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“ Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert and was tempted.”
We see the devil’s temptations at work in today’s Gospel. We see the Lord Jesus
tempted by Satan. The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert, a hostile and dangerous
wilderness for 40 days. There, in the desert, Jesus would spiritually prepare Himself
for His public ministry, and ultimately His death and resurrection, for our eternal
salvation, by facing the same temptations that we face.
The devil knew that something was going on with Jesus, but he wasn’t quite sure
what it was. He wasn’t sure if this was the Messiah that the Scriptures had promised
would come. So, he decided to temp Jesus, just as he tempted Adam and Eve to eat
the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden., just as he tempted the Israelites in the
desert where they wandered for 40 years, just as he tempts you and me!
Jesus turned to His heavenly Father for the strength He needed to resist Satan’s
temptations. He did not lose sight of His reason for being in the desert, His
preparation for His ministry. Jesus’ ministry was one of truth, love and forgiveness,
that led to His death and resurrection and to eternal salvation for each of us.
Today is the First Sunday of Lent. Lent is our 40 days of penance and preparation
for Easter, when our Lord rose in the glory of God the Father, after overcoming sin
and death. We must confront our temptations from the devil, just as Jesus did in the
desert. Jesus relied on His love and relationship with His Father to give Him the
strength to resist Satan’s temptations. We must rely on our love and relationship
with Jesus to strengthen us to resist the temptations of the devil. Jesus, our strength,
comes to us in the Eucharist that we receive at Mass. We are members of Jesus’
Body, the Church, and He will not abandon us to the desert of temptation and sin.
– Bishop Roy Campbell
Rectory Chapel
the Church
Weekend Masses
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. and
Noon & 7:00p.m.
From the Bishop’s Pen...
Parish Office
The church office is Only Open: Mon. thru Fri. from 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The office is Closed for business on:
ALL Weekends, Federal Gov’t Closings / Holidays and Holy Days
Phone: ( 301)773-4838 Fax: (301) 773-6832 Website:
"" #

Karen Marshall, Secretary; [email protected]; ext 10
Loraine Hayling, Financial Services; [email protected]; ext 14
Bernadette Crawford, Religious Education; [email protected]; ext 15
Theresa Leeke, Music; [email protected]
Beverly Dandridge:Youth Ministry; : [email protected]
Audiovisual Support: Chuck Clay, [email protected],
Bereavement Support: Etoile Hawkins, [email protected]
Food Pantry/St. Vincent DePaul Society: Rhonda Price, 301-773-0102 or ext 13
Good Samaritans Ministry: Carolyn Brooks, [email protected] 301-379-5944 and
Evengeline Dyer, [email protected] 301-390-9392
Wedding Coordinator: Thelma Lucas, [email protected]

Infant Baptisms: Parents requesting baptism must be registered active members
of the Parish. Baptisms are on the last Sunday of each month, after 11 am Mass
(except during Lent) Parents may pick up a Baptism Registration Packet from the
church office during business hours. Participation in Pre-Baptismal Program is re-
Marriage: Couples seeking to be married in the Church are to make arrangements
with the pastor six months to a year in advance of their intended wedding date in order
to allow time for the couple to complete marriage preparation. At least one of the en-
gaged must be a registered active member of this Church.
Christian Burial: The family of the registered deceased should contact Bp.Campbell
or Fr. Boxie as soon as possible to plan the funeral arrangements. Please contact Mrs.
Hawkins on the bereavement committee at [email protected] .
Anointing of the Sick: Anointing of the sick is celebrated upon request prior to sur-
gery or at the time of illness. Please notify the Parish office of the illness or hospitaliza-
tion of the parishioner.
To Receive the Eucharist: Sick, hospitalized and shut-ins should contact Bernard
Broadus at [email protected] to schedule a visit.
The Bulletin
Announcements and Inserts for the NEXT bulle-
tin are due in the Church Office on the Monday be-
fore by 12 noon. The bulletin is sent to the printer
on Tuesday morning. Inserts are printed front and
back and are limited to 2 sheets per bulletin. Late
submissions will go into the next bulletin.
ish family encounters Jesus Christ in a very
personal and life-changing way as they jour-
ney through life within our community.
That now includes you and we welcome
you to this very personal, yet communal
journey of faith as part of our parish fam-
ily. As you begin the next part of your faith
journey with us, we encourage you to take
the steps below:
with what's going on here at St. Joseph
Church. The Lord is alive and working in
many ways here which means a lot of
ministries and events are taking place
almost every week. We provide a number
of ways for you to stay connected with all
of that. Read our weekly bulletin and visit
our website ( to
at the church.
every First Friday of each month all day
with Benediction at 7 pm. Adoration is
also offered every Tuesday at 6 pm fol-
lowed by Mass at 7 pm. Stop in and ex-
perience the renewing power of being in
God's presence. Jesus waits for you so he
can pour his love and mercy into your
ways. God has given you gifts to share in
helping the Church build the kingdom and
accomplish her mission. Seek the guid-
ance of the Holy Spirit to help you discern
where you are meant to serve. Check out
our Ministries and Organizations at the
Welcome table in the foyer. Pray, discern,
then take that leap of faith and get en-
gaged in the life of the parish.
4. Complete the parish registration
form (you can obtain one at the Wel-
come Table) before you leave . Let us
know you are here so we can properly
welcome you!
Thursdays of every
(Cr 1)...Join us!
• 7 pm– Music Dept.

Light one for yourself as a special intention or
for a Birthday, Anniversary or a
special remembrance. Candles
renewable. Anyone can have a
candle for less than 85¢ a day!
Pick up an order form in the
foyer or ask for one from one of our Hospi-
tality Ministers.
$ 21,572.80 (03/03/19)
February 2019
% of Expenses

to do is include your offering and write the
amount on the envelope. REMEMBER,
money/checks do not stay together with the
envelopes so if there’s no information or
amount on the envelope you used you may
not be getting proper acknowledgement for
your offering. Anonymous giving does not
help to establish you as an active church par-
ticipant. Your tax deductible offerings are
based on the information on your enve-
lopes. Fill out checks and envelopes
BEFORE the Mass starts!
correct names and/or change your ad-
and you should NOT bring food or drink
into it. Treat it with the care and respect
that it deserves. If you feel that you are
an exception and above the rules of re-
spect, then DO NOT leave cookie
crumbs, potato chip crumbs, wrappers,
bags or water bottles on the seats or on
the floor of the church as proof of your
disrespect. Whatever you brought in,
take it and any trash you made with you
when you leave.
Would you like to honor a deceased
member of your family? St. Joseph
Bereavement Support Ministry is tak-
ing applications for deceased mem-
bers of St. Joseph’s Parish to be
added to the Memorial Wall. For appli-
cations and more information, call San-
dra James, 301 773-3196, or Etoile de
Hawkins, 301 336-0284. You may also
call Karen Marshall, at Church Office,
301 773-4838 ext. 10
• 1pm-Altar Servers training
• 1:30pm-Youth Ministry
• 4 pm—Grow Our own Musicians
• 7-7:30 pm—Cantors & Musicians
after Lent
• 12 noon to 5pm– FISH FRY
• 7 pm– Stations of the Cross followed by
Lenten Reflections
phone Rosary in recognition of Fatima is held
on the 13th of each month at 8pm by the Na-
tional Council of Catholic Women. Call 515-739
-1261 and insert code 703993#. Questions?
Contact Province Director Cindy Perry
at [email protected].
• 10am– Parish Council Listening session (RR)
• 4 pm—Grow Our own Musicians
• 6pm– NAMI Family-to-Family (Clr2)
• 7 pm– Music Dept.
• 12 pm– Setup for Cup of Joe
• 4 pm—Grow Our Own Musicians
• 6:30pm– Cup of Joe (RR)
• 9 am –Religious Ed
• 10:30 am—Youth Choir
Walter Alexander, Shelia Anderson, Agnes Bell, Theresa Bowser, Rachel Brewer, Margaret Brooks, Norah Brown, Natika Brown, Vir-
ginia Brust, Edwinda Castleberry, Alberta Christian, Bernadette Crawford, Anna Ferdinand, Mary Fletcher, Desiree Graves, Thelma
Harrison, Destin Ikwubuo, Evelyn Johnson, Annette Keizer, Mark Landry Sr, Mark Landry Jr, Gabrielle Landry, Robin Landry,
Rufina Lebi, Florence & Thomas McDaniels Sr., Barbara Marshall, James Marshall, Kathleen Mitchell, Nancy Mooney, Floyd Mucker,
Fr.Everett Pearson, Paul Newman, Claudette Randall, Charles Ratcliffe, Barbara Reece-Jones, Miriam Ross, Teresa Ross, Sheryl Sand-
ers, Darlene Shirley, James Shorter, Jennie Smith, Carol Steiner, William ”Billy” Tolbert, Erma Torney, Frances Tyler, John & Joan
properly prepared.
March 10, 2019
15b]/Rom 10:8-13/Lk 4:1-13
Monday: Lv 19:1-2, 11-18/Ps
Mt 6:7-15
Mt 5:20-26
6:00 Mass
Church Office during regular business
hours. We no longer accept bookings
for one name for several days in suc-
cession. An offering is usually $10
cash per date.
8:30 am - Team D
11 am — Team KNIGHTS
11 am — Team D
dedicated consistent service to vari-
ous St. Joseph ministries. As a self-
supported initiative, your contribu-
College Bound Fund may place their
contributions in the marked box in
the Foyer. Thank you!
Fridays- March 15th & 29th
• Phone orders taken until 2 pm
• Dinner & 2 sides $11 Sandwiches $8
• To order call:
• Cal Thompson: 301-928-2157
wrestled with temptation. Our faith tells us
that we are meant to live our lives in service
of God's kingdom. Yet, we often find our-
selves pursuing our own desires rather than
God's. The Gospel clearly tells us that true
power is found in the embrace of virtue -
living lives of non-violence, mercy, and for-
giveness. Yet, we still are not convinced and
seek things that will hurt us and retaliate
against those who harm us. When Jesus
faced temptation, he found security in who
he was, which firmly rooted him in his mis-
sion and gave him the determination to trust
in God. We, too, must learn to find security
in our identity as a son or daughter of God,
to live out our mission rooted in that truth,
and to be confident in God's abiding pres-
in the Rosemont Room from
12:30pm to 2:30pm. Come and
enjoy discussions, games and re-
freshments as we explore the
Blessed Virgin Mary in our lives.
Parents are Welcome! See the
Sodality insert in this bulletin for
more information.
don't be a show-off. When you pray, find a
quiet place to talk to God alone. When you
skip meals to pray, do it privately. God will
see you giving. God will hear your prayers.
When you do good things quietly, God will
reward you.
stead of showing off.
The Parish Council has established a church building com-
mittee to explore all aspects of building a new church on
this property.
Monday, March 11, at 10:00 AM
Thursday, March 14, at 7:00 PM
Sunday, March 17, at 1:00 PM
Ad info. 1-800-477-4574 • Publication Support 1-800-888-4574 • St. Joseph, Largo, MD 03-0764
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for the Education of Young Children 356 Eastern Ave., N.E, Washington, D.C.
(At the Seat Pleasant line) (202) 398-7200
Family Owned & Operated Stewart Funeral Home, Inc.
(202) 399-3600 4001 Benning Rd., NE
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Pre-Arrangement Services Available
Pre-Need Planning Complete Funeral & Cremation Services 6512 N.W. Crain Highway (Rt. 3S), Bowie
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Please do not hesitate to contact us: Mary Ogunsanya MD, FAAP
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