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Spy & Counterspy This PDF version of the now defunct Spy & CounterSpy website (including all extant issues of the F9 bulletin) has been slightly altered: Some redundant material been elided, and a scant few annotations added. Carlos Marighella's Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla is included in full as an appendix. Send comments/questions to: Phosphor Find my public key at: http://redirect.to/phosphor

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"Spy school for the rest of us."

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell ... This website Copyright 1998 Lee Adams. All rights reserved. Quoting, copying, and distributing for free are encouraged. Links are welcome. ... Updated with new material October 28th, 1998. Recent changes to our website FBI field offices added to Spy address book Hit counter reset after server problem fixed Hibernation file caution added to Security Software Formatting guidelines added to Use a one-time pad New article Handling the risks Numerous terms added to Glossary Hard disk obliteration method added to Uncrackable Email 2 Information link added to Tax resistance primer New tools added to Security software

...ContentsLearning the basics Can you trust us? FBI vehicle surveillance 1 FBI vehicle surveillance 2 Uncrackable Email 1 Uncrackable Email 2 Bureaucrat's Toolkit Start a resistance group Arrange secret meetings Handling the risks Use dead-letter boxes

Your source of skills for freedom...Spy & CounterSpy is a practical course in freedom skills including countersurveillance, antisurveillance, and underground urban activism. If you live in the USA, the odds are one in four that you will someday become a target for surveillance and repression by a government security service like the FBI or BATF or DEA, by an intelligence agency like the NSA or CIA or DIA, by undercover cops, or others. Being innocent is no protection against the apparatus of surveillance and repression. If you're involved with any group that wants to change the status quo, then you're a target for surveillance no matter how benign your goals. Sometimes simply being an American with an open mind and a diverse range of interests is enough to invite surveillance.

Spy school for the rest of us...The world is full of writers who claim to know a spy until you ask for an introduction. Spy & CounterSpy goes even further. It contains methods that have been field-tested



Spy & CounterspyCommunicate with cells Use a one-time pad Catch informants Be a whistleblower Tax resistance primer Surveillance codes Spy address book Beating the FBI Security software About us Free F9 Subscription Workshop info News releases Glossary

Page 2 of 3 and proven during a decade of forced encounters with government security services, intelligence agencies, and undercover cops. Whether you're just trying to protect your right to be left alone or whether you're working to change a system that you see as unfair Spy & CounterSpy gives you the knowhow you need.

Written with an insider's knowledge and an outsider's outrage...You cannot get this information anywhere else. Period. The only other people qualified to teach you these skills are the goons themselves. But they won't. They get prison sentences and worse for talking. Make no mistake about it, Spy & CounterSpy is the world's only open source of skills for freedom including countersurveillance, antisurveillance, and underground urban activist tactics. You can explore this site using the links at the left side of the screen. We suggest you start with Bureaucrat's Toolkit for insight into how widespread the problem is and how it's getting worse. Then try Uncrackable Email for a look at how persistent you must be if you want to beat a surveillance team. Click on FBI vehicle surveillance for insight into how the goon squads actually operate.

...Stop and ask yourself... If America is the land of the Free, then why does it take someone in Canada to write this? Our offices are just across the border. We're 9 miles outside the FBI's reach, from where we are able to help our many American friends.

It's your constitutional right to know...The Constitution recognizes your right to protect yourself from the government's secret agencies and goon squads. The readiness of these invisible groups to deceive the public, the courts, and the media is why this Web site was created. Our commitment was further strengthened in October 1998 by Amnesty International's stinging indictment of widespread, systematic police brutality across the USA. The best defense against any of these threats is an informed citizen. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is not on your side. The First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment give you the right to read about ways to protect your privacy. (Just because you want privacy doesn't mean you're hiding anything. You put letters inside envelopes, don't you? You close the door when you shower, don't you? The problem is not you the problem is the government's thought-police.)


A growing awareness...1/26/2004


Spy & Counterspy ...If you love your country but fear your government, then F9 is for you.

Page 3 of 3 More and more citizens are beginning to quietly resist the unfriendly, unaccountable, elitist mentality that pervades government. How about you? Browse the links along the left side of this page for insight into the situation. Then click on Free F9 Subscription if you'd like to learn more about protecting your right to be left alone. Some of this material involves playing the game by Big Boys' Rules, so if you're easily offended by frank talk, please stay away. (Hey, if you're happy and you know it, clank your leg-irons.)


How to get the most from this Web site...This is a living Web site, constantly growing, changing, evolving. No document ever represents our final position on a topic and we reserve the right to contradict ourselves as we continue to expose the tactics of the government's secret agencies. After reading any of the pages at Spy & CounterSpy, return to this page (our home page). All of the free features at our Web site can be accessed from this page. Our credo. What principles does Spy & CounterSpy support? 1. Individual privacy, yes institutional secrecy, no. 2. Individual empowerment, yes the unaccountable elite, no. 3. Family values, yes government's war on the people, no.... Countersurveillance, antisurveillance, and underground urban activism are profound topics, but if you prefer instead to focus on the bigger picture, a statement of our political position is also available.



Learning the basics

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... ...

Learning the basics...The FBI is not just a police agency. It is more than that. It is a security service. There are important differences between police agencies and security services. Every government has a security service. The mission of a security service is to suppress anti-government activity. That's because the prime directive of a government is to stay in power. This means that most governments see their own population as the most serious threat. That's where the security service comes in. This means suppressing dissent and criticism. It means preserving the status quo. It means keeping the government in power, no matter whether the government rules with the consent of the people or without the consent of the people. Look around you. It is a self-evident truth that the nastier the government, the nastier its security service. Referring to a security service as The Thought Police is not too far from the truth. The FBI understandably does not have a history of respect for civil rights in its capacity as a security service. The FBI's record of unconstitutional and illegal actions against American citizens is readily available to anyone who takes the trouble to investigate. But don't overlook the bigger picture. The FBI is not out of control. On the contrary, it is very much in control. The FBI is acting with the knowledge and approval of the government. The FBI is, after all, the government's security service. The FBI is responsible for protecting the government from the people. The people, alas, have no such protection from the government. Until now.

... ...The goal of this Web site is to level the playing field by providing skills to supporters of freedom and fairness.

What's really happening here...The goal of this Web site and the purpose of Spy & CounterSpy is to level the playing field. Our mission is to provide knowledge and skills to people who support freedom and fairness. Our goal is to empower people. What does this mean? In theory, it means showing people how to protect themselves against government tyranny. In practice, it means teaching people countersurveillance skills. Who needs countersurveillance skills? Anyone who is concerned about freedom and fundamental fairness. This means activists, dissidents, civil rights groups, militias, patriots, journalists, religious groups, grass-roots political movements, writers, minority groups, and others. Countersurveillance skills give you the ability to reach your goals political or otherwise in spite of surveillance and 1/26/2004


Learning the basics interference by a security service like the FBI. If you don't have countersurveillance skills, you are not going to reach your goals. The security service is going to make sure of that. In fact, you probably won't even realize that your plans have been secretly and systematically thwarted. It's time to wake up. ... ...Any group that engages in discussion or a