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Transcript of ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCHstjoseph- .ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH FOUNDED IN 1886 Seventeenth Sunday

  • 1150 West Holt Avenue Pomona California 91768 (909) 629-4101 Fax (909) 623-0265


    Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Sunday, July 30, 2017 Lord I love your commands/ Cuanto amo tu voluntad Seor

    St. Joseph Website & Online Giving Link / Portales de San Jose y Para Donaciones Electrnicas

    HOLY MASS/SANTA MISA Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM English Saturday: 05:00 PM English, 06:30 PM Arabic Sunday: 08:00 AM English, 09:30 AM Espaol 11:00 AM English, 12:30 PM Espaol CONFESSIONS/CONFESIONES Monday & Friday: 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM Friday: 5:30-6:30 PM Saturday: 3:30 to 4:30 PM ADORATION/ADORACION DEL SANTISIMO Every Friday: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

    We at Saint Joseph are a worshiping multi-cultural community, called to share our diverse God-given gifts, in order to grow in holiness and oneness, through the celebration of the Eucharist, preaching of the word, charitable service, and ongoing spiritual formation and conversion. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, to witness Gods Good News to all.

    Rev. Steven Guitron, Pastor Rev. Louis Gonsalves, Associate Pastor Rev. John Montejano, in residence Rev. Richard Van De Water, Arabic Chaplain

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    In Our Parish This Week

    Monday 31

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    Wednesday 2 Legion de Maria Rosa Mistica: 10:00am-12pm CSJ Divine Mercy in Spanish: 6:00pm-9:00pm ME St. Vincent De Paul Meeting: 6:00pm-8:00pm CSJ Encuentro Matrimonial: 7:30pm-9:30pm ER

    Thursday 3 Have a nice day!

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    Please pray for the Sick and Suffering in our Comumunity: Hilda Perez, Teresa Landos, Zoila Palomo, Jaime Haro, Maria Rodriguez, Juan Hernandez, Julia Hernan-dez, Ana Soledad Medina, Lila Landos, Cristian Landos, Morena Chacon, Mario Chacon, Sixto Rivera, Victor Julian Perez, Jose Cabral, Maria Gamboa, Maleah, Bryse, Xochitl Romero, Efrain Ayala, Rita Salvato, Manuel Aguayo, Maria de Jesus Gamboa and Barbara Barcelo.

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  • Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Page 3

    July 30th, 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I usually write on this particular topic in the month of November, which is dedicated to praying for our beloved dead. However, I decided to cover it now since this very issue came up already during these past weeks. I will cover this again when we approach November. How do you plan a funeral? What should be first? First, make it known, before you die, that you want a Funeral Mass in your parish church. Then you make sure that a mortuary and cemetery have been pre-arranged. If you have already made it this far you made it all the more easier for you family not to be overburdened trying to figure all this out, not to mention how to pay for all this. Once you have already designated a mortuary and cemetery, then the funeral Mass can be planned. Normally, the night before the Funeral Mass, there is a Vigil Service. This may take place at the mortuary or the church. This, of course depends on the availability of the church; most com-mon is at the Mortuary. The Vigil Service is celebrated by a Priest or Deacon. If this is not possible then a des-ignated Lay Minister from the Bereavement Ministry will be sent to lead the prayer with the family. The Vigil Service is a celebration of the Liturgy of the Word and, if it is a custom of the family, the Rosary is prayed. The Rosary must not precede the Liturgy of the Word, nor replace it. At the end of the Vigil Service it is appropriate to have a Eulogy. This is a remembering of the one who has died sharing memo-ries together, as all gathered keep vigil until the Funeral Mass the next day. The eulogy is not appropriate for the Funeral Mass. The Funeral Mass has its own struc-ture and it is clear what is permitted and what is not. It is the priest or his delegate who will guide the family in the preparations. On the day of the Funeral Mass, once the body and the family arrive, all gather at the main entrance of the church for the body to be received dur-ing the Initial Rites of the Funeral Mass. This part of the Ritual is to recall when the deceased was first received into the Church at baptism. The body is blessed with Holy Water and is clothed with the pall (represents the white garment that is received at baptism). I will continue with the rest of the Funeral Mass and the Burial Service next week.

    Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

    Fr. Steven Guitron

    Julio 30, Decimoseptimo Domingo Del Tiempo Ordinario:

    Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas,

    Usualmente escribo sobre este tema en particular en el mes de Noviembre, que esta dedicado a rezar por nuestros queridos difuntos. Sin embargo decidi cubrirlo ahora ya que esto se presento en las ultimas semanas pasadas. Yo cubrirere este tema otra vez cuando nos acerquemos al Mes de Noviembre. Como planear un Funeral? Que es lo que debe de hacer primero? Primero hagalo saber antes que usted fallezca, que usted desea una Misa de Funeral en la iglesia de su Parroquia. Despues asegureze de hacer planes con una funeraria y el cementerio si usted a llegado a este punto a hecho mas facil para su familia que no se sienta abru-mada tratando de figurar que hacer, no digamos como pagar por todo esto. Una vez que una funeraria y cementerio han sido designados, hasta entonces se planea la misa de Funeral. Normalmene la noche ante-rior a la Misa del funeral se celebra la Vigilia. Esto puede llevarse a ca