St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion ... St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion ... St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion
download St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion ... St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion

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Transcript of St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion ... St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion

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    Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School

    St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School

    Monsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School

    Mother Teresa Catholic

    Elementary School

    St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School

    St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School

    Holy Family Catholic Elementary SchoolHoly

    Trinity Catholic Secondary School

    St. Francis Catholic Elementary


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    Hwy 35

    Hwy 35 & 115

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    Hwy 401

    St. Joseph Catholic Elementary French Immersion Feeder School Boundaries

    Disclaimer:The Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington CatholicDistrict School Board (Board) has provided these maps for the convenienceof viewers for illustrative purposes only. While the Board makes every reasonable effort to keep information on the maps accurate, the Board cannot guarantee their accuracy or precision. Furthermore, the maps are only updated periodically and may not reflect construction of new streets, boundary changes, etc. These maps should not be used to determine school attendance or transportation eligibility.Please contact the Board Planning Department at 705-748-4861. Under no circumstances shall the Board be held liable for any actions taken, decisions made,or actions not taken from reliance on any information presented in the maps orconsequences from any such reliance.This map is produced and owned by the Board and is not to be copied, saved, re-used or re-transmitted by any communication medium by anyone, unless authorized in writing by an officer of the Board. The map was produced by the Board with data supplied under license by Members of the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange.Her Majesty The Queen in right of Ontario by the Minister of Natural Resources as agent for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

    Schools Settlements Highway Arterial/Collector Local French Immersion Boundary School Boundary Waterbody

    Municipality of Clarington St. Joseph Catholic ElementaryFrench Immersion Feeder School Boundaries Include: (Note: St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School is the ElementaryFrench Immersion Centre for all of Clarington) Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School, CourticeMonsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School, CourticeMother Teresa Catholic Elementary School, CourticeSt. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School, BowmanvilleSt. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School, NewcastleHoly Family Catholic Elementary School See the appropriate school boundary map for more detail.