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Key features The aim of a thriller genre is to create suspense and excitement over the audience. Spy films use urban and busy areas within the film. The hero/main antagonist is the only one able to solve the enigma and reveal the truth. Spy fiction is a sub-genre of mysteries and thrillers. In this subgenre some form of espionage plot must be presented. Most of the Spy fictions have action and adventure, but it also has a strong impact over thriller genre audience.

FilmsKey films: most popular film series include James Bond, Mission impossible, Jason Bourne and Sherlock Holmes

Actors Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock HolmesTom Cruise Mission ImpossibleMatt Damon Jason Bourne film

Daniel Craig James Bond moviesDirectors Sam Mendes Skyfall and Spectre

Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies

Paul Greengrass Jason Bourne

J. J. Adams Mission Impossible III

Conventions of a Spy film In spy movies, the jeopardy is described earlier, so it is clear for the audience what dangers the protagonist faces or will discover in the film. But it covers important and most significant information (to understand the situations) form the audience. This creates suspense, tension and allows audiences to guess or predict, which provides pleasure to the audience. There is always a death or danger threat in this genre and subgenre. The spy subgenre always include a crime committed by antagonists and most importantly include conspiracy theory.Usually this subgenre turns into hybrid as it contains chase scenes (part of chase subgenre).Typically includes government secret services such as MI6, MI5, CIA and many more.

Hybrid? Spy + Comedy+ Action

Johnny English film series

Spy Kids film series

Audience PleasureDisruption- this may create suspense which will entertain the audience. Realisation- when audience understand and aware of what the main danger is, then they can connect with the film easily.Resolution- most of the dangers are under control, this gives the audience a positive feeling about the next plot. This subgenre contains a massive audience: all age groups enjoy watching spy films.