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Before WC, squadron is the title for the series by Chris Roberts.

Transcript of Squadron Proposal

  • SQUADRONeBgD~!~~~~B~1J~~


    By the year 2654 AD, mankind has spread throughout his sectionof the galaxy. Along the way, humanity has come in contact with ahandful of sentient alien races. Soon after first contact, most ofthese races have proven friendly.

    The Kilrathi definitely are not.Vessels of the Empire of Humanity first encountered Kilrathi

    explorers twenty-five years ago, in 2629. The Imperial. offered thestandard, non-linguistic greeting to the raw aliens; this openinggesture of friendship was .et with a volley of laser fire. Within fiveyears, the Empire And thIP Kilrathi ware locked in an all-out war forsuryival.

    The KilrathiThe Kilrathi are a vaguely ma :u.n race from a planet seyeral

    hundred light years from Sol. Blrfore they encountered humanity, theKilrathi had never met race capable of faster-thAn-light traveLTheir warlike nature and technological superiority over their naarrwighbors led the Kilrathi to conquer and enslave every race theyencountered. Over four centuries, the Kilrathi built . ...rtial statetwo hurv:lred light years across, ruled by the Supreme General ofKilrah.

    When the Kilrathi met humankind, they had finally encountered arace whose technology and power rivalled their own.. Unfortunately, halfa tDillennium of experience made it intpossible for the Kilrathi to acceptanother race as their equal--their only method for dealing with aliencultures was to conquer and subjugate them.

    The WarIn 2634, the Supreme General committed the entirety of the

    KilratM to the defeat or destruction of humankind. The ferocity oftheir initial attacks caught the Empire by surprise; thousands ofworlds and billions of lives were lost ba-fore the ElRpire could marshalany serious opposition to the alian onslaught.

    The desperate struggle between an and Kilrath has pitted thedetermination and ingenuity of huenan defenders against thespecialization and 'fanaticism of the genetically-engineered Kilrathi warmachine. Through desperation as much as genius, the humans have foughtback after their early losses. Today, twenty years a'fter the war brokeout, the conflict has devolved into a bloody stalemate, typified by illcomstant stream of dirty little skir.ishe

  • You are one of the Imperial Navy's finest--a hot, youngstarlighter pi1ot, fresh from the Imperial Academyon Terra and combatflight training in the Vega system. All your life, you've heard thestories of the brave Iaperial pi1ots, defending humanity against thevicious Kilrathi monsters. As you arrive on the Kilrathi frontier, yourheart soars in anticipation of a life of glory and adventure.

    A newly-commissionedofficer, you've been assigned to a strikecarrier, the !.!ifi_l..\m!I!.!i.J~..@'.l!!.Your exemplary perlormance back at Vegahas earned you the position of a flight leader with the 2411th ImperialFighter Squadron--ttw well-known"Blood Hawks."The menand womenwhohave served before you, both on the I~~_!=.lA~ and in the BloodHawks, have established a tradition of bravery, skill and excellenceyou will be proud to uphold.

    Dna of the Empire's fastest carrier ships, the I!g!L__~lewfulfills a troubleshooting role in the 36th Imperial Battle Fleet. It isone of the Fleet's "first response" vessels, usually the first Imperialship to encounter the enemyin a combat situation.

    Spacl!!fliohtand Combat

    The core of Squadron issilaulation in which you andfighters, corvettes, cruisers,Kilrathi Star Force.

    a state-of-the-art spaceflight combatyour two winglDendogfight with thedreadnoughts, and other ships of the

    Imperial StarshipsThe starships that battle in the Squadron universe are not the

    simple, blocky polygon vessels that populate most space games. Instead,Squadron's starlighters--and all the other vessels and objects in thegaae--are amazingly photo-realistic, bit-mapped images, offering acrispness and tangibility previous games have lacked. The computer willdepict every vessel using 64 ray-traced images, prOVidingthe smooth,realistic movementin any direction in three-dimensional space.

    Approximately25 to 30 different vessel designs will appear inSquadron. You will be able to lead wings co. posed of four or fivedifferent Iaaperial fighUlr ships, ranging frOMthe small, lightly-ar..mone.an Hornet to the two-.an Raptor, a heavy fighter featuring awide array of laser And.iS5iIe systems. Other vessels in the ImperialfllNtt will include the strike carrier I:iglJ!_Ja@~ as well as tlwVenture-class corvette, the Drayman-dAs. transport, and ttw Diligent-class tanker.

    Kilrathi StarshipsThe half-dozen starlighters representing the Kilrathi Star Flaet

    will run a gamut similar to that of the Imperial fighters, ranging froma light, highly-maneuverable ship to a tough, heavily-arftted one. TheKilrathi battlefleet will be even more COMpletelyrepresented than thehuman0"', though. Five larger wear.hips will be included as well; frontsmallest to largest, they include the corv.tote, the destroyer, tlw

    ==__.=====================:a.==============a ~=====.=a a:======SQUADRON Product Proposal 2

  • cruiser, the carrier, and the dreadnought. ThQdreadnought sports anumberof indep&nctently-controlledweapons turrets, whichpivot on thesurlace of the vessel to target enemy ships. Supporting the Kilrathifleet will be trallliport and tari
  • a full-body, over-the-shoulder view of an anim.atedpilot. Not only doeshis right hand steer the on-screen joystick along with your maneuvers,but his whole body moves in response to your Actions and theenvironRl!nt. Whenthe ship pulls a tight turn, the pilot's head tiltswith the G-'force at the maneuver; when the ship is hit by lasers ormissiles, his whole body shakes with the impact. If you hit a key, todrop your shields or fire a missile, the on-screen pilot reaches withhis left hand to hit the appropriate button on his control paneL Thepilot aven expresses emotion, to convey the drama at the dogfight--when things get tense, you'll see hia clench his fist to hold his nervesin check, and wh@nyou score a hit, he'll flash quick, self-congratulatory thumbsi-upsign!

    Radio Communications0... at the most inlportant parts of any dogfight is the radiochatter that accollpaanies and describes the actio~ This too will bereflected in Squadron. A video screen on the pilot's control panel willdisplay A close-up shot at who ever happens to be spaaking to you atany given .00000nt--your cOftURanderback on the I!5I!f-~_~..!A.!!t,one atyour wingnaen,or the Alien .ace you've met in previous battles. Thespeaker's situation will be reflected on the video screen--if he's beendamAged,the intage will be fuzzy and flickering. If he blows up, thescreen glows white, then goes dead.

    The speaker's message will scroll across the bottom of thecockpit screen, like subtitles in a moyie a tornado warning ontelevision; the speech of your fellow Imperials will appear as whitetext, while aliens talk in yellow or lime-green text.


    At its most basic level. Squadron can be played by selecting anyof roughly 10 to 15 stand-alone battle scenarios. Each scenario is aunique combat situation, pitting you and your wif19RVnagainst adifferent assortment of enemy starships, .and offering .a differentmission objective.

    Before the BattleEach scenario begins with A briefing, in which your squadron

    cOAlManderaboard the I!!pf..a __~~w describes your mission, theopposition you are likely to face, and your mission objectives. Using asimple keyword system, you can ask your commanderfor additionalinformation about the mission or strategic advice.

    From the briefing, the action cuts to the flight deck, where yousee yourself c~bing into the cockpit of your starfighter. The screenthen cuts to the cockpit interior, where you'll have a few monaentstogo over your equipnaent,pre-set your shield leYels, review your arrayof mi il.s, etc. Looking out tha viewscreltn of the fight.r, you cansee down the launch tube; whenyou're ready to begin your mission, youhit the Launch button.. Through till! Yiewscreen, you'll see the launch

    ========~===========~===========&.=========== ===.=============SQUADRON Product Proposal 4

  • tube rushing by at a frightening speed--then black.ss surrounds youand you're in !lpace. Your wingftM!nare just a bit ahaad at you, to theright and Wft. You check your long-rilnge 5canrwrs for bogltys, andhead off to intercept thtt IH._Y.

    Killed In ActionYou should already have a feel for Squadrorts remarkable space-

    COMbatsimulation. Worth mentioning here, however, is the anintat.dsequence whichwill run if your ship is destroyed.

    Should you suffer a fatal hit, the action will cut from theinterior cockpit view to an exterior shot of your vesseL In a briefanimation, your ship wlll explode in bright red and orange flames, withsaall bits of debris flying off in all directions. Once the Rxplosion hasfaded to black, the scene cuts back to the briRfing room,for the post-Iftission debriefing. Your pilot's seat in the room will be conspicuouslyabsent at the debrilff~

    COMingHomeIf you naanagMIto survive to the conclusion of your mission,

    whether successful or not, the screen will cut froa the cockpit viewyou SilWthroughout the battle to an exterior view of the TigeLa_r;,J#~.If the ~y.~ suffered damage during the scenario, this will be apparentf rom this vilntAge.

    Your ship. and those of your wir9nen if they survived, can bes_n approaching in the distilnce, returning to the carrier after theai5sion. As you draw near, a tractor beamfrom the I!5PL~_~~ grabsyour Ships and guides them into the landing bay on the flight deck.Next, the scene cuts to il view of you climbingout of your fighterwhile an attardiYe _chanic inspects the ship for damage. In thebackground are the ships of your wingme-.if they made it back; if theywere lost in combat, the next two