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  • 1.Sharath Srinivasan
    Centre of Governance and Human Rights
    University of Cambridge

2. 3. Mobile v Internet in Africa
(source: Appfrica Labs, Guardian Unlimited Jan 2010)
4. 5. Version 2
6. 7. The only technology that compares to the mobile phone in terms of pervasiveness and accessibility in the developing world is the radio. Indeed, considered together, radios and mobile phones can serve as a broad-distribution, participatory media network with some of the same citizen media dynamics of the Internet, but accessible to a much wider, and non-literate audience. Ethan Zuckerman, 2007
8. 9. Radio still rules
Nkhotakota Community Radio, Malawi
Courtesy of DRP
Nkhotakota Community Radio Station in Malawi
10. Community Radio and technologys long-tail
Breeze FM, Zambia: Community volunteers with presenter (standing)
Courtesy of DRP
11. PamojaFM, Kibera, Kenya
Courtesy of Emil Graesholm
12. 13. 14. ResearchingICT innovations and citizen-led governance
How do new ICTs impact upon:
Public debate?
Peoples political capabilities?
Citizen-State relations?
Relations with other governance actors?
Public goods?