St George and the Dragon by Terri Mitchell

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Transcript of St George and the Dragon by Terri Mitchell

  • 1.Saint George and the DragonA Cultural theme. Cross curriculum work for Literacy, Science and Art.By Terri Mitchell

2. Comic Strip Story the Basic story. You can use an OHP to tell the story by comic strip and get the students to tell you the vocab which you can write up on the whiteboard where it is being screened. You can also get the students to suggest speech bubbles for you to put onto the comic story too. 2 3. Vocabulary from the play. St George and the Dragon.Knight Princess Dragon Catch caught Scream- screamed Ride rode Fight fought Hear heard Save saved Frighten frightenedQuestions about the play/story.What is the name of the knight?What was the weather like?Which animal captures the princess?Who screams and screams?Was George riding a donkey?Did George fight the princess?Did the dragon save the knight? 3 4. Flashcards to use to revise the story and labels to match.4 5. 5 6. 6 7. Using the comic strip story to change the characters and the storyline. Get your students to think about the characters in the story.. George was brave but he could be.. The Princess was beautiful but she could be The Dragon was fierce but it could becharacters Adjectives Other adjectives Princess Beautiful Knight Brave Dragon Fierce Work in your groups and find some alternative adjectives for the different charcters. 7 8. Front cover for St George Books.8 9. Red rose symbol for England. Pamphlets for Play9 10. 10 11. St George and the Dragon A PlayCharacters:-Princess George DragonNarrators:-NarratorThis is the story of George and the dragon.NarratorOnce there was a Princess.PrincessOh Im so happy, what a beautiful day!NarratorShe was caught by a dragonDragon(enter stage moving like a repltile and making dragon noises)PrincessOh no! Whats this help me! Help me!NarratorThe Princess was frightened.PrincessIm so frightened what shall I do?NarratorShe screamed and screamed.PrincessAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!(offstage) (sound of horses hooves coconuts - in the distance) -11 12. Narrator George was riding by on his horse.Narrator He heard the princess.George Hey! Whats that? It sounds like a damsel indistress. I must go and save her.Narrator He fought the dragon.George Take that! And that, and that! Die youmurderous beast!Narrator The dragon was killed and George saved thePrincess.Princess My hero!George All in a knights day!Narrator THE END.When you have done the basic scriptwhy not change the characters and inventyour own play with your class. Below is anexample of one of the plays with theconsequent changes invented by the class oneyear.12 13. The Fat Princess, Shy Dragon and Cowardly Knight. By class 2a. Fat Princess Characters:Cowardly KnightShy Dragon Narrators:The PlayscriptNarrator: Once there was a princess. She was a fat princess and she really loved crisps.Narrator: She was walking in the castle garden eating a very big bag of crisps.Princess: Oh what a beautiful day and even better as i have a big bag of crisps.Narrator: Near the princess is a very shy dragon who is trying his best to capture her (because thats what dragons do!) but he is too shy. She doesnt notice him as she is so involved in eating her crisps. Dragon: (making dragon noises captures the princess, but in a shy way).13 14. Narrator: The Princess started screaming very loud.Princess: Help me! Help me! Oh no my crisps! My crisps, they have fallen on the floor.Narrator: George was riding by on his horse:George: Hey whats that? It sounds like a princess in distress! Oh no!that means i have to go and investigate. I might get hurt. What a problem it is being a knight and frightened of everything.Narrator: George rides into the castle garden. He sees the princess and falls in love immediately, George loves crisps too.George: Oh look what a beautiful princess, I must be in love! And look at that big bag of crisps. But first i have to fight the dragon..... oh no he may hurt me.Narrator: George plucked up all his courage and fought the dragon. He killed the dragon.George: Here you go princess you are free.Narrator: The princess picked up the bag of crisps and said....Princess: What a handsome knight! My hero! Would you like a crisp.George: Your welcome and oh yes please i love crisps.Narrator: So George married his Princess and they ate lots of crisps together. THE END14 15. Make a book using photos from your play.The Little DragonBy1 and 1bAuthor: Terri Mitchell (adaptation from Oxford Reading Tree the little dragon).Illustrator/Photographer: Terri Mitchell The script Characters: Dragon .. Princess. King. . Knight . 15 16. Narrators . All the class.16 17. I am the king. Go and fight the dragon. 17 18. I am the knight. I will go and fight the dragon.18 19. I am the dragon, but I am only a little dragon. I am the princess. I like dragons. 19 20. The dragon and the princess played under a tree. I am the knight. I will fight the dragon. I am frightened. I am cross.20 21. Theprincess pushed the knight into the pond and saved the dragon.The End 21 22. Science Real Dragons. youtube.xml&nocache=0&up_titlQuestions on video. Where is the zoo? What is about to happen? Why is it so amazing? How much do adults weigh? How long can they live?How many are left in the wild? Where are they living mainly? What is the name of the adult in the zoo? What do they feed them in the zoo?This is a really good site for children from National Geographic to use for facts, photos and display work with the class. Komodo-dragon22