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What has Google been up to in 2012? Take a quick look through the slideshow to view some of the latest changes to Google Plus, Google Search and Google Places. There's a lot going on that you should probably stay on top of if you're invested in an online venture.

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  • 1. Updates, News and Latest Information August 2012Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM

2. Copyright Infringement Update included in Google Algorithm Google will begin penalizing websites thatreceive too many valid copyright removal notices The Google ranking algorithm has been adjustedto reflect these changes Websites with a high number of removal noticeswill begin appearing lower in the search results This adjustment begins mid August 2012 Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM 3. Google returns Random Search Results Its not all in your head, Google really is returning random search results in the name ofa patent called Ranking Documents. Why? Its another effort to try and combat rank-modifying spammers! Who is it going to hit? Anyone whose SEO begins to suddenly work, who is doinglinkbuilding, making ongoing keyword adjustments, etc. If you do any of the above you will be put into a rank transition category and for awhile, your sites ranking in the SERPs will be randomised. When enough time has passed, your true rank will surface. You may be placed in the rank transition category for any ofthe following reasons: keyword stuffing, page redirects,link-based manipulation, or invisible or tiny text.Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM 4. Google+ begins rolling out Vanity URLs If youve got a Google+ account, youve probably noticed how horrible your URL looks.Its a long, indecipherable string of numbers: Youll therefore be happy to know that Google has begun rolling out Vanity URLs. Hang on! Before you get too excited, they havent yet begun rolling them out to thepublic, just a few celebrities. So, who has got a unique Plus URL? Britney Spears, Toyota, David Beckham, Hugo Bossand other such big names. Its not really an exciting change but it certainly is about time both Facebook andTwitter already offer this feature! www.plus.google.com/vanityurlQuestions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM 5. Google is about to put your Email in the SERPs On August 8, google began trialling a new feature offering users the chance to signup to have their emails included in the SERPs. Naturally this will only happen when a user is logged into their Google account. Your emails will NOT be made available to the public! Emails that match a certain keyword typed into thesearch box will appear in the sidebar. For those worried about privacy, this will likely be afeature that can be disabled just as easily as Googlepersonalised results can. Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM 6. Google+ Business Page merges with Google+ Local Google Places/Google Local has officially merged with Google+. This is not yet the case for service area businesses or businesseswith multiple locations and, its only availablefor businesses that already havePlace Pages created in the LocalBusiness or Place category of Google+. To verify your Local Page and associateit with your Google+ Page, simply log into your google plus account and click theverify now button on the right side ofthe page. A postcard with a pin on it will be sent toyou so that you can complete the verificationprocess.Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM 7. Knowledge Graph goes Global Knowledge Graph is already being used in the US. Take a look at the picture below.Its the supplementary information you will immediately be presented with when youperform a keyword search in Google. Outside of the US it has begun to appear ontablets and smartphones though only in thefollowing categories: weather forecasts,flights, measurements. These changes have not yet been rolledout to desktops. If youre interested in finding out moreabout Knowledge Graph, take a look atthe following link:http://www.google.com/insidesearch/features/search/knowledge.html Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM 8. Google Shopping continues to prepare for paid inclusion A short while back, Google announced that thepreviously free Google Products would becomeGoogle Shopping. Google Shopping requires merchants to pay to listproducts. Products will be ranked in a similar manner toGoogle Ads based on a combination of relevanceand bid price. Google is pushing current users to take a look attheir video channel on YouTube so that they canbetter transition to the paid inclusion model.Questions? Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XanthosDM