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  • I N T E R N A T I O N A L S E A R C H C O N S U L T A N C Y

    L O N D O N H O N G K O N G D U B A I S Y D N E Y N E W Y O R K

  • Page 2 About Us

    Page 3 Our Un ique S t ruc ture

    Page 4 Our P rocess

    Page 6 Add i t iona l Se rv i ces

    Page 8 LRC So lu t ions

    Page 10 Off i ce Locat ions

    C O N T E N T S

    Stanfords practice-specific business model and international platform ensure

    our consultants deliver trusted advice and best in class candidates to our clients.

    Mark Gibbard-JonesCEO, S tanford Resourc ing


  • A B O U T U S O U R U N I Q U E S T R U C T U R E

    Stanford Resourc ing is an internat ional search consultancy

    specia l i s ing in the recruitment of legal , r i sk and

    compl iance profess ionals . Headquartered in London, we

    have off ices in Hong Kong, Dubai , New York and Sydney.

    S ince Stanfords incept ion in 1999, we have developed

    a global network that inc ludes internat ional law f i rms,

    f inancia l inst i tut ions, regulators, funds, hedge funds,

    pr ivate equity houses, consult ing f i rms and internat ional

    corporat ions.

    Our c l ients turn to us exc lus ive ly to access and sol ic i t

    best in c lass candidates across a broad range of legal ,

    r i sk and compl iance disc ip l ines and geographies. Our

    consultants have successful ly conducted searches in a l l

    of the major c i t ies across Europe, the Middle East , As ia

    Pacif ic and the Americas.

    Our pract ice-specif ic approach, unr iva l led product

    knowledge and proven success rate enable us to quickly

    del iver recruitment solut ions across a l l levels from NQ

    to Senior Partner ( inc luding team moves) and Analyst to

    General Counsel . Regulatory, Compl iance and Risk are

    an integral part of our offer ing and our consultants are

    exper ienced at conduct ing searches from Vice Pres ident

    to Managing Director level ( inc luding CF10 and CF11

    holders) g lobal ly. We are highly exper ienced at advis ing

    law f i rms on internat ional strategy and expansion.

    Examples of completed mandates we have undertaken

    inc lude off ice openings, team moves, a recent law f i rm

    merger in Austra l ia and a jo int law venture in S ingapore.

    Stanford is structured in a s imi lar fashion

    to that of an internat ional law f i rm, in

    that each consultant is pract ice specif ic ,

    enabl ing them to quickly become experts in

    their respect ive areas. This has a lso helped

    them to develop a candidate pool that has

    grown through referra ls , recommendat ions

    and headhunt ing, culminat ing in a

    substant ia l populat ion of the highest

    qual i ty. Al l th is fac i l i tates quicker and more

    on-point del ivery of candidates, which

    in turn results in swifter complet ion of

    mandates than our compet i tors.

    Stanfords great strength is how it mobilises its network of contacts (including many of our clients) to

    identify candidates that resonate well with our existing and target clients.

    Partner, US Law F i rm


  • O F F E R T OC O M P L E T I O N

    Upon formal instruction, our specialist consultants and

    dedicated research team will work together to identify and profile key talent during an exhaustive

    research process.

    The initial call to the target candidates is always made by the relevant

    consultant, ensuring your narrative is clearly communicated to them and the wider market. We will then meet with the candidates to provide an outline of the opportunity and to gain a better

    understanding of their suitability to the role(s). Your identity will only be revealed

    if the candidates demonstrate real interest in the role and we feel that they represent a good potential fit.

    Once this preliminary research has been completed, we will meet with you to discuss our findings. During this meeting we will agree upon a short list of individuals, whom we will then discreetly approach on

    your behalf.

    Once the preliminary candidate meetings have taken place, we will

    present the candidates details to you. We will then co-ordinate interviews

    with the selected candidates.

    The final stages of a search can often prove to be the most challenging, as the candidates employer often attempts to retain them. Mindful

    of the potential difficulties the candidates will face in the resignation

    process, we will always arrange a meeting with the candidates to

    prepare them for this difficult step.

    Please note that the timeline for this will vary according to the size and nature of the mandate

    O U R P R O C E S S

    T H E S TA N F O R D D I F F E R E N C E

    T H E S TA N F O R D D I F F E R E N C E

    T H E S TA N F O R D D I F F E R E N C E

    T H E S TA N F O R D D I F F E R E N C E

    T H E S TA N F O R D D I F F E R E N C E

    Our global research function, extensive database and the consultants market specific product expertise/far-reaching network combine to swiftly produce

    accurate information relevant to the mandate.

    Via our extensive global network, Stanfords consultants are able to conduct the requisite due diligence ahead of the

    meeting to ensure that only best in class individuals are presented to you.

    Due to our consultants being experts in their respective practices, we have the trust

    and track-record to operate at the senior level and to access the most sought-after

    talent in the market.

    We aim for processes to be efficient and expedient, but the key objective is to hire the best person for the role. Our expertise and

    responsive coordination of multiple candidate processes mean we can provide maximum

    support to our clients.

    In light of Stanfords focus on building relationships and gaining trust, as well as our extensive track record of successful

    placements, our consultants are well-placed to help candidates through the

    resignation process.


    R E S E A R C HL O N G L I S T T O

    S H O R T L I S TC L I E N T

    S E R V I C E SA P P R O A C H

  • D U E D I L I G E N C EA D D I T I O N A L S E R V I C E S

    Given our pract ice-specif ic bus iness

    model , we are uniquely posit ioned

    to provide in-depth and discreet due

    di l igence, seeking references and

    commentary from an indiv idual s

    c l ients, the wider market, immediate

    peers and even an upwards rev iew.

    This helps to ensure you have the

    requis i te depth of information

    avai lable to make an informed

    decis ion about a potent ia l h i re.








    C O M P E N S A T I O N R E P O R T S

    B E S P O K E M A R K E T C O M M E N T A R I E S

    C O M B I N A T I O N S E R V I C E S

    I N T E R I M S O L U T I O N S

    We offer bespoke compensat ion reports . Information can

    range from information on salary trends within pr ivate

    pract ice to granular data points on sa lar ies and bonuses

    across a l l levels within the in-house community.

    Stanfords in-house Research department frequent ly

    produces ta i lored commentar ies on the legal , r i sk and

    compl iance sectors, often with a detai led focus serv ic ing

    a c l ients part icular bus iness need or object ive. Drawing

    upon the consultants pract ice-specif ic expert ise, they

    are able to produce a comprehensive and detai led

    commentary, ident i fy ing and analys ing market trends.

    At a t ime when many of our c l ients are looking to cont inue

    their growth (both domest ica l ly and internat ional ly ) in

    the form of jo int ventures, best f r iend re lat ionships

    and ful l mergers, Stanford can fac i l i tate introduct ions

    between the two interested part ies v ia i ts g lobal network.

    P lease see LRC Solut ions .

  • L R C S O L U T I O N S

    LRC Solut ions is an internat ional recruitment consultancy specia l i s ing in

    the provis ion of legal , r i sk and compl iance profess ionals on a contract and

    temporary bas is . In addit ion, they recruit paralegals and documentat ion

    specia l i s ts ( inc luding ISDA) for inter im and permanent posit ions.

    Establ ished specif ica l ly at the request of several ex ist ing Stanford c l ients, LRC

    Solut ions a ims to del iver a high qual i ty inter im serv ice. As such, they dist inguish

    themselves from their compet i tors by swift ly matching excel lent candidates

    with the leading internat ional law f i rms, f inancia l inst i tut ions, funds and global

    corporat ions.

    For more information, please cal l 020 7648 4097 or emai l

    [email protected]


    Stanford has an impressive understanding of the different practice

    areas and an in-depth knowledge of the market place. They also are rigorous in

    making sure they understand the specific needs of us as a client. This is a

    powerful and very effective combination.

    General Counsel , Globa l Inves tment Bank

  • O F F I C E L O C A T I O N S


    London41 Eastcheap, London,

    EC3M 1DT

    +44 (0)20 7648 4080

    [email protected]

    New York150 East 58th Street, 16th floor,

    New York, NY 10155