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ST POWDER COATINGS. The new company. Summer 2004: the owners of the old Pulverlac decide to re-enter the Powder Coating market. September 2004: ST POWDER COATINGS was borne. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • The new companySummer 2004: the owners of the old Pulverlac decide to re-enter the Powder Coating market.September 2004: ST POWDER COATINGS was borne.

    The fundamental idea is to replicate the past philosophy that had brought the company to success, and to optimize all those aspect that had been neglected in the past.

    In this optic, a basic step for the successful growth of ST Powder Coatings will be the cooperation with dynamic and modern companies.

  • Our missionSTs mission is to understand the Customers requirement and to fulfil its expectations.

    Highly qualified technicians and salespeople with years of experience work together to reach a common goal: the Customers satisfaction.

    The flow of knowledge within the company and continuous evolution for constant improvement of the production process represent STs guidelines and assure the products high performance.

    To reach his mission, ST has chosen to use only the best raw materials present on the market. This means that ST has chosen to collaborate only with the best suppliers.

  • Our philosophyStarting from the past experience, STs philosophy will be considering also some new important aspects.

    high flexibility

    real time replies

    excellent after sale service OUR SUCCESS ! the logistic process is absolutely linear and simple all the system is modular

    strong investments in technology

  • Technology

    STs plant represents the state-of-the-art of production technology for thermosetting powder coatings. It is fitted with the most modern machinery for highly automated solutions which minimize manual intervention and guarantee high standards of coating quality, all while respecting the environment, safety the regulationsin force.

  • The innovative heart of ST Powder Coatings is the laboratory , which is split in Applicative Laboratory and Research and Development Laboratory.

    The Applicative Lab aims to guarantee the highest and most consistent quality standards throughout the different manufacturing phases - from checks in the incoming raw materials to the final approval of the finished products.

    The R&D Lab guarantees throughout the pure research phase the continuous progress of the company and insures market leadership.

    Research and development

  • Logistic positioning5th corridoris a combined set of transport and communication infrastructures that the European Union has decided to realize in order to favour the traffic of goods and people across the line that goes from Lisbon (Portugal) to Kiev (Ukraine) passing through the northern part of Italy **.

    ST Powder Coatings is located in a strategic position along the 5th corridor.The company is just 5 minutes away from the motorway and half an hour from bothVerona and Venice airports.This allows us to reach quickly all majorEuropean cities and to be easily reached by everyone.


  • The market and our strengthsST Powder Coatings enters the market with large competitive advantages: latest technologies strategic position perfect layout excellent team

    The customers demands and ST Powder Coatings replies in real time.

    Our strength lies in versatility, flexibility and in giving a high degree of performance at all times, starting from the preparation until the finishing of every product, which remains, in all cases, unique and personal.

  • Strategy and market positioningOur objective is to develop new technologies, new products and to enter new markets (in terms of applications).

    The powder coatings process is widely accepted as one of the fastest growing finishing technologies in the world, making the international powder coating market an extremely attractive one and offering a viable alternative to traditional coating techniques** We see all this as a great opportunity.

    To become leaders, however, we do need great and reliable partners.

    ** From Paints and coatings market research and analysis IRL, division of Business Research Group

  • ST Powder Coatings conducts business with the deepest respect for environmental protection and workers health and safety.

    The powder coatings produced by ST have 100% solid content and contain no solvents; they therefore:

    have very low environmental impact; are easy to store; minimize the problems related to explosion or fire.

    Moreover, STs thermosetting powder coatings are considered ten times safer than traditional liquid coatings.Environment

  • ProductsST Powder Coatings takes advantage of the most modern technologies in order to manufacture high quality thermosetting powder coatings with very low environmental impact.

    The company offers a wide product range, both standard and special items, including epoxies, epoxy-polyesters, polyesters and polyurethanes in all RAL colors.

    Depending on the application field, STs different product lines can be personalized with respect to the gloss levels (from high gloss to matte), finishes (smooth, orange peel, wrinkling, hammered and marble effects), metallization (sparkling, chromo effect, bronze and mica finishes) and other special effects (fluorescent, pearlescent, transparent or colored transparent).

  • Typical applications include:

    aluminum or iron frames and fixtures,

    shelves, fridges, household appliances, lighting appliances, chemical end electrical equipments, office and garden furniture,

    agricultural machinery,

    radiators, camping articles, fire-extinguishers, pipes,

    car accessories, cycles, toys. Typical applications

  • Powder Coatings advantagesThe use of STs powder coatings offers innumerable advantages:

    Extremely easy application: our powder coatings need neither special preparation before application nor specialized labor;

    STs thermosetting powder coatings guarantee yields up to 98%: the solvent-free final product, together with the dry production process, allow for almost complete waste recovery;

    Remarkable energy savings thanks to the very low air exchange in the polymerization oven.

  • The ground lies in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza), near the main road nr. 246.The factory is only 2 km away from the new highway exit of Montecchio.

    Total surface of the ground : 26.200 m2. Main building surface: more than 12.000 m2. Internal usable height: 12 m. Office building on 4 floors : 3.000 m2

    The building and the ground LocationDimension

  • ST Powder Coatings is committed to continue investing in technology and innovation.

    We want to go always higher!

    A love for art, an eye for detail, the search for the best materials and a craftsmans true passion all combine to produce excellence.

    The future of our company