St. Willebrord Parish ) Bereavement Group. This is an adult ecumenical grief support group which...

download St. Willebrord Parish ) Bereavement Group. This is an adult ecumenical grief support group which will

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Transcript of St. Willebrord Parish ) Bereavement Group. This is an adult ecumenical grief support group which...

  • MASS SCHEDULE ENGLISH WEEKEND MASSES Saturday: 4:30pm Sunday: 7:30am, 9am, 5pm

    ENGLISH DAILY MASSES Mon - Fri: 7:15am, 12:05pm Saturday: 7:15am

    RECONCILIATION (CONFESSIONS) Mon - Fri: 7:00 & 11:30am Saturday: 7:00am


    R . A G. C P R . J P. M C A P L S D C D H B M S . J O P A A F F P Q M D A V S F F A B A S M S C HORARIO DE MISAS Sábado: 6:00pm Domingo: 10:45am-Bilingüe, 12:30pm, y 6:30pm Jueves: 7:00pm

    Viernes 1o del mes: 6:00pm RECONCILIACIÓN (CONFESIONES) Sábado: 5:30pm; Domingo: 10:15-am,12:15pm, 6:00pm

    St. Willebrord Parish 209 S ADAMS ST, GREEN BAY, WI 54301 | (920) 435-2016 | WILLEBRORDGB@GMAIL.COM



    St. Willebrord Mission Statement Proclaiming the Word of God and service to all persons is the heart of the mission of St. Willebrord Parish. Through our efforts, we hope to develop the faith and activity of our own membership, to witness to and foster the message of Jesus to all who come to us, and to share our gifts and talents with everyone.

  • RECONCILIATION Mon - Fri: 7:00 and 11:30am Saturday: 7:00am BAPTISMS Celebrated monthly (except during Lent and Advent) at a weekend liturgy. Please make arrangements 2 months prior to Baptism. 1ST EUCHARIST We offer continual Faith Formation classes for children 4 years old through 11th grade. Registration begins on March 1st.

    MARRIAGE Contact Fr. Andy no less than 6 months prior to the desired date. CONFIRMATION Confirmation is celebrated in the spring of the junior year of high school, after appropriate preparation in our Faith Formation program. RCIA Adult candidates for full membership in the Roman Catholic Christian community are prepared through the RCIA process, and received at the Easter Vigil.



    MARCH 3, 2019 | PAGE 2

    READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Sir 17:20-24;Ps 32:1-2,5-7; Mk 10:17-27 Tuesday: Sir 35:1-12; Ps 50:5-8, 14, 23; Mk 10:28-31 Wednesday:Jl 2:12-18; Ps 51:3-6ab, 12-14, 17; 2 Cor 5:20 -- 6:2; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 Thursday: Dt 30:15-20; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 9:22-25 Friday: Is 58:1-9a; Ps 51:3-6ab, 18-19; Mt 9:14-15 Saturday: Is 58:9b-14; Ps 86:1-6; Lk 5:27-32 Sunday: Dt 26:4-10; Ps 91:1-2, 10-15; Rom 10:8-13; Lk 4:1-13

    Would you like to find out if Alcoholics Anonymous could help you or a family member?

    Call the Green Bay Area AA Hot Line 920-432-2600

    *CALENDAR OF EVENTS* Sunday, M 3 9:00 RCIA 215/216 11:45 Al-Anon Spanish Group 010 Monday, M 4 12:30 Sanctuary Society Mee ng BH 5:00 Spanish Emaus Women BH 5:30 Worship Commi ee Mee ng Tuesday, M 5 6:00 Prayer Group Spn Wednesday, M 6 - ASH WEDNESDAY 5:00 Shelter Meal - English Emmaus Women NO English Faith Forma on Classes 6:00 Spanish Prayer Group Thursday, M 7 6:00 Spanish AA Group 012 6:00 Choir Prac ce MR 7:00 Spanish Mass 7:30 English AA Group 018 Friday, M 8 5:00 Spn Faith Forma on Classes 6:00 Spanish Mass 6:00 Way of the Cross in Spanish Saturday, M 9 9:00 Spanish Faith Forma on Classes 9:00 LENT RETREAT BH 11:00 Amigos de Jesus Youth Group MR/018 12:00 Wedding 7:00 Prayer Group Spn Sunday, M 10 9:00 RCIA 215/216 11:45 Al-Anon Spanish Group 010 1:00 Way of the Cross for the Sick Spanish

    S , M 3 7:30 † Ruthann Sandberg DK 9:00 † Herbert Lax AC 10:45 Bilingual Mass AC 12:30 Spanish Mass DMc 5:00 Our Parishioners BM 6:30 Spanish Mass AC M , M 4 7:15 † Rosemary Michalec 12:05 Beverly Fonferek’s Health T , M 5 7:15 † Ed & Margie VanDeLoo 12:05 † Carol Cormier W , M 6 - A W 7:15 † Paul H. Kappel 12:05 Deceased of Floyd & Rita Roskom Family T , M 7 7:15 Robert School 12:05 † Henry Ashton 7:00 Spanish Mass F , M 8 7:15 † Mary Michalec 12:05 Our Parishioners S , M 9 7:15 † Deloris (Dory) Joy Heyrman 4:30 † Gordon DeWane 6:00 Spanish Mass S , M 10 7:30 † Chris ne Sarkis 9:00 † Elaine Holloway 10:45 Bilingual Mass 12:30 Spanish Mass 5:00 Our Parishioners 6:30 Spanish Mass

    Please Bring in Your Palms Ash Wednesday will be here before we know it.

    Would you please bring in your blessed palms from last year so we can burn them for our ashes?

    A box will be put in the hallway outside the gathering space for them.

    Congratulations to Elias Santillan who won the 3D

    Last Supper frame!!!

    MARCH 6, 2019

    The Spanish Emaús Women are having their

    retreat this weekend please pray for them.


    From the Pastor: Violence is a re- sponse we turn to very easily when we are upset. We become irritated, both- ered, ticked off, etc. by very common experiences. Then those feelings evolve into actions. For instance, how

    many of us can admit to feeling a desire to cause someone harm after an aggressive and dangerous maneuver by another driver on the road? Or, maybe it was at a sporting event when you became angry with a referee, an opposing player or coach, or at one of your team’s players who did not perform up to your expectations? Or, maybe you were feeling very tired after a long day of work and one of your own family members “pushed the wrong button?” I understand these feelings and reactions. Just the other evening I attended my nephew’s basket- ball game and became frustrated at the referees for their “bad calls.” I yelled out in frustration. Even now, a few days later, I am amazed at how quickly I moved from joy to frustration. There are no excuses for yelling in anger at the referee. Referees on every level have a hard job. They are not perfect. They may need some reminders from the coaches about what to watch for, but they do not need to hear my angry outbursts. We must not let a violent world, or a violence- oriented society, or own violent habits and history to determine our current behaviors. We are daughters and sons of God, sisters and brothers of Jesus the Christ. We are to be a peace-oriented People of God, prepared to reconcile with others. “To the person who strikes you on one cheek, offer the other one as well,” (Luke 6:29). Jesus was not inviting us to be passive. Note well, he is speak- ing to poor people who are accustomed to being de- graded by their “masters.” Author and theologian Walter Wink describes the dynamic as follows: The first hit was likely a backhanded slap with the right hand, an insult. To offer the other cheek meant the hitter would need to hit with the right fist. Such fighting was thought to be not fit for dignified people. Turning the other cheek was not passive, but rather required the hitter to recognize that the “inferior” was not going to accept this kind of treatment. It was like saying: I matter! Do not treat me poorly! I am one of God’s children, too!

    Peace, Fr. Andy

    Bible Study Group 10:00 am - 11:30 am The Bible Study Group meet again Thursday March 7th and Thursday March 21st in room 215 at St. Willebrord’s Community Center. Call Dr. Jim Falk at 869-7611 for more info.

    2019 Walk to Mary Registration Open Now! Register at Date of walk: Saturday, May 4, 2019

    St. Willebrord’s Goal: $ 26,314.00 Raised to Date: $ 16,826.56 Thank you to all who are supporting the 2019 Bishop Appeal


    (Director of New Evangelization for the GB Diocese) With humor, practical insights and lots of fresh stories, Julianne will share how to keep the flame of your faith burning and how to share that spark with others.

    MARCH 9, 2019


    For more information call Marilyn 737-6166 or Barb 615-0161

    GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP Anyone who has lost a loved one through death is invited to join the “Healing Your Grieving Heart” Bereavement Group. This is an adult ecumenical grief support group which will be meeting on: Tuesday evenings: Mar. 26, Apr. 2, 9,16,30 From: 6:30-8:00 pm At: Resurrection Parish Church 333 Hilltop Dr, GB 54301 Participants are encouraged to attend all 5 sessions. There’s no fee. Open to anyone who has lost a loved one. For Information call: Sheila 336-7768 or Ann 435-6811… Pre-registration is requested.

  • MARCH 3, 2019 | PAGE 4

    This is the 13th and last part of our 13–part series which highlights the various parts of the devotion to

    Our Mother of Sorrows which we pray every Friday after Noon Mass with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction.

    Sign of the Cross In the name of the Father, and of the Son,

    and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    The Way of the Sorrowful Mother

    In the Sorrows of the Virgin Mary we see a reflection of the suffering and bitter anguish of the human Christ. Just as Mary accepted the total mystery of Christ into her life, so may we see in our sorrow, our fear, our humiliation, a dim, but real participation in His passion and death, recalling that if we wish to follow Him, we must “take up our cross” each day. Amen.

    Important Numbers: Green Bay Diocese - (920) 437-7531