Staffer stakeholder report - 2014

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Transcript of Staffer stakeholder report - 2014


    w e b e n a b l e d s t a f f i n g

  • Hello!

    To our customers, international partners, associates, and temporary employees, we are welcoming you to an updated overview of our company. As part of our stakeholder communications, we are happy to provide you with additional insights into our development as the high quality employee service provider to the hospitality industry. We are celebrating our fifth year anniversary in 2015. Staffer has grown from a small startup into a multi-million zloty company. We are only at the beginning of our development and actualization. We look forward very much for mutually prosperous cooperation going forward, and we sincerely welcome your continued input to improve the quality for our services and relationships.


    Peter Strupp President Board of Management Staffer Sp. z o.o.

    w e b e n a b l e d s t a f f i n g

  • STAFFER VALUES Staffer is a leading provider of hospitality workers on an as needed basis. We are dedicated to the following valuesand operating principles as we grow our company:

    INTEGRITYWe seeking to work with the highest professional standards while meeting the needs of our customers, employees, and the community at large. This translates into accepting insights into how we may improve, ensuring that our workers are treated well, and that they have the opportunity to professionally develop. Staffer takes seriously full corporate governance, regulatory, and tax compliance. We deeply believe in maintaining high business standards.

    TREAT PEOPLE WELL Staffer is a people business. It requires a philosophy of leadership that values the individual, ensures development and resources in order to do the job right. We believe strongly in the promotion of employee and customer loyalty as a source of building greater value.

    BECOMING BETTERWe seek to continually focus on organizational improvement in our recruitment processes, consultant effectiveness, overall leadership systems, customer service processes, and technology. We clearly recognize and accept the challenge of being the preferred service provider in hospitality.

    The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees dont feel valued, neither will

    your customers.Sybil F. Starship, Taking Care of the People Who Matter

    Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care.

  • STAFFER SOLUTIONS Staffer provides the following solutions to our customers:

    JUST-IN-TIME WORKFORCE Staffer is a leader in providing waiters, hostesses, chefs, set up staff, cashiers, and other hospitality and event management talent as required. This flexibility provides highly focused employee teams which deliver higher productivity and lower cost.

    EMPLOYEES LEASING AND PAYROLL OUTSOURCING Staffer delivers complete employee leasing services that allow companies to reduce core headcount and free up their valuable time so as to concentrate on their core business. Staffer serves as a complete human resource support team for hotel staff.

    FULL RECRUITMENT TECHNOLOGY OUTSOURCING Our recruitment technology team is ready to implement customized digital solutions to augment the staffing needs of our customers.

  • STAFFER 2014 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Staffer had year on year growth of over +110% in 2014.

    Facilitated work for over 2,000, primarily young people, this year.

    Branch openings in Krakw and Wrocaw, with additional openings in 2015. Staffer currently has five branches in Poland.

    The company acquired a professional shareholder base to support the continued growth of the company. This ensures high standards of corporate governance and capital to support the growth of the company.

    New Board of Management Member. Mr. Mariusz Wrblewski joined us on the Board of Management as Operations Director, with a primary goal of improving internal processes in recruitment, consultant effectiveness, and customer loyalty processes.

    Created training center which is now building a center of excellence technical and behavior training.


    RECRUITMENT INVESTMENT. Staffer is investing greater focus and investment in ensuring that the quality and volume of our temporary employees is fulfilled across all our labor markets in Poland. This includes robust local recruitment strategies, regular recruitment events, higher social media profiles, and greater invcentivization for our temporary candidates. This is mission critical to us.

    GREATER INVESTMENT IN TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Staffer is investing additional training resources in both hospitality technical skills and in depth customer service skills for our temporary employees.

    CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION Staffer is now implementing a comprehensive customer loyalty process with simplified customer feedback processes (automated), external audit reporting on a regular basis, and leadership development for consultants to support front line workers in customer service quality.

    INVESTMENT IN CLOUD TECHNOLOGY. Staffer is an industry leader in using technology to connect job seekers with job providers. Staffer is investing now in a full recruitment platform cloud solution (completed May, 2015), as well as expanding customized recruitment technology solutions to our customers. This also includes greater touchscreen and mobile use by our employees and customers.

    INCREASE CONSULTANT EFFECTIVENESS. Staffer is increasing organizational effectiveness through a comprehensive consultant performance and development plan. Also, we are the first company in Poland to implement The Extraordinary Leader Zenger Folkman global leadership development process for our Consultants to increase team leader effectiveness.

    Good is somebodywho delivered and

    allowed the company toovercome obstacles, without leaving a profound impact on

    its culture. Great is somebody wholeads his company to

    achievements and performance and value thatnobody was expecting it had.

    Carlos Ghosn

    We are only at the very beginning of our development and actualization as an organization. We welcome your ideas, input, and seek to further build

    relationships based on a level of high trust and meaningful results.


    Director Business Development

    Staffer Sp. z o.o. ul. Rozbrat 34, Warsaw, Poland

    Mobile: (48) 660 411 766 E-mail: [email protected]

    w e b e n a b l e d s t a f f i n g