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  • St Joseph Catholic Church

    2020 St Joseph Drive, Largo Maryland, 20774

    301-773-4838 Fax 301-773-6832 Website:

    We have a number of Catechumen, now the Elect, entering the Church and even more

    Candidates receiving full communion in the Church at the Easter Vigil, so my reflections are from the Fifth Sunday in Lent, Cycle A.

    Jesus remained for two more days in the place where He was after learning that his friend, Lazarus, was dying. Jesus waited so that

    there would be no mistake that raising Lazarus from the dead would be a miracle that only He could do. Jewish people believed that

    the deceased soul remained near its body until it could no longer recognize its body due to decay, about four days, then the soul left

    the area of its body.

    When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Martha told Him that her brother died and had been in the dark tomb for four days and there would

    surely be a stench. Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone

    who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” Martha said, “Yes.”

    We place our sins inside our own dark tombs, where we hope that nobody will see them and where they will not be discovered. There,

    they will only cause us more decay and emit a stench of hopelessness and depression. We may think that our sins are so dark and

    ugly that even Jesus would not want to approach their stench. We may even think that they are hidden from Him.

    The story of Lazarus teaches us that nothing can be hidden from God, not even our sins, no matter how grave the sins are that we

    have buried in own dark tombs. Jesus desires to approach our sins and to bring life where there is death. Jesus is not afraid of the

    stench of our sins. We must have faith that the light of Christ always overcomes the darkness in our lives, that His resurrection

    conquered death, that His love and forgiveness always overshadow the power of sin. Like Martha, we too should believe in Jesus.

    The Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Sacrament of God’s forgiveness, gives us a fresh start, a new beginning, and a new lease on life.

    If we have any sins entombed in us, we must roll away the stone from the tomb of our hearts during this last week of Lent. We must

    ask Jesus to approach our sins, no matter their stench, and overwhelm them with the sweet fragrance of His forgiveness. We must

    believe in Jesus, for only in Him can we experience the Resurrection and the Life. – Bishop Roy Campbell



    Most Rev. Roy E. Campbell, Jr.��

    Parochial Vicar�

    Rev. Robert Boxie, III ��

    Deacons �

    Deacon Steven Nash��

    Deacon Patrick Mullan�

    (Please make appointments for private

    meetings. )�

    Sunday April 7, 2019 ~The Fifth Sunday of Lent

    From the Bishop’s Pen...


    The church office is Only Open:

    Mon. thru Fri. from 9:30 a.m. to

    9:00 p.m.�

    The office is Closed for business on:�

    ALL Weekends, Federal Gov’t Clos-

    ings / Holidays and Holy Days�

    Phone: ₍ 301)773�4838 �

    Fax: ₍301) 773�6832 �

    Website: www.stjoseph��

    Email the office at: par-�

    “I am the resurrection and the life.”


    Alicia Sanders, Office Manager ; ; ext 24

    Karen Marshall, Secretary;; ext 10

    Loraine Hayling, Financial Services;; ext 14

    Bernadette Crawford, Religious Education;; ext 15

    Theresa Leeke, Music;

    Harold Sanders; Facilities Manager; ; ext 16

    Beverly Dandridge:Youth Ministry; :

    Sunday April 7, 2019 ~ PAGE 2�


    Audiovisual Support: Chuck Clay,,

    Bereavement Support: Etoile Hawkins,

    Food Pantry/St. Vincent DePaul Society: Rhonda Price, 301-773-0102 or ext 13

    Good Samaritans Ministry: Carolyn Brooks, 301-379-5944 and

    Evengeline Dyer, 301-390-9392

    RCIA Coordinator: Deacon Steven Nash,

    Repast Ministry: Burma Hill,, 240-620-4556

    Social Justice Ministry: Lisa Smith,

    Wedding Coordinator: Thelma Lucas,


    Infant Baptisms: Parents requesting baptism must be registered active members

    of the Parish. Baptisms are on the last Sunday of each month, after 11 am Mass . Par-

    ents may pick up a Baptism Registration Packet from the church office during business

    hours. Participation in Pre�Baptismal Program is required. �

    Marriage: Couples seeking to be married in the Church are to make arrangements

    with the pastor six months to a year in advance of their intended wedding date in or-

    der to allow time for the couple to complete marriage preparation. At least one of the

    engaged must be a registered active member of this Church.�

    Christian Burial: The family of the registered deceased should contact Bp.Campbell or

    Fr. Boxie as soon as possible to plan the funeral arrangements. Please contact Mrs.

    Hawkins on the bereavement committee at .�

    Anointing of the Sick: Anointing of the sick is celebrated upon request prior to surgery

    or at the time of illness. Please notify the Parish office of the illness or hospitalization of

    the parishioner.�

    To Receive the Eucharist: Sick, hospitalized and shut�ins should contact Bernard

    Broadus at to schedule a visit.�

    The Bulletin

    Announcements and Inserts for the NEXT bulle�n

    are due in the Church Office on the Monday before

    by 12 noon. The bulle n is sent to the printer on

    Tuesday morning. Inserts are printed front and

    back and are limited to 2 sheets per bulle n. Late

    submissions will go into the next bulletin.



    Our desire is that every member of our par-

    ish family encounters Jesus Christ in a very

    personal and life-changing way as they jour-

    ney through life within our community.

    That now includes you and we welcome

    you to this very personal, yet communal

    journey of faith as part of our parish fami-

    ly. As you begin the next part of your faith

    journey with us, we encourage you to take

    the steps below:

    1. Get connected and stay up-to-date

    with what's going on here at St. Joseph

    Church. The Lord is alive and working in

    many ways here which means a lot of

    ministries and events are taking place

    almost every week. We provide a number

    of ways for you to stay connected with all

    of that. Read our weekly bulletin and visit

    our website ( to

    keep yourself “in the loop” of happenings

    at the church.

    2. Spend time in Adoration. Adoration is

    every First Friday of each month all day

    with Benediction at 7 pm. Adoration is

    also offered every Tuesday at 6 pm fol-

    lowed by Mass at 7 pm. Stop in and expe-

    rience the renewing power of being in

    God's presence. Jesus waits for you so he

    can pour his love and mercy into your


    3. Seek to give in selfless, self-giving

    ways. God has given you gifts to share in

    helping the Church build the kingdom and

    accomplish her mission. Seek the guid-

    ance of the Holy Spirit to help you discern

    where you are meant to serve. Check out

    our Ministries and Organizations at the

    Welcome table in the foyer. Pray, discern,

    then take that leap of faith and get en-

    gaged in the life of the parish.

    4. Complete the parish registration

    form (you can obtain one at the Wel-

    come Table) before you leave . Let us

    know you are here so we can properly

    welcome you!




    Prayer meetings are

    held the 2nd and 4th

    Thursdays of every

    month at 7:00 pm in

    (Cr 1)...Join us!

  • THURSDAY 11th

    8:15 am Mass in Rectory

    • 7 pm– Music Dept.

    The Fifth Sunday of Lent ~ PAGE 3�




    • Is properly registered and on

    the parish rolls with names, ad‐

    dresses, children, & phone num‐

    bers up�to�date�

    • Faithfully attends Mass on

    weekends and Holy Days of Obli‐


    • Participates in the activities &

    ministries of the pa