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  • St. Joseph’s Journal

    A Publication for the alumni and friends of St. Joseph Catholic Elmentary School Issue VI Spring 2006

    Dear Alumni & Friends The school year has seen many changes for our school community. We have said good-by to the

    dedicated Father Mike Ingold as well as to a beloved faculty member Mary Hyska. Father Mike has joined

    a parish in Neenah while Mary is recuperating from surgery. We are grateful to have been blessed with

    their service to St. Joseph School.

    We always like to make the news but not necessarily as we have in the past months. A decision on

    the GRACE proposal was announced in January 2006. At that time, St. Joseph School was given an

    opportunity to stay open at least one more year. With the cost of Catholic education on the rise, the new

    priest, Fr. Don Everts, discussed the future of Catholic education with the tri-parish community of

    Annunciation, St. Joseph and St. Jude. On March 9, 2006 a decision was made to consolidate the two

    schools. Trinity and St Joseph, at the Annunciation site. The Annunciation site was chosen over St. Joseph

    because it is the only school in that part of Green Bay, it has green space and it is the central location of the

    three parishes.

    Our second Annual Giving Campgain wrapped up on July 31, 2005. We have been blessed to have

    such wonderful supporters of SJS. We received donations totaling $16,261. We received $13,351 to finance

    our greatest current needs for this eyar and $2,730 for the endowment fund. There was $4,955 awarded to

    familes for tutition assistance.

    We are deeply grateful for your interests, correspondence and financial support of St. Joseph School.

    We hope you have many fond memories of St. Joseph School. 1938 to 2006 (previous site 1917)

  • St. Joseph’s Journal Pg2

    Spirit of St. Joseph

    The true spirit of St. Joseph School was reflected

    in the community throughout this school year. The Green

    Bay Diocese completed a study of Catholic day schools in

    the Green Bay area. The initial proposal was presented to

    parishes in November. At that time the diocese was

    looking for feedback via surveys from each parish.

    The first proposal was to close Holy Cross, St.

    Joseph and St. Phillip schools. The proposal included

    financial support from twenty-one parishes in Green Bay.

    St. Joseph School including teachers, parents, students and

    parishioners responded to the plan by writing letters to the

    diocese, alumni and encouraging all parishioners to

    complete a survey regarding the future of the school.

    Strong support by school and parish families was

    shown through pray vigils, open meetings and student

    rallies. The media covered all angles of the proposal to

    inform the overall community of St. Joe’s dedication to

    their school, and affordable quality catholic education.

    This support helped the GRACE committee and

    the Bishop to determine that the initial proposal would not

    be implemented for 2006-2007. At that time, the Bishop

    indicated that any decisions regarding any Catholic schools

    would be left to the parish and/or priest.

    Our excitement over the Bishop’s decision was

    short lived. The parish councils, finance councils and

    school boards of our tri-parish community met to discuss

    available options. Fr. Don and the councils came to a

    decision that the two schools would consolidate at the

    Annunciation site.

    Our parish did not totally support the closing of

    St. Joseph School. The board of education recommended

    consolidation at the St. Joseph site, the finance council

    indicated they needed more time to reach an educated

    decision and the parish council had a majority decision to

    support consolidation at Annunciation.

    St. Joseph parish members had many unresolved

    issues. Those included the possibility of the church

    closing, responsibility for debt of St. Jude and

    Annunciation parishes, transportation of students, the

    swiftness of this decision and the motivation for this


    Ultimately, the decision was made to consolidate

    the schools for the 2006-2007 school year. This may be a

    financial savings for all three parishes.

    The Alumni Committee would like to thank

    everyone for your support over the past

    several years. “The Journal” will no longer

    be published as the school will no longer be

    open. Send any correspondence to St. Joseph

    Parish 936 Ninth Green Bay WI 54304.

    If you would like us to maintain addresses

    for class reunions, e-mail updates to

    Kari Ness & Darlene Weisensel

    Alumni Committee Chairpersons

    School News This year the students have been busy reaching out to the community and displaying their talents through a variety of mediums. The

    students enjoyed roller-skating as part of their physical education

    class. They were treated to a bowling trip and a performance by “The

    Father of Bluegrass in Wisconsin” during Catholic Schools Week.

    The children’s choir sang with the adult choir during masses that

    same weekend.

    Students designed St. Valentine’s cards and delivered them to homes

    in the surrounding neighborhoods. They also enjoyed the 4th annual

    Valentine’s cake walk to raise funds for the school. An artist in

    residence, Tom Krueger, came and taught the children how to work

    on a potter’s wheel. The students and staff each made a unique piece

    of art.

    Most recently, The Children’s Opera of Madison came to St. Joseph

    School and performed the “Barber of Seville” original opera with

    students who had auditioned for a part in the performance. The

    students’ role was to sing as part of the choir. The cost of this

    production was paid for from the alumni fund.

    In sports, the seventh grade boys’ basketball team shared the

    parochial league title with St. Bernard School.

    Students gained recognition in local and district math, spelling and

    geography contests. There were also several essay contest winners

    recognized during the school year.

    We are proud of all the students and the various accomplishments

    they have achieved!

    Barber of Seville Opera Choir & Cast March 31, 2006

    What Does the Future Hold?

    Students and parents of St. Joseph School are making plans for next year.

    Families are facing a decision about enrolling their children in the

    consolidated school, another Catholic school in the diocese or starting an

    independent private Catholic school.

    There is still much uncertainty as we publish this newsletter. Keep all of the

    families in your prayers as they make this difficult transition.

    If you would like to share your comments about the situation you can e-mail

    your thoughts to or mail them to St. Joseph School 1224

    12 th Ave Green Bay WI 54304 Attn: Alumni Committee.

  • Thank you to St. Joseph’s Donors 2005

    Alumni Donor: Class of: Alumni Donor: Class of:

    Eunice Mommaerts Hauser 1928 Mary Dwyer Mongin 1964

    M.J. Falk M.D. 1941 Craig Vorpahl 1964

    Norman DuChateau 1941 Karen Hallada McGregor 1964

    Georgia Bailey Neumeyer 1941 Richard Roder 1965

    Carlton Lewis 1942 Joseph Holtermann 1965

    Dolores VandenBrand Aland 1944 Colleen Watts 1966

    Mariann Gay Hyska 1945 Andrea Mommaerts Platkowski 1966

    Joan Vandenbrand Warden 1948 Kathleen McCormick Matchefts 1966

    Ronald Parmentier 1948 Susan King Blemberg 1966

    Carl Cleerman 1948 David Wanner 1967

    Jo Ann Mommaerts Graczyk 1949 Jeanne Jacquet Wanner 1967

    Gerald Vandermoss 1950 Fran Taylor Treder 1968

    Robert LeMieux 1950 Kathleen Meade Kanikula 1975

    Nancy Rickert Leurquin 1951 Michael Blashe 1975

    Dianne Baeb Holznecht 1952 Bob LeMieux Jr 1977

    Alfred Volm 1953 Joseph Janowicz 1979

    Arthur Reignier 1954 Anne Wallenfang Tanski 1979

    Ronald Aames 1954 William Radosevich 1982

    Allan Cumps 1955 Thomas Jauquet 1986

    Richard Jonas 1956 Theodore Holterman Dis 7th & 8th

    Jeannine LaPlante Gillis 1956 Bart Kocha Dis 7th & 8th

    Thomas Grathen 1957 Steven Bohachek Dis 7th & 8th

    Mary Nielsen James 1958 Anne Campshure Dis 7th & 8th

    Martha Long Marcks 1958 Joan Meade Dis 7th & 8th

    Joseph Erdmann D.D.S. 1959 Kevin Heuvelmans Dis 7th & 8th

    James Santy 1959 Gregory Kostka Dis 7th & 8th

    Sue Slatky Rule 1960 Cynthia Link Engdahl Dis 7th & 8th

    Donna Theisen Melendy 1961 Gregory Lannoye Dis 7th & 8th

    Rev. Pat C Whiting 1962 Steven Radowski Dis 7th & 8th

    Patricia Schuch Jankowski 1962 Debra Sule Dis 7th & 8th

    Paul Renkens 1962 Thomas Glaser Dis 7th & 8th

    Gary Glinski 1963 Catherine Blashe Ault Dis 7th & 8th

    Paul L Slatky 1963

    Alumni Donor: Class of: In Memory of:

    Charles Gille 1946 Terry Lynn Gille class of 67