Star A ¢â‚¬“fruitful¢â‚¬â€Œ...

download Star A ¢â‚¬“fruitful¢â‚¬â€Œ congregation is one that pays attention to its missions and ministries, looking

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    August 2018


    Clergy Corner ................. 2-3

    Worship Notes .................. 3

    Starmount Stats ................ 3

    Starmount People............. 4

    Youth & Young Adults ...... 5

    Fun & Fellowship .............. 6

    Starmount Yoga Class ....... 6

    Mission Focus ................. 7

    Small Group Ministry ........ 8

    History Corner .................. 8

    Library .............................. 9

    Calendar ......................... 10

    Volunteer Central ........... 11

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    Called to Worship, Empowered to Serve

    Join the Community Conversation!

    Starmount is partnering with area congregations and community organizations to

    sponsor a city-wide event at First Presbyterian Church called Community Conversations

    with Debby Irving. Irving is the author of Waking Up White, an insightful

    book about perspectives on race written to bring communities

    together. On September 17 at 7:30 pm, author Debby Irving will lead

    a presentation of the book and discussion of its themes at First


    In order for Starmount to be involved in this community discussion,

    Faith Formation is planning a special edition of One Church, One

    Book featuring Waking Up White by Debby Irving. The plan is to discuss

    the book over three sessions – and offer three meeting options for

    each. We urge all members with interest in a better understanding of

    race relations to check out a book from our library and make plans to

    join one of the following discussion groups in each session:

    Session 1: Chapter 1-16

    Sunday, 8/12, 8:45-10am; Monday, 8/13, 7-8:15pm; or Thursday, 8/16, Noon-1:15pm

    Session 2: Chapter 17-33

    Sunday, 8/26, 8:45-10am; Monday, 8/27, 7-8:15pm; or Thursday, 8/30, Noon-1:15pm

    Session 3: Chapter 34-46

    Sunday, 9/9, 8:45-10am; Monday, 9/10, 7-8:15pm; or Thursday, 9/13, Noon-1:15pm

  • 2 Starmount Presbyterian Church







    CLERGY I would like to give you an

    update on the latest meeting

    of Starmount’s Session, and

    the good “discernment”

    work they are doing. Over

    the past several months, they

    have been engaging in a

    process of deep listening as

    they attempt to discern God’s calling for this

    congregation and the steps we might take in

    order to faithfully live out that calling.

    In July, the Session held a mini-retreat in

    which they discussed the biblical concept of

    “fruitfulness” and what it means for a

    congregation to be fruitful. Authors, Lovett

    Weems Jr. and Tom Berlin assert in their book,

    Bearing Fruit: Ministry with Real Results, “We

    believe that the Bible begins and ends with

    an image of fruitfulness and that Scripture

    throughout leads us to conclude that

    churches, as the body of Christ on earth, are

    intended by God to be fruitful.”

    This concept of “fruitfulness” is found again

    and again throughout scripture. Not that long

    ago in our worship, we pondered Jesus’ words

    to his disciples in John 15 in which he says to

    them, “Abide in me as I abide in you. Just as

    the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it

    abides in the vine, neither can you unless you

    abide in me. I am the vine, you are the

    branches. Those who abide in me and I in

    them bear much fruit, because apart from me

    you can do nothing.”

    A “fruitful” congregation is one that pays

    attention to its missions and ministries, looking

    for the impact they are making in the lives of

    individuals and in the community. It is one

    that reflects on its vision, mission, and core

    values to ensure that the ultimate result of all

    its programs and activities might be that lives

    are being transformed through Christ.

    I am just learning about the specific vision of

    Starmount and its identified core values.

    Perhaps some of you are new to this community

    like me and would like to know what those are.

    Starmounts “Vision” can be found on the

    front of our worship bulletins every week. It

    states that “Starmount’s vision is to build a

    church family which: invites and welcomes

    all who seek to know and serve God;

    discovers and develops individual and

    collective gifts and talents; and equips

    individuals for service in our church,

    community, and world.”

    Our “Core Values” are elements that make

    up Starmount’s identity or DNA. They help

    describe who we are and what is important

    to us. The four core values that were

    identified during the latest Mission Study

    are: Worship & Music - the most important

    activity of the church, Community Service/

    Mission/Evangelism through Service - serving

    those in need locally & globally, Education

    - strengthening our faith through learning

    and study, and Congregational Care and

    Fellowship - compassionate care in


    At our last meeting, the Session took time to

    more deeply explore these four core

    values. They discussed what was distinctive

    or unique about the way we engage in the

    practices listed in our four core values;

    aspects of our common life together that

    may set us apart from other congregations

    or organizations. These distinctions will be

    important moving forward as they will help

    guide our specific goals and direct us to

    the areas in which we should be making

    our greatest investments of time and energy.

    I look forward to sharing with you more of

    the exciting information that is produced

    by this discernment process. I also look

    forward to receiving your feedback in this

    process at our next College of Elders

    meeting and Congregational Town Hall.

    We are indeed blessed to be a part of

    such a dynamic congregation, one that

    has produced a great harvest throughout

    the years as it has faithfully and fruitfully

    listened to and followed God’s calling.

    May our collective prayer be that

    Starmount would continue to bear fruit

    worthy of our calling.

    Your Pastor,

    Charlie Lee

  • August 2018 3

    August Worship Notes

    Aug 5: 11th Sunday after Pentecost -

    Pastor Charlie preaching; Mark 6:53-56 -

    “Traveling Mercies - Destination Jesus”;


    Aug 12: 12th Sunday after Pentecost -

    Pastor Kathryn preaching; Pennies for Hunger

    Aug 19: 13th Sunday after Pentecost -

    Pastor Charlie preaching

    Aug 26: 14th Sunday after Pentecost -

    UKirk Sunday - Rev. Katie B. Todd preaching;

    Blessing of the Backpacks

    Early this month, close to 100

    children ranging in age from

    three to completed 4th grade

    will gather at Starmount for its

    annual Vacation Bible School.

    They will gather to understand

    how they can discover their

    strength in God. Special thanks to Cindy Lee for

    taking care of all of the moving parts to make

    the week a great success and to the volunteers

    who will work with all of the participants

    throughout the week.

    But what are ways that children and their

    families continue to use their strength in God?

    Helping children of all ages establish a healthy

    prayer life is a great way to do this! Rev. Traci

    Smith offers a few suggestions for prayer practices

    with children in an article included in the March

    2018 issue of The Presbyterian Outlook. Here are

    a few of the highlights:

     Photo Prayer: Print out pictures of significant

    people in the child’s life. Hold them up and

    show them to the child, having them repeat

    after you with each picture: “God bless

    Mama. God bless Daddy. God bless

    Grandpa.” And then finish with Amen. This

    allows them to understand and connect faces

    with those who are most important in their


     Building Block Gratitude Prayer: Using plastic or

    wooden building blocks in the center of the

    room, have each person involved place

    another block to the tower while naming

    something for which they are grateful. Watch

    the tower grow and then conclude with


     Prayer Paper Chain: have each person write a

    prayer on a strip of paper and then connect

    the strips of paper together in a chain. Place

    the completed prayer somewhere it can be

    seen by all. Kee