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Squareknot launched it's Crowdfunding platform in style on Monday 9th September at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Transcript of Squareknot Launch Event

  • 1. For an evening, crowdfunding took over the Glasgow Science Centre, with Squareknot taking centre stage Attendees arrived from 6pm, and were taken through registration, before moving onto the opening networking portion of the evening There was a strict door policy coloured stickers were forced upon all attendees. Luckily we offered everyone a choice: Red Investors Blue Businesses seeking funding Green - Business Advisors/Other

2. The unique atmosphere of a networking event surrounded by marvels of science and technology proved fitting for the launch of a flagship crowdfunding platform After registering for the chance to win the 500 investment prize up for grabs, guests were taken into amongst the exhibits for the networking potion of the evening 3. With almost 200 guests checked in by 7pm, we were excited to see such a buzz around the launch although were sure the canaps played their part! Over the course of the first hour guests were treated to complimentary wine and canaps, while final preparations were well underway elsewhere for the evenings main event 4. The guests had the chance to mingle with Investors, Start-ups, and importantly, the Squareknot management team Guests were welcomed from various sectors, from banking and finance, to those in entrepreneurial and creative capacities Representatives from all the launch pitches were present at the event and took advantage of the opportunity to spread the word about their exciting business propositions. 5. Even the team at Squareknot were surprised by the tremendous uptake for tickets, with extra seats being arranged in the final few minutes to accommodate the 200 plus strong crowd As we neared 7:30, the last few remaining guests arrived Everyone was invited downstairs into the main hall, where the anticipation continued to grow 6. It was time for all our hard work and planning over the previous months to pay off, and we turned to Louise White, our host for the evening to start things off. By 7:30 the mics were on, the lights were dimmed, and the stage was set for the launch of Squareknot. 7. Louise spoke of the challenges facing Scotland, the nature of the crowdfunding landscape, and why the launch event would mark the beginning of a new era for funding in Scotland She next invited the audience to watch a short video outlining what Squareknot is all about Louise White, of the BBC, hosted the evening for us. She certainly helped bring poise, professionalism and connectivity to the programme 8. Derek told the story of Squareknot The initial concept was devised by Derek and fellow Squareknot director Brian Smillie almost a year ago to the day. Louise firstly invited Derek Bond, Managing Director of Squareknot to the stage Derek welcomed everyone, and offered his thanks for such an overwhelming response to Squareknots exciting launch 9. Derek shared some insights into his experience in building Squareknot (alongside the management team) He also spoke of the uniqueness of the Squareknot platform, and how it was the first of its kind in Scotland Louise re-took the stage to question Derek on some aspects of crowdfunding, along with some key features of Squareknots model and vision 10. ...There has never been a better time to start a business in Scotland... Jim repeated this mantra several times, and went on to express his appreciation for what Squareknot have managed to achieve in such a short period of time One of the great highlights of the evening was the speech by Entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of Entrepreneurial Spark Jim Duffy Jims animated speech grabbed the attention of the audience, and served to enshrine the significance of the evening 11. Kession helped Squareknot achieve FCA approval as their Appointed Representative in an almost unheard of three days. Ian and Mike discussed the regulatory framework that Squareknot worked within, and some of the laws and practices surrounding crowdfunding Squareknot are amongst the unique few in crowdfunding who have already been pre- approved by the FCA, before new regulations come into place Corporate lawyer and Squareknot director Ian Young, took the stage with Mike Kessler of Kession Capital Limited. 12. The 6 entrepreneurs discussed their pitches in depth, giving insight into why they were seeking funding, and how it would be used The also shared their views on other platforms, and why Squareknot offered a different path Whilst the audience had to wait until later in the evening to ask their burning questions, Louise introduced representatives from Squareknots inaugural six pitching companies 13. From left to right we have Ian Young (Corporate Lawyer), Tom Preston (CA & Business Angel), Derek Bond (CA & Former Finance Director), Iain Webster (Corporate Finance Specialist) and Brian Smillie Jr. (Marketing Expert) By the end of the evening it was time for the Squareknot management team to be grilled by Louise, before the audience were invited to pose their questions to the team The management team predominantly come from a finance, accounting or corporate law and governance background 14. Derek and the team made sure the audience didnt leave with any unanswered questions, and announced exciting plans for new video conferencing features to be unveiled on the site, along with an impending Australia launch The audience understandably had lots of questions for the team, from loan assurance the business model questions, to more hot topic issues such as growing competition within the market 15. Our congratulations go out to Ramsay Duff for being our lucky winner Mr. Duff chose to invest his winnings with Log Six Systems and Internet Anywhere, both of which can be found on the Squareknot website One of the highlights of the evening was the award of the 500 investment prize To be entered, guests had to have signed up as a registered user to the Squareknot website 16. The evening proved a great success, with the last guests leaving some time after the presentations had come to a close Following the award of the 500 investment prize, Louise and Derek rounded off the evening, inviting everyone to come and meet the Squareknot team, and the pitching companies 17. Wed also love to get your feedback on the evening, so if you attended, please help us by filling in this 1 Minute Survey about the event. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic night, The Squareknot Team Wed like to thank everyone again who attended. We hope youll continue to share in the Squareknot journey with us by registering on the Squareknot website, if you havent managed to already