans in the kit using the supplied combat-grade durasteel. Time consuming to install, but it doesn't require any special facilities. Requires basic tools and 120 person hours to install. May be taken twice. (Labor=1,800)(Dry dock=3,000)(Parts=4,000) Installed

Communications/Computing:1. CEC Set 4 Subspace Communicator with Integrated Comm system: 4000cr. The communication system built into a stock YT-1300, the set 4 is a communication system with a 1000 kilometer range combined with a subspace transceiver able to send and receive FTL messages over a several parsec range. With basic video, audio and data feeds and the ability to maintain 20 connections simultaneously. Installed


Improved Communications System: 1200cr. The Set 4+ system is a set of add on systems for the CEC Set 4. Boosting the range of the basic commutation to 4000km and more then redoubling the range of the subspace communication unit. Additionally it can maintain 15 more connections and handle holographic data. +5 to all Computer Use checks involving communications. (Labor=600)(Dry dock=1,000)(Parts=1,200) Installed


SoroSuub Ei-C64 Integrated computing system: 7000cr. +4 intelligence. The baseline computers for the YT-1300 were chosen for reliability, low power requirements and to be up to the task of a simple cargo hauler. Many ships require more advanced data preprocessing systems for task ranging from business administration to target motion prediction programs, a need SoroSuub addresses with its business class Ei-C64. Requires 160 person hours to install. Note; Requires a DC 20 Computer Use check rather than a Mechanics check to finish installation. (Labor=2,400)(Dry dock=4,000)(Parts=7,000) Installed


SoroSuub ER-Hypercom: 10,000cr. This hypertranceiver is uncommon among civilian ships due to the high cost and little utility of such a powerful communications tool. Many consider such a device on a freighter to be proof that a spy is about. (Labor=2,400)(Dry dock=4,000)(Parts=10,000) Installed

Aesthetics/Miscellaneous:1. Improves Accommodation's: 2500cr. This upgrade consist of dozens of things like aesthetics upgrades, more conformable bed and couches, a view screen in the lounge able to play any data in the ship's memory or read from a datacard, a more advanced Auto Chef, as well as a tiny galley where fresh food may be prepared. Freshers are more conformable and include a small clothes washer/dryer. As part of the cost of this upgrade package the ship may be painted any color the owner desires, inside and out. Requires basic tools and 120 person-hours to install. (Labor=1,800)(Dry dock=3,000)(Parts=2,500) Installed


Install Bulkhead Door system on all three levels Installed


Install Fighter Docking Cradle Installed


Install Smuggling 4 Compartments Installed


Convert mid-level storage rooms into passenger areas - Installed

Weapons:1. Replace existing Turret: Taim & Bak DX9 Quad Laser Cannon: 8500cr. Availability Military. 6d10x2. Range as laser cannon. Auto fire. Four 2cm laser cannons set to fire in alternating pairs or sequentially, this heavy mount is used as a flack battery on some warships and on some freighters in areas with heavy piracy. (Labor=2,400)(Dry dock=4,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=8,500) Installed


Comar F-4 Medium Ion Cannon 3000cr. Availability Military. 5d10x2 ion damage. Range as Ion Cannon. This Comar ion weapon allows a YT-1300 to mount a powerful weapon that can debilitate other ships without destroying them. The Comar F-4 draws a dangerous amount of attention however, as it's considered a pirate's gun. (Labor=2,400)(Dry dock=4,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=3,000) Installed

3. Arakyd Flex Tube Proton Torpedo Launcher: 2500cr. Availability Military. Rare.9d10x2, 4 square splash. Range as Missile. This heavy launcher has a deep, sixteen space magazine and is intended for light warships. When not illegal for civilian ownership Arakyd only sells them wholesale to shipbuilders. Does not include torpedoes. (Labor=2,400)(Dry dock=4,000)(Tools=500)(Parts=2,500) Installed

Compartments:1. Medical Bay - Install Med bay between bathrooms (Mid-level) - A passenger cabin may beswitched out for a medical bay with a surgical table/bed, medical scanners and sterilizer fields, as well as a sink, cold storage compartment and cabinets to store medical supplies. There is enough space in the medical bay to store a medical droid and bacta tank but neither are included in the cost. Provides a +5 bonus to Treat Injury checks. and requires specialized tools and 120 person-hours to install. Installed

2. Add Bacta Tank (Installed)

3. Engineering Bay - Install Engineering Bay to Portside Cargo Bay(Mid-level) Installed

4. Administrative Office - Install Business Office between Bathrooms (Mid-level) Installed

5. Crew Lounge and Dejarik table Install buttressing Office and Medbay (Mid-level) Installed


1. Cargo lift doors to allow for air speeder/fighter load and launch - Installed

2. Take out Portside Airlock and make into customizable hardpoint - Installed