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St. Augustine St. Augustine The greatest place to li ve Presented By: Brandon Hernandez, Kelly Sheptock, and Allison Stroup
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Page 1: St. Augustine Powerpoint

St. AugustineSt.


The greatest place

to livePresented By:





and Allison


Page 2: St. Augustine Powerpoint

Climate, Population, Natural Boundaries,

and LocationClimate: Many consider St. Augustine’s climate

as a three season cycle. Hot and humid summers

Location: North- eastern part of Florida An hour and fifty minutes away from Orlando

Population: 12,284 citizens

Population grew 4.07% since 2000Natural Boundaries: bordered by the St. Augustine Inlet, the San Sebastian River and the Atlantic Ocean

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Historical Data Oldest European city in the United States Was the Spanish center in North America for nearly

200 years Castillo de San Marcos was built to protect the city British gained control of the city in 1763

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Real Estate Five bedroom, four bathroom, waterfront, single-

family home for $1,250,000

Two bedroom, two bathroom condo for $349,000

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Schools 18 Elementary schools 7 Middle schools 7 High schools 2 private schools 3 colleges Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

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Health Facilities Flagler Hospital- one of the top hospitals

in Florida and in the nation 5% in nation for patient safety

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Industries and Businesses

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Transportation Trolleys are one of the most popular ways

Horse-drawn carriages


Horse-drawn carriages

4 airports within a 50 mile radius Horse-drawn carriages

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Attractions Scenic Cruise Dolphin watches Light shows Smile High Parasail 6-Golf courses 2-Amusement parks 15- State parks 2-Museums 8-Zoos and aquariums

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Conclusion Lo

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