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    Saturday, November 25 8:00 a.m. + Anna Sabol by Mary Kirby & Family 5:00 p.m. + Rachel Laughrige by Sonya Laughrige Sunday, November 26 7:00 a.m. + Eugene Lindquist by Joe & Genie Conroy & Sons 8:30 a.m + Frank DiPlacido by Kitty Diplacido 10:00 a.m. + Mary L. Keppel by Tom Keppel 11:30 a.m. + Thai Nguyen Teresa by Vinh Nguyen 1:00 p.m. + Living and Deceased Parishioners of St. Joseph Church 3:30 p.m. - Spanish Mass 5:00 p.m. + Matthew Mark Sabol, II by Aunt Mary, Uncle Dave & Cousins Monday, November 27 6:30 a.m. + William J. Kidwell, Jr. by Pat & Erin Philbin 8:00 a.m. + Noah French Long by The Hilliard Family Tuesday, November 28 6:30 a.m. + William & June Cresson by The Family 8:00 a.m. + Sal Grillo by The Grillo Family Wednesday, November 29 6:30 a.m. + John Wesdock by The Duren Family 8:00 a.m. + Lawrence Dombrowski by The Fabich Family Thursday, November 30 6:30 a.m. + Robert J. Toner by Stan & Bette Ogozalek 8:00 a.m. + Fr. Lewis McIntyre by The Grillo Family Friday, December 1 6:30 a.m. + Joe Kover by Betty Kover 8:00 a.m. + Laura Maraoui by Pat Gilbert 7:30 p.m. + Miguela Alacbay by The Family Saturday, December 2 8:00 a.m. + Jacqueline Blanche Stapor by Marie & John O’Malley 5:00 p.m. + Agnes Reilly by Alice Eelman Sunday, December 3 7:00 a.m. - Ana Raffucci by Ana McCollim 8:30 a.m + Ken & Betty Smith 10:00 a.m. + Frank Stanczak by Alice Eelman 11:30 a.m. + Vincent A. Sheehy, III by James & Jen Applegate 1:00 p.m. + Patricia Jones by The DellaValle Family 3:30 p.m. - Spanish Mass 5:00 p.m. - Living and Deceased Parishioners of St. Joseph Church

    Peace and good! As you know, the Diocese of Arlington has asked us to support an increased offertory program during the fall months. The pastoral staff and Parish Advisory Council has selected the month of November for this program. During the month of November, you will receive the following information regarding this program:

    • weekly bulletin column on the gift of stewardship – Time, Talent, Treasure;

    • letter from the pastoral staff and Faith Direct focusing on the increased offertory program; and

    • request from the pastoral team and Parish Advisory Council for each of us to reflect upon the time, talent, and treasure which we share with the parish community.

    As shared in the previous reflections, we often speak of stew- ardship in the context of "the three t's": time, talent, and treas- ure. Stewardship is a way of life and our relationship with Christ is at the heart of it all. I offer the following description of stewardship – sharing treasure:

    A good steward of treasure purchases goods and services prudently and knows the difference between needs and wants. A good steward sets aside part of his or her income for the Church and makes a gift to the Lord that is prayer- ful, proportionate, planned, and sacrificial. The faithful steward gives in a significant way, all in gratitude for the Lord’s gift upon the Cross. (Mahan, 2008)

    We invite each member of our parish community to consider making an increase in their regular support for our parish. We hope each parishioner will play a conscientious role in shaping the future of St. Joseph Catholic Church. This past week, sever- al parishioners asked me the following two questions:

    How much should I increase my offering? Only you can decide what is appropriate for you and your family. A meaningful increase by all of the faithful of our parish will make an impact on the Parish and its proclaim- ing the Gospel. What if I cannot increase my offering at this time? While it is our hope that this increased offertory program will have a significant, positive impact on our offertory, I am particularly interested in hearing from our parishioners of how they can share the gifts of their time, talents, and treasure. Not everyone is in a position to increase their fi- nancial support. However, everyone can respond by sharing their time and talent.

    May each of us pray how we can share our time, talent, and treasure in our response to embracing the Gospel. We invite everyone to pray for the success of this appeal. Many blessings! In the peace of Francis of Assisi,

    In Baptism we are reborn as children of God, made members of His Church, and heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. With this in mind, we welcome these children of God who were baptized the weekend of November 19, 2017: Noah Sebastian Cardenal son of Andres & Sharon; Luke William Mathew son of Nicholas & Megan

  • ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH Visit us on our website! HERNDON, VIRGINIA * 703-880-4300 November 26, 2017

    Do you have ideas for the parish or concerns about parish life? Email the Parish Advisory Council at

    St. Joseph Catholic Church Parish Advisory Council

    The Parish staff wishes to thank the following parish minis- tries: We thank our parishioners for their gift of faith, embrace of the Gospel of Joy, and support of the parish. During this Thanks- giving holiday week, know that you are remembered in our thoughts and prayers. We thank our parishioners for their support of the parish in- creased offertory program during the month of November. We express our appreciation for your generosity in support of the parish to embrace the spirituality of stewardship in terms of time, talent, and treasure. Your response in shar ing your gifts of time, talent, and treasure assists us in living out the Gospel in our faith community. A special thank you to the members of PAC and the Parish staff for their work and com- mitment to the parish increased offertory program. We offer our congratulations and prayers to Father Tom Bourque, TOR, on the occasion of his Anniversary of Priestly Ordination. Father Tom was ordained on November 27, 1982. Many blessings Father Tom!

    New Members: “ All are welcome in this place.” Remember, just attending church here does not automatically make you a registered parishioner. If you have not formally registered in the parish, the Parish Office is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mon.-Fri. throughout the year. Registration packets may be picked up during these hours, or are mailed upon request by calling 703-880-4300. It is important to be registered if one is involved in any sacramental preparation, to attend Religious Education classes, for letters of reference and for certificates of sponsorship.

    FYI – Advent Bulletin

    Peace and good! During the Advent Season we will introduce a few new features to the bulletin for our reflection and prayer. The cover of the bulletin will feature an Advent reflection written for Liguori Pub- lications. The second page will feature the column, Dear Padre, list of the daily Mass readings, and a quote from Pope Francis. The Dear Padre column will replace Father Tom’s column for the Advent Season. Many blessings!

    • Tisha Hilliard, Secretary • Cindi Conroy, SJS Liaison • Mark Overberg,

    Chairperson • Greg Bengzon • Marylou Bergeron

    • Frank Bowen, Vice Chairperson • Terry McNulty • Tom Reilly • Cheryl Wilson

  • ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH Visit us on our website! HERNDON, VIRGINIA * 703-880-4300 November 26, 2017

    Peace and good! Your selfless generosity enables our parish to live our mission through being good stewards of our:

    • Our awe-inspiring church and property • Facilities management of buildings • Holy Grounds

    Did you know:

    • The Church was built in 1985. • The parish/school offices, parish meeting rooms

    and halls were built in 2004.

    • The school was built in 1964 and additions were built on to in 1977, 1996, and 2004.

    • The Priests’ Residence was built in 1990.

    As good stewards of the gifts that God has blessed us with, we continue to oversee the care and preven- tative maintenance of the parish buildings and prop- erty. This past year we oversaw the following pro- jects and improvements inside and outside the Church:

    • Sidewalk replacement

    • Emergency lights replaced with LED

    • Walkway/parking lot lighting specification plan- ning with the Town of Herndon

    • Movement of the tabernacle and presider’s chair

    • Updating of outdoor banners and inside liturgi-

    cal banners The following repairs and preventative maintenance were completed in the Residence:

    • Replaced a HVAC unit

    • Carpet replaced in the upstairs hallway

    The following repairs were completed in the parish/ school offices, school, and religious education:

    • Installed 22 active panels for Religious Education and School

    • Removed old active boards and donated them to a new school in the Diocese

    • Phase one of parish office carpet replacement

    • Chiller coil replacement

    • Planned and installed an outside parish garden

    for the SJS students/faculty and parish staff to grow food to donate to the Rucker Community Shelter

    • SJS preventative maintenance

    These are the highlights of the par