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Transcript of St. Joseph, guide all fathers - · PDF file7:00pm Grupo de Oracion 7:00pm Eng. Choir Practice...

  • St. Joseph, guide all fathers


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    Our Lady of Mt Carmel, is served by the Congregation of the Missionaries of

    St. Charles Scalabrinians . We are an community of Catholic religious

    serving migrants and refugees of different cultures, religions and ethnicities in 32 countries.

    The Congregation was founded in Italy on November 28, 1887,

    by Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini (1839-1905), bishop of Piacenza (Italy).

    Our missionary focus is to be migrants with the migrants and to be in mission

    with people on the move, with a special priority for the poorest

    And neediest migrants.

  • We encourage all to register at the Parish-Shrine.

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    Les invitamos a registrarse en el Santuario Parroquial.

    Support Staff

    Business Manager Alexander Sanchez 708.345.3632

    Religious Education Modesta Martinez 708.344.4140

    Activities Coordinator Miguel Aldana 708.345.3632

    Music Coordinator Ann Marie Nabor 708.579.5373

    Community Center Site Director Pablo Cruz 708.345.3632

    Sacramental Life Confessions Confesiones SaturdaysSbados 4:00pm5:00pm or by appointment/ o con cita.

    Baptisms Bautizos Come to the parish office. Pase a la oficina parroquial.

    Weddings Bodas Contact the priest at least six months in advance. Contactar al sacerdote seis meses antes de la ceremonia

    Quinceaera Contactar a la secretaria cuatro meses antes de la ceremonia.

    Presentaciones Contactar la Secretaria al menos dos semanas antes

    Religious Services Recitation of the Holy Rosary MonSat at 7:00am

    Adoration Adoracin al Stmo. Sacramento Wednesdays 6:00pm8:00pm

    Novena & Benediction Wednesday/Mircoles 7:30pm

    Grupo de Oracin Carismtica Martes a las 7:00pm

    Other Services Gift Shop Hours Venta de Artculos Religiosos During the regular office hours. Durante las horas de oficina

    Community Center Centro Comunitario Social outreach Servicios a la comunidad (708) 345 - 3632

    Food Pantry Despensa de comida Wednesdays 4:00pm6:00pm

    Religious EducationCatecismo Saturday - Sbados 3:30pm 6:30pm Sunday - Domingos 10:00am1:00pm - Mass IncludedIncluye la Misa


    Church Services Upcoming Events June 13th, 2018 + Mass of St. Anthony at 7:30pm June 17th, 2018 + Feast of St. Anthony at 10:30 - Procession and Reception in the Gym

    Monday/Lunes 5:30pm Clases de Guitarra Tuesdays / Martes 6:30pm Ballet Folkorico 7:00pm Grupo de Oracion 7:00pm Eng. Choir Practice Wednesday/ Miercoles 6:30pm Ballet Folkorico

    Thursday/Jueves 6:30pm Ballet Folkorico 6:00pm Practica de Coro Friday/Viernes 7:30pm Practica de Coros 7:00pm Matrimonios con Prop. 7:00pm Jornadas Matrimoniales 7:00pm Boys/Girls Scouts 7:00pm Grupo de Jovenes or visit our Webpage:

    Welcome New Parishioners! Bienvenidos Nuevos Feligreses! Benvenuti Nuovi Parrocchiani!

    Daniel y Carlorine Cruz Rafael y Anglica Garcia

    Alejandro Iiguez y Maria Gomez Juan M, Gutierrez y Monica J. Aguirre

    Ramiro Hernandez Y Cinthia Solis Jesus Ocegueda y Sonia Ziga

    Jesus Oviedo y Vernica Hernandez Angel y Elsa Rosales

    Samuel Tellez y Eva Villarreal Yadira Trujillo

    June 9 - June 10, 2018

    Regular Sunday Collection: $4,672.00

    Second Collection: $2,028.00

    Weekly Offering

  • JUNE 10, 2018 TENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME FromthePastorsDesk Sunday XI of Ordinary Time and Feast of the Fathers. Following Pentecost, we had 4 very important Solemnities of our faith and Catholic tradition: SS. Trinity, Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart and last Sunday, the Anniversary of the Dedication and Consecration of our House of Prayer, Mount Carmel Church. It was a moment of grace that helped us to strengthen our bonds of faith and fraternity as people of God. Many thanks to those who were part of the celebrations and especially the members of the Committee of the Jubilees (50th and 125th).

    On this Father's Day the Church invites us to reflect on the teaching of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Reading the Gospels, we see immediately that the theme of the "Kingdom of God" is fundamental in the preaching of Jesus. Jesus uses all the languages, including the one of the parables, so that the listener understands the arrival of the Kingdom and its action in our life. The parables with the use of images and examples of daily life enable us to participate more effectively in our daily reality. Jesus wanted his followers to understand the essentials of his preaching and his mission. That's why He is concerned for their future. He wonders: Will they forget the Kingdom of God or keep their trust in the Father? The most important thing is that they should never forget their mission and how they have to carry it out. So, from the experience of the farmers of Galilee, Jesus with some parables encourages them to always work with realism, with patience and with great confidence. The first thing they need to know is that their task is to sow, not harvest. They will not live pending results. They do not have to wor-ry about efficacy or immediate success. His focus will be on sowing the Gospel well. The disciples of Jesus must be sowers. Nothing else. Christians must regain in the Church the humble gesture of the sower. Forget the logic of the harvester, who always comes to reap fruit, and enter the patient logic of sowing a better future. This gospel points out that we have to sow small seeds. Jesus does not talk about big things. The Kingdom of God is something very humble and modest in its origins. Something that can happen as unnoticed as the smallest seed, but that is called to grow and bear fruit unexpectedly. Maybe we need to learn again to appreciate small things and small gestures. We are called to live putting a little dignity in every corner of our little world. It can be enough: a friendly gesture to those who live in bewilderment, a welcoming smile to those who are alone or migrant, a sign of closeness to those who find themselves to despair, bring a ray of little joy in a burdened heart ... they are not big things, but they transform hearts. According to Jesus, it is like planting something as small and insignificant as "a grain of mustard seed" that germinates secretly in the hearts of people. What we need is to look for new ways with the humility and trust of Jesus. They are small seeds of the Kingdom of God that we can all sow around us to transform a complicated and sad society, that has often forgotten the charm of small, simple, good things and elevate them to an experience of love, fraternity and hope.


    125th Anniversary of the Feast and Veneration of

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel We are soon approaching our Great Jubilee

    Celebration. Mark your Calendars for:

    Novena July 6th - 14th at 7:30pm preached by Fr. Brian Walker, O.P.

    July 15th - 9:00am Mass presided by Cardinal Blas J. Cupich

    12:00pm - Outdoor Mass with Procession

    July 12th to 15th is our Street Festival