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download ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL - Calgary Catholic School District TO ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL “A Catholic Community of Caringâ€‌ Where we model the values of Caring, Respect, Responsibility,

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Transcript of ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL - Calgary Catholic School District TO ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL “A...


    2512-5 Street, N.W.

    Calgary, Alberta, T2M 3C7

    Phone: 403-500-2009 Fax: 403-500-2209

    Website: Twitter: @stjoseph_CCSD

    Principal: Mrs. Paula Robinson

    Vice-Principal: Mr. Brian Briggs

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    Homeroom Teachers Name:

  • ST. JOSEPH We all know that Jesus is the Fathers Son Born to spread Gods love and

    bring us joy, but he also had a foster father on earth who could teach him to live as a little boy.

    Someone to teach him to work with his hands with sweet-smelling wood scraps of cedar and pine, to carve tiny toy boats to sail down the stream that looked just like

    the great fishing fleets of his time.

    Someone to show him the right path to town, the way through the woods in the shadowy light, someone to teach him to build a warm fire

    and camp under stars on a cold winter night.

    Someone to take him for walks in the fall, when berries are ripe and wheat fields

    turn gold, someone to fish with and hunt with and talk with when being a child

    seems so lonely and cold.

    Yes, God knew about fathers and children on earth.

    After all, it is really just part of his plan,

    And he chose St. Joseph to be the one,

    the father on earth for his very own son.


    A Catholic Community of Caring

    Where we model the values of Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust and Family.

    It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to welcome you to St. Joseph School. This student handbook has been compiled to outline the philosophy and major practices that guide the day- to-day operations of St. Joseph School. It is hoped that many of the questions that parents ask about the school will be answered in this handbook. Both parents and students should read this student handbook carefully, discuss its contents, and sign the last page.

    We believe that the best education students can receive is accomplished through continuous cooperation

    between home, school and parish within a framework of mutual respect and participation.

    The rules and regulations outlined in this handbook will serve to assist us in providing a safe and secure

    environment for all students.

    We look forward to this school year with great excitement and we hope all of our students have a

    rewarding and successful year.


    Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith, the core purpose of St. Joseph School is to educate the whole child spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically within a secure and supportive learning environment that encourages all individuals to recognize and to achieve their unique potential. OFFICE HOURS

    The school office is open from 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The school answering machine

    will record any messages after hours. The number to the main office is 403-500-2009


    St. Joseph is recognized as the Patron Saint of the Universal Church. Along with Mary he is one of the most honoured saints. He is the Patron Saint of Canada (1624), The Patron Saint of Workers (1955), The Protector of Women, The Guardian of Children, and The Model for Husbands and Fathers. Feast Days for St. Joseph are March 19 (Feast of St. Joseph) and May 1 (Feast of St. Joseph the Worker)


    As a Catholic school, religious education is a vital part of our school day. All students are expected to participate in our Religious Education program, daily prayer and the many prayer services and liturgies during the year. Parents are always welcome to attend our liturgical celebrations throughout the year. These will be listed, with dates and times, in the weekly newsletter.

    ST. JOSEPH PARISH (640 - 19 Avenue N. W. Calgary, AB T2M 0Y8) St. Josephs Church serves the pastoral needs of St. Joseph School Community. Sacramental preparation is offered through the parish. The school works closely with our local parish to ensure all eligible students receive the sacraments.

    Please contact the parish office regarding mass times, sacramental preparation and parish activities

    at (403) 289-2591or at their website .


    Aug 3 - 30 Year Round Track classes Sep 4 Labor Day no classes

    Sep 5 Year Round & Traditional classes combined- Integrated Dual Track classes begin Sep 21 Meet the Teacher Conferences (PM Times to be determined) Sep 22 Meet the Teacher Conferences (Full day - Times to be determined) - no classes

    Oct 6 Professional Development no classes Oct 9 Thanksgiving Day No Classes

    Oct 9-20 Year Round Track fall break Traditional Track classes held

    Nov 1 Faith Day no classes Nov 11 Remembrance Day no classes

    Nov 17 Professional Development no classes

    Nov 24 Progress Reports Distributed Nov 30 Meet the Teacher Conferences (PM Times to be determined) Dec 1 Meet the Teacher Conferences (Full day - Times to be determined) - no classes

    Dec 21 Last full day of class. Break begins on the 23rd.

    Jan 8 Regular Track classes resume. Jan 15 Year Round students return - Integrated Dual Track classes resume Jan 26 Professional Development no classes Jan 31 Semester 2 begins for Option Classes

    Feb 14 Ash Wednesday

    Feb 15-16 Teachers Convention no classes

    Feb 19 Family Day Mar 21 Meet the Teacher Conferences (PM Times to be determined) Mar 22 Meet the Teacher Conferences (Full day - Times to be determined) - no classes

    Mar 23 Professional Development no classes

    Mar 29 Easter Break Begins

    April 9 Regular Track Students Return

    Apr 16 YRE Students Return

    Apr 20 Professional Development no classes

    May 18 Professional Development no classes

    May 21 Victoria Day no classes

    Jun 28 Last day of classes


    St. Joseph School offers an integrated dual track schedule at the Junior High level. Dual track means that in addition to the traditional 10 month calendar (SeptJune) an alternative 11-month year- round calendar (August to June) is also in place where students have holidays spread throughout the year. The Dual-Track schedule runs concurrently serving students with the identical Program of Studies as mandated by Alberta Learning.

    The benefits of Year-Round Education include the following

    Matches continuous learning Reduces summer learning loss Improves performance Improves behavior, attendance and attitudes Improves school climate


    Grade 1-6 students purchase and use student agendas. Calgary Catholic School District agendas illustrate a Catholic focus. These daily reminder booklets are an excellent form of communication between the home and school. Students are to list their homework in the book, which should be checked by parents each evening. Some classes require parents to sign the agenda each night. These may also be used as hall passes for students.

    SAFETY AND SECURITY PROCEDURES At St. Joseph School, the safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. We need to be able to monitor the people that enter our building. Volunteers, district employees, and visitors to the school are required to check in at the office before proceeding through the hallways. All parents and visitors are required to sign in and wear an Identification Tag. Such procedures minimize disruptions and ensure a degree of safety for our children. Parents picking up their children from school during the school day are asked to report to the office and their child will meet them or be called to the office at that time. Persons who are unlawfully on the premises may be charged with trespassing under the Alberta School Act. The main door is reserved for parents, teachers, staff and visitors. All students are to enter and exit through assigned entrances. With the exception of the main entrance, all outside doors leading into the building will be locked for during the school day to ensure maximum security for your children. The boot room entrances will be opened for students in the morning, at recess and during the noon hour so that students have access to the building. The telephone at the office may be used by students in emergency situations. This measure supports your child in developing responsibility and independence. Please encourage your child to contact you through the office and not on their cell phone while at school. If there are extenuating circumstances please feel free to contact the school administration at 403-500-2009. Thank you for your cooperation in supporting the safety and security at our school. BRIGHTSPACE by D2L BRIGHTSPACE by D2L is a secure and flexible web based platform to provide parents, students, and

    teachers access to a suite of tools such as course content, news, digital resources, calendar, grades and

    other communication and assessment supports. It is the one mode of online communication between

    teacher and home. Access to these tools and resources is available anywhere there is internet access.

    A BrightSpace Guide for Parents and Students is available at the following link:


    Our parking lot is designated for staff. All visitors and parents are asked to park on the street. In order