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Transcript of Star Performer of the Month

Look Who Is Twinkling This Month

This presentation guides you on the parameters which forms the basis for the selection of the Star Employee of the month.

Various parameters are:

Punctuality Yuppie.see I am always on time.I reached office on time, got the work done on time and therefore reached home on time

Daily Report Do maintain your daily report on regular basis and deliver to the reporting person. Report should be error free and at the same time approved by the seniors.

Dont give silly excuses later Its better to recheck 3 times before sendingDont make Your reports a puzzle to be solved by your Boss

Attitude And Behavior Every attitude is a combination of feelings, beliefs and evaluations. Behavior refers to the actions or reactions of an object or organism. So attitude is that which lies within you. Whereas behavior is that which you show to the outside world.

Link Between Attitude and BehaviorAN ICEBERG10% is on the surface This outside thing Is behavior

90% is inside This inside thing is attitude Which impacts the outer Surface that is Behavior

Nothing is Impossible.Because Impossible also saysI m possible

So bring this I Can Do attitude in yourself.

Feel the attitude of being bigger

No one can Stop you from doing it Just try it once


Listen to the project meeting effectively Discuss & clear doubts if any Problems Say yes faced in project at the time of meeting only only so that at the time of their when work does not get you are fully occurrence affected later Clear withyour doubts

Deliver assigned work on time


Self organizedWell organized work Un- organized work

To find out whether you are SelfOrganized or not.Just answer these simple questions from yourself. Do you maintain your work in a sequenced order? Do you arrange your folders so that you can access them anytime without delay? Do you make yourself presentable while in office. Do you arrange your desk properly? Got the answer.So, if answer is negative then start organizing now!


Make things happen...go on searching for the fruit by yourselfPassive people have things happen to them. whereas Proactive people

make things happen.So go on.. and With each step Come closer to your Goals.

Innovation Dimaag Ki batti Jalao..1) What is desirable to the clients

3) So do something Innovative and for the betterment of work

2) What is available in the market place

Responsible Attitude Responsible workers take their jobs seriously. Set High Standards for yourself- and Work hard (& mix it with smart moves) to meet the goals.

Observe how it looks when you show irresponsibility. But you are in the same boat and if you do not perform you will also be affected when the boat sinks.

Responsible WorkersFinish what you start.

Admit and learn from your mistakes.

Take initiative to complete the work On time

Work fast, but do a good job.

Daily Work Performance

Every step contributes to your goals. Thus each and every step helps you to climb the ladder of success.

Daily Work Performance Managing your time with a schedule. Using time to reach your goals. Complete the assigned tasks on time. Deliver the required results at the end of the day. Hard work and dedication towards the work.

Best Piece Of Work All the hard work is bound to bring some good work at end. Show your best piece of work for the month. ANDsupport how it is best. But which piece of work to submit? Consider

You can judge your work

I have beaten my assigned deadline with big margin

Hurray my work had no errors

What a cool idea I have implemented.. You gonna love it.

I solved a rocket science problem, I am a smart guy

Thus Best work is..B E S TBefore the deadline Error-free Solved problem Think Hatke

Leave a Leave..We all need leave for some reasons, but You should consider taking leave only in cases of urgency. You should compare your personal work with your pending in the office & deadline which need to met. If you can postpone your personal work to weekend; you should consider doing so.

At the end of the month.. Guys you could be the one getting extra points for having full attendance for the whole month.

Hurry!!! Grab this opportunity.

Helpful Nature Help others You Never know when you may Need a helping hand too. Work like a team coz T= Together E= Everyone A= Achieves M= More

Help Each other to reach your goals..

Learn this trick from Honey Bees Honey bees work together to make group decisions.

They work hard to make honey for themselves and for us!

So lets Buzz together!

Gifts.. Its not the end, Its the Beginning!!!