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  • Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore (M.P.)

    Tobuildupalibraryistocreatealife.Itsneverjustarandomcollectionofbooks.Carlos Mara Domnguez

    1. About Us

    The Central Library, knowledge hub of Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry provides comprehensive access to books, journals, theses and dissertations, reports, surveys covering diverse disciplines

    . 1.1 Location: SAIMS, Indore (M.P.).

    Library Entrance

  • 1.2Aims :

    To deliver and inspiring information environment for the digital age. To play leading role in enhancing the overall student experience. To provide excellent services in support of teaching and research. To develop and enhance access to high quality resources.

    1.3 Objectives :

    To meet changing expectations. To recognize different needs of our users. To improve our physical and online learning environment. To harness resources in a range of formats from print to digital.

    1.4 Membership

    We welcome all the readers who need to access our collections for their information and research needs. The right to use the Library is reserved for bonafide students. All the students, faculty members and staff of the College are eligible for membership of the Library. The members are given bar-coded identity cards. The registered members are issued Borrowers tickets as per their entitlement.

    1. Only Dental Students, Researchers, Faculty and Staff as registered members are allowed to use the Dental Library.

    2. Members should produce their Library Membership card at the entrance of the Library. 3. A duplicate Library Membership card will be issued on payment of Rs.50/- per card. 4. The deregistered student may not be bonafide students of the college.

    Category of Members No. of Borrower Tickets issued BDS (Undergraduates) 1+1

    Master(Post Graduates) 2+1 Faculty members/Officers 02

    1.5 Library Timings

    All Reading Halls including Periodicals at basement of the Dental Library remains open for 11 hours a day from Monday to Saturday round the year. While the stack area in the Library remains open for 11 hours a day which is also open during the examination period. The General Reading Room remains open for 11 hours and 24 [24X7] hours in Medical Library throughout the year. The Library remains closed for only National Holidays during the year.

  • General Reading Hall at the basement of Dental Library: 11 hours and in medical library 24X7 [Round the clock]

    Reading Halls including Periodicals at the Basement of the Dental Library

    Monday to Saturday : 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. [12 hours]

    Stack Area including Text Book Section at the Basement of the Dental Library

    Monday to Saturday : 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M [12 hours]

    (The users are required to vacate the seats 15 minutes before the closing timings for proper closure of the library by the staff and security checks by the security personnel's

    Reading Hall 1

  • Reading Hall 2

    1.6 New Arrivals

    This is a new Library Service launched by the Dental Library .

    Under this service you will be informed about the recent additions to the Library. This service will be available as follows:

    Online new book list

    To access this, new book list and new list of Journals are displayed on the new arrival board.

  • Current Arrivals Display 1.7 Ask Librarian E-MAIL

    1.8 VISIT The Information Desk is on the Basement of the Library. Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, SAIMS, Indore-Ujjain Highway, Bhanwarsala, Tehsil Sanwer,

    District Indore(M.P.)

    MAIL To Dr. Nanjunda Swamy K.V.

    Library Officer

    E-mail ID:,

  • Dr. Mamta Malik


    E-mail ID: Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, SAIMS, Indore-Ujjain Highway, Bhanwarsala, Tehsil Sanwer,


    2.1Books/ Journals Subscribed and their Value (2015-16)

    Number of Books Procured : 223

    Total Value of Books : Rs. 4,32,334/-

    Books in the Dental Library and in Departmental : 5508

    Libraries as on 15th December 2016

    Number of Journals : 81 (Indian and International)

    Number of On-line Journals : More than 1500 from different

    Databases(EBSCO and


    The Library collection is made up of over 425 audiovisual items, 1167 bound journals

    are available. It has been developed with 2 aims:

    To support the academic programmes of the College. To support the research pursuits of the teaching community and the research scholars.

    The holdings of the Library are particularly rich in Dentistry.

    2.2 Journals Journals/Serials/Periodicals Collection A journal or periodical or serial is a publication which is produced on a continuing basis. For instance weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. Some journals are published irregularly. The Library currently holds:

    81 current periodicals (scholarly journals and popular magazines) 1167 bound journals

  • 04 national newspapers 1500+ e- journals

    2.3 Books The collection includes books from the various branches of knowledge of Dentistry.

    Oral Pathology Oral Medicine , Diagnosis and Radiology Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Periodontics Prosthodontics Pedodontics Public health and Dentistry Conservative and Endodontics Orthodontics

    2.4 Reference Collection The Library maintains a separate collection of Reference books which may be consulted within the Library after deposition of ID cards. These books are issued to the students for overnight use only. If the students fail to return the book the next day, an overdue of Rs5 per day is charged. The Text book section also includes Book Bank collection which exclusively meets the information needs of U.G. and P.G. students.

  • Reference Collection

    2.4.1Autobiography and history publications The Autobiography and history publications collection which is housed in the basement of the Library provides access to 105 documents.

    2.4.2 Multiple Choice Questions

    The Library has a collection of approximately 609 MCQs books on Dentistry.

    2.4.3 Press Clippings Collection The Library has a collection of newspaper clippings concerning to topics relevant to the dentistry, academic community of the University and various other topics. The clippings from the following newspapers are archived for academic use.

    The Times of India The Hindustan Times The Hindu Employment news Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi Edition) Nai Duniya (Hindi Edition)


    If you are first time visitor or think you might need staff help, please try and visit the Library between 9.AM. - 5P.M. on week days. The researchers from outside the College should ensure that they have recommendation letter and the identity card before they can avail of the Library facilities and services. The visitors to the Library may access the online resources in the E-Library located in the basement of the Library.

    Number of Visitors visiting the Dental Library per day (2016)

    Students(UG and PG) : 60-65

    Teachers : 15-20


    1. Books are issued for a fortnight except textbooks which are issued for overnight use only. 2. Students can reserve books at the Circulation Counter in case they are already issued. 3. Books in demand may not be renewed. 4. Readers are responsible for books issued against their names. 5. Library reserves the right to recall any issued book even before the due date. 6. The material such as rare books, theses, dissertations, loose issues of periodicals etc.

    marked for consultation shall not be issued.

  • 7. Borrowers must satisfy about the physical condition of the books before borrowing otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage later or at the time of return.

    Circulation Counter

    4.1 Overdue charges

    For Textbooks and reference books- the overdue charges Rs. 5/- per day.

    5. Use of computers/laptops etc

    1. Computer in the library premises should be used for academic purposes only. 2. Online chatting/dating, browsing of social networking sites is strictly prohibited. Strict

    disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters. 3. Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises. 4. Readers should not to share their Internet access ID and Password with other students. 5. Changing the settings and display of the computers kept in the Library is not permitted. 6. Readers should not remove/unplug computer cables/connections, network cables and other

    peripherals/accessories in the library. 7. Personal keyboard, mouse, etc are not allowed inside the Library. 8. Students must take care of their Pen drives, CD/DVD ROMs, mobiles and wallets etc.

  • 6. General Rules and Regulation