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Transcript of Standards Review 1 Jeopardy Review 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20...

  • Standards Review 1Jeopardy Review

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  • Periodic Table 10 PointsThe number of protons in an atom of krypton.What is 36?

  • Periodic Table 20 pointsSolid nonmetals are: A. hard and shiny, B. brittle and dull, C. good conductors of electric currentWhat is B?

  • Periodic Table 30Which group of elements share characteristics of both metals and nonmetals?What are semi-metals?

  • Periodic Table 40The least reactive elements are in the group.What is Group 18, the inert gases?

  • Periodic Table 50 pointsCarbon-12, Carbon-13, and Carbon-14 are three isotopes of Carbon. They have this in common.What is the atomic number and/or the number of protons?

  • Motion 10 pointsTo calculate the average speed of a cyclist on the way to school what two measurements do you need? What is total distance traveled and total time elapsed?

  • Motion 20 pointsWhich of the following is a description of velocity: A. 50 km/h, B. 50 km/h west, C. 50 km. west, D. 50 km. What is B?

  • Motion 30 pointsAn airplane flying at a constant speed is changing its velocity if it is A. flying north to south, B. flying in a curved path, C. flying away from the airport, D. flying east to west.What is B?

  • Motion 40 pointsMakayla ran 100 meters in 20 seconds. What was her average speed?What is 5.0 m/s?

  • Motion 50 pointsMichael ran 1500 meters for 8 minutes. He then walked 500 meters for 12 minutes. What was Michaels average speed?What is 100 m/min?

  • Matter 10 pointsWhich is not one of the particles that make up an atom: A. proton, B. ion, C. neutron, D. electron.What is B. ion.?

  • Matter 20 pointsThe number of protons in the nucleus of a Calcium atom.What is 20?

  • Matter 30 pointsParticles of a substance vibrate while being closely locked in position in this state of matter.What is a solid?

  • Matter 40 pointsWhen water boils, it changes from a liquid to a gas. The molecular motion of the water molecules does this.What is increase?

  • Matter 50 pointsThe chemical formula MgO tells you that the ratio of magnesium atoms to oxygen atoms is: A. 1 to 0, B. 1 to 1, C. 1 to 10, D. 2 to 1.

    What is B. 1 to 1.?

  • Reactions 10 pointsThe number of atoms of oxygen in a molecule of CO2.What is two?

  • Reactions 20 pointsNew substances produced in a chemical reaction are called this.What are products?

  • Reactions 30 pointsEvidence that a chemical reaction has occurred.What is temperature change, color change, production of a gas or precipitate?

  • Reactions 40 pointsWhich of the following is not a physical change: A. freezing, B. burning, C. boiling, D. melting?What is B. burning?

  • Reactions 50 pointsA student is using a pH meter to find the pH of an unknown substance. If the substance is neutral, its pH will most likely be:What is 7?

  • Forces 10 points The combination of all forces acting on an object is called theWhat is net force?

  • Forces 20 pointsA force can be described by its direction and itsWhat is magnitude?

  • Forces 30 pointsEthan exerts a force of 150N to push a table across the room. Alex pushes back on the table with a force of 150N. The table stays where it is. This force is calledWhat is a balanced force?

  • Forces 40 pointsThe reason it is sometimes difficult to get a stationary object moving is because of: A. static friction, B. elastic forces, C. sliding friction, D. centripetal force.What is A. static friction?

  • Forces 50 pointsAn arrow is pointing toward the right with a force of 2N. Another arrow is pointing toward the left with a force of 7N. What is the net force?What is 5N left?