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The St. Joseph Journal is produced by the St. Joseph Regional Health Center Community Relations department and features St. Joseph physicians, patient stories, new state-of-the-art equipment and information about programs and services offered to the community.

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  • JournalDecember 2010

    Our COmmitment tO Community Health

  • Journalcontents

    on the cover:HealthGrades, an independent healthcare ratings organization, named St. Joseph #1 in Texas for 2011 for overall orthopedic services, which includes joint replacement and spine surgery.

    (see story on page 14)

    03 leadership letter: Personal Health reform

    st. Joseph Physician associates Welcomes six new Physicians in 2010

    04 meet daVinci State-of-the-Art Surgical Robot Arrives at St. Joseph

    05 2008-2009 Vital statistics

    06 life can change in an Instant Zach Erskine is Back to Living a Normal, Healthy Life After a Near-Death Experience

    08 called to serve A Special Delivery Calls Wendy and Jay Branum to Support St. Joseph

    11 Values in action Perioperative Services Nurse Norma Reynolds

    12 We Have Your Kids covered St. Joseph Pediatrics Practice Expands to Meet the Needs of Brazos Valley Families

    14 #1 in orthopedics National Study Names St. Joseph Orthopedic Services #1 in Texas

    16 eating Healthy The St. Joseph Best Bets Program Makes it Easy to Eat and Shop for Healthy Foods

    18 Values in action College Station Nurse Lynne Harkey

    19 Grimes Health resource center reopens


    20 community Health St. Joseph Offers Programs to Improve the Health of Brazos Valley Residents

    22 surviving & thriving event benefits local breast cancer survivors

    4th annual Day of Dance a Huge success

    23 the Healing Garden at st. Joseph regional Health center

    24 Partners in Healthcare

    27 st. Joseph Governance





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  • Anthony D. PfitzerPresident & CEO, SJHS

    George NelsonChair, SJHS Board of Trustees

    personal health reform

    clint cheng, mDfamily medicine

    4421 State Hwy 6 SouthCollege Station(979) 690-4460

    michael marquardt, mDPediatrics

    4421 State Hwy 6 SouthCollege Station(979) 690-4480

    Grover Hubley, mDfamily medicine

    813 South State StreetMadisonville(936) 348-3515

    Iyabode ogunlade, mDobstetrics/Gynecology

    4421 State Hwy 6 SouthCollege Station(979) 690-4475

    elizabeth suarez, mDfamily medicine

    4421 State Hwy 6 SouthCollege Station(979) 690-4475

    steve ramirez, mDfamily medicine

    204 Brosig AvenueNavasota(936) 825-7200

    st. JosePH PHYsIcIan assocIates Welcomes sIx neW PHYsIcIans In 2010

    although theres still a great deal of discussion occurring around many points of national health care reform, theres one component to changing health care in America that appears to have little opposition the concept of personal health reform.Were not talking about the type of personal

    health care reform where you tax pizza and sodas. This is about every one of us taking personal responsibility of our health, both short and long term. Theres very little debate around the idea that America could save more in health care spending from living healthier lifestyles than from any other kind of health care policy reform you can come up with.As a whole, we eat food high in sugar and

    fat. We exercise too infrequently. Many smoke or drink in excess. We dont go in for annual checkups and screenings. We ignore early warning signs. We avoid using safety devices and equipment. Every year these unhealthy habits cost billions of dollars in health care expenses in caring for diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and a host of other illnesses. Clear proof of that came recently when the 2010

    Brazos Valley Health Status Assessment published results indicating Brazos Valley had broad ranging issues that increased health risk. Across the 7-county area one third of residents reported themselves as overweight and one in five people are obese. At the same time, only 44 percent of respondents met the National Institutes of Health recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week. Some 18 percent of residents reported that they do not exercise at all. Its not surprising that, based on the survey

    responses, Brazos Valley residents are higher than the national average in the frequency of people with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, emphysema, congestive heart failure and depression.The coalition of organizations who supported

    the needs assessment already are working on many of these health-related issues, but it will certainly require the support of our entire community.At St. Joseph, improving the health of the

    community is a part of our Mission. We are happy to share with you some of the ways we go about that in this edition of the St. Joseph Journal.


    meet daVinciState-of-the-art surgical robot arrives at St. Joseph

    thanks to breakthrough surgical technology and the purchase of the

    daVinci Surgical System, St. Joseph surgeons are now able to offer a minimally invasive option for complex surgical procedures. This $2 million investment brings even more state-of-the-art technology to St. Josephs 16 operating suites. The daVinci system offers a minimally invasive alternative

    to both open surgery and laparoscopy. Surgeons are able to use the daVinci

    system for a variety of procedures including

    bariatric surgery/gastric bypass, gynecological surgeries, and

    urological surgeries. With these minimally invasive procedures, patients

    will experience less pain, less scarring and faster recovery times.

    Dan Dawson, MD, Obstetrician and Medical Director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery program at St. Joseph, has used the daVinci extensively since the system went live in late May.The daVinci Surgical System offers surgeons

    a helping hand that has incredible precision and accuracy, said Dr. Dawson. In addition, my patients are busy women, they lead active lives, and surgeries performed with this system require very little recovery time, allowing them to return to their normal lives much faster. That makes us all happy. For more information about this new system, please e-mail

    Surgeries performed with this system require very little recovery time, allowing patients to return to their normal lives much faster. Dan DaWson, mD


    PatIent care 2008 2009

    Patients admitted 17,801 18,153

    babies delivered 2,165 2,119

    emergency room visits 81,740 85,988

    outpatient Procedures 1,073,762 1,227,101

    outpatient Surgeries 8,141 7,905

    Inpatient Surgeries 4,370 4,645

    outpatient visits/registrations 287,172

    resident days (long Term Care) 78,611 76,192

    local taxes PaID 2008 2009

    Property Tax $389,692 $436,541

    Sales Tax $122,293 $96,364

    total $511,985 $532,905

    contrIbutIons 2008 2009

    local Civic organizations & Health education activities $463,122 $289,204

    economIc ImPact 2008 2009

    fTes (full Time equivalents) 2,231 2,121

    Salaries, Wages & benefits $149,336,100 $161,208,707

    Capital funds reinvested $28,403,586 $36,638,207

    local vendor Payments $40,374,894 $32,453,009

    total $218,114,580 $230,299,923

    uncomPensateD care 2008 2009

    total $103,878,196 $117,466,041

    our missionIn the franciscan tradition, out of reverence for the dignity of every person, the mission of St. Joseph Health System is to provide excellent health care and to promote wellness throughout the brazos valley.

    our mission statement embodies the core values which are promoted by franciscan Services Corporation. These values reverence, Service and Stewardship are faithful to the spirit of St. francis of assisi and the Sisters of St. francis of Sylvania, ohio.

    reverenceWe believe that each person is created equal in Gods image and likeness. Thus we treat each person with respect, justice, and dignity.

    serviceWe believe that each person is called to achieve full potential of mind, body, and spirit. To enable the fulfillment of that potential, we pledge to render service to all with sensitivity, compassion, and commitment.

    stewardshipWe believe that each person shares responsibility to fulfill their specific role and to promote the proper utilization of the environment, of goods and services. This enables us to maintain quality relationships and care in our ministry.

    St. Joseph Journal, a publication of St. Joseph Health System, is produced by the St. Joseph Community relations office.

    leadership George nelsonChairperson, Board of Trustees

    anthony d. PfitzerPresident & CEO

    Tim ottingerVice President, Community Relations

    contributing staff doshie bradley, Communications AssistantHeather bush, Marketing Coordinatorbrian davis, Design Coordinatorashlea Sigman, Media Relations CoordinatorTom Pool, Executive Vice President, Foundation

    other contributorsdanny boyle, PhotographyKelli levey, Writing

    Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio

    2009Vital StatiStiCS


    It was a typical Monday for 33 year-old Zach Erskine, who was going about his day as he did every day, visiting with his girlfriend, readying himself for work, everything was normal.Out of nowhere, he began to slur as he was speaking with his girlfriend she asked him what was wrong and he could not answer.I was trying to talk to her, Zach

    recalled, and the words that were coming out of my mouth were not the ones I was trying to say.He turned to walk away and passed

    out.He remembers falling down, then

    Zach erskine is back to living a normal, healthy