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ST. AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO Philosopher, Teacher, Bishop 350-430 AD

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  • 1. Philosopher, Teacher, Bishop 350-430 AD

2. Born in Thagasta, northern Africa 350 AD Educated in Carthage Taught rhetoric in Milan Converted to Christianity in Milan at age 31 Moved back to northern Italy to start monastery Lived at his monastery until death at 430 ADHippo Thagasta 3. Wrote Confessions an autobiography of his life and conversion; considered to be one of the best Latin classical texts One of the most prolific Latin authors with more than one hundred separate titles. These include De Doctrina Christiana (On Christian Doctrine); commentaries on Book of Genesis, the Psalms and Paul's Letter to the Romans; the Retractationes, a review of his earlier works which he wrote near the end of his life; De Civitate Dei (The City of God); and De Libero Arbitrio (On Free Choice Of The Will) addressing why God gives humans free will that can be used for evil Believed knowledge is a journey Advocated value of community in learning 4. 4 major ways of encountering learning: Learning through Transforming Experiences Learning as a Journey in Search of Understanding/Meaning/Truth Learning with Others in Community Building the Habits (Love) of Learning The idea that there are different kinds of learners and the teacher should try to accommodate each type The idea that students learn at different rates and a good teacher is aware and helps each student learn independently Taught that a teacher should guide the student in finding truth instead of just telling him/her 5. Augustine of Hippo. (2013, October 15). Retrieved from Wikipedia: Augustine of Hippo/Augustine's Theory of Knowledge. (2013, July 24). Retrieved from Wikipedia: gustine's_Theory_of_Knowledge anonymous. (2013, October 10). Augustine. Retrieved from The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: http.// Augustine, S. (CE 397). The Confessions of Saint Augustine. McCloskey, G. N. (2008). Encounters of Learning: St. Augustine on Education. Retrieved from St. Augustine Institute for Learning and Teaching Merrimack College: agogy/documents/encountering_0408.pdf Mendelson, M. (2010). Saint Augustine. Retrieved from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: