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A collection of courses offered in the Spring of 2011.

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  • Lifelong Learning. Its Happening Here.

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    Arts, Sciences & Humanities 2Crafts 3Environmental Sustainability 4Food & Wine 5Foreign Languages 5Hobbies 6Home & Garden 8Mind, Body & Spirit 8Recreation & Fitness 9Test Preparation 10This & That 11Web Technologies 11Registration Form 12

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    2 Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course CatalogRegister now by calling (502) 852-6456 or visiting louisville.edu/lifelonglearning{

    NEW! The Classic Film Series (#3)

    Course #119KPSView eight MORE of the finest movies ever made. Hear background stories of how they were made and why they are significant. The eight movies are: Grand Hotel (1932), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Top Hat (1935), Dead End (1937), Bringing Up Baby (1938), The Maltese Falcon (1941), In Which We Serve (1942), and From Here To Eternity (1953).Instructor: Greg Willihnganz, historian and independent filmmaker Schedule: Feb. 15Apr. 5 (8 sessions), Tues., 7-9:30 pm | $129

    Introduction to Screenwriting: Act I

    Course #119JPBDiscover how to plot your story, create fascinating characters, and structure the three acts. Youll leave with your screenplay plotted out, your story outlined, and the first act completed.Instructor: John M. Risner, B.S., film production, professional screenwriter, script consultantSchedule: Feb. 24Mar. 31 (6 sessions), Thurs., 6:30-8:30 pm | $89

    Developing Commercial Voice Talent for Radio and TV

    Course #119JPDDiscover the world of commercial voice work as you learn about taking direction, creating voices, and the ingredients of a voice demo. Participate in a mock audition and record commercial reads including straight pitch, characters, dialogue spots, PSAs, and cartoon voices.Register early! This class is limited to 14 and it always fills.

    ARTS, SCIENCES & HUMANITIES Instructor: Barbara Polk, 39-year veteran of radio, TV and the ad agency businessSchedule: Feb. 22Mar. 29 (6 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $89

    NEW! How to Self-Publish Your Book

    Course #119LPLYou know that old saying, "everyone has at least one book in them." It's true! This class covers book organization, cover design principles, interior book layout, publication and promotion! If you are a writer or have ever considered writing a book, this is a must-attend class. Instructor: Peggy DeKay, author of Self-Publishing for VirginsSchedule: Apr. 12May 3 (4 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $79 plus $16 materials fee payable to the instructor the first night of class

    Writing for ChildrenLevel I

    Course #119JPCThis class covers copyright, rewrites, manuscripts, query letters, guidelines, tags, beginnings and endings, publishing and more. Please bring two sheets of writing paper, two #10 envelopes, 8 sheets of copy paper, and two first-class postage stamps to class.Instructor: Judith C. Owens-Lalude, M.A., educator who has conducted many workshops for adults who enjoy writing for children.Schedule: Feb 15Mar. 8 (4 sessions); Tues., 6-8 pm | $79 plus $25 materials fee due at first session

    Creative Writing

    Course #119LPFWhether you want to write fiction, memoir or poetry, this class will get you started, banish your anxiety, and help you find a form for the stories you want to tell. Well focus on generating and developing

    https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Classic Film Series&course-number=119KPS&start-date=2/15/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Introduction to Screenwriting: Act I&course-number=119JPB&start-date=2/24/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Developing Commercial Voice Talent for Radio and TV&course-number=119JPD&start-date=2/22/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=How to Self-Publish Your Book&course-number=119LPL&start-date=4/12/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Writing for Children-Level I&course-number=119JPC&start-date=2/15/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Creative Writing&course-number=119LPF&start-date=3/29/2011
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    Register online at louisville.edu/lifelonglearning 3Register now by calling (502) 852-6456 or visiting louisville.edu/lifelonglearning

    ideas through the use of prompts and activities while boosting your confidence with supportive feedback.Instructor: Kaitlin Willihnganz, M.F.A. in writing, tutor at Spalding University's writing centerSchedule: Mar. 29May 17 (8 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $99

    Introduction to Reading and Writing Poetry

    Course #119KP6Discover what good poetry is by analyzing great poems and using them as stepping stones to writing your own. Equal time will be spent between studying great poetry and reading and discussing each others work. Bring paper, pens, pencils and a favorite poem to the first class.Instructor: Sean Hill, M.A., writing, published poet and author of The Imagined FieldSchedule: Feb. 16Apr. 27 (10 sessions; skips Mar. 16), Wed., 6:30-8:30 pm | $99

    NEW! Poetry Writing Workshop

    Course #119LPJLearn how to build a writing community and establish methods and rhythms to become the writer you want to be. Using good prompts and themes from other writers, you will choose a different topic each week to create from. The goal will be a body of work of at least 10 poems which long to be published and shared!Instructor: Sean HillSchedule: Feb. 21May 2 (10 sessions; skips Mar. 14), Mon., 6:30-8:30 pm | $99


    NEW! Beginners Quilting

    Course #119KPTLearn the basics of quilt making (quilt planning, piecing, appliqu, template making and bias binding) and leave with a beautiful wall hanging! No sewing machine is necessary. Instructor: Linda Miller, quilter for 25 yearsSchedule: Mar. 2Apr. 6 (6 sessions), Wed., 6:30-8 pm | $89 plus $5 fee due at first session.

    NEW! Jewelry Basics: Beads and Beyond

    Course #119KPAWork with wire to create a variety of chains and incorporate beads in necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets. Use a jewelers saw to cut unique shapes from sheet metal to use as pendants for necklaces, earrings and as links in a chain. Combine store-bought, handmade and/or found object components to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Class size is limited to 12.Instructor: Aerie Meredith, B.F.A., Murray State University, teacher of metalsmithing for 6 years.Schedule: Mar. 17Apr. 21 (6 sessions), Thurs., 7-9 pm | $159 (includes materials)

    Basic Metalsmithing Techniques for Jewelry

    Learn metalsmithing basics using a jewelers saw, wire bending and metal shaping, basic soldering, and finishing to create a jewelry design in brass or copper. Come with a simple shape in mind for your first piece of wearable art! Sterling silver to fashion one band is included in the fee. Register early, as class size is limited to 12.Instructor: Lauri Adkins, BA, fine arts, 18 years experience in studio instruction

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    https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Beginner's Quilting&course-number=119KPT&start-date=3/2/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Jewelry Basics: Beads and Beyond&course-number=119KPA&start-date=3/17/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Basic Metalsmithing Techniques for Jewelry&course-number=119JPN&start-date=2/21/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Introduction to Reading and Writing Poetry&course-number=119KP6&start-date=2/16/2011https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/registration?topic=Poetry Writing Workshop&course-number=119LPJ&start-date=2/21/2011
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    4 Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog {Would you like to teach a class in 2011? To send your proposal, visit https://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/teach-a-lifelong-learning-classSchedule: (#119JPN) Feb. 21Mar. 28 (6 sessions), Mon., 6-8:30 pm OR (#119LPD) Apr. 13May 18 (6 sessions), Wed., 6-8:30 pm|$159 (includes all materials)

    Intermediate Metalsmithing Techniques for Jewelry

    Course #119JPPConstruct a bezel-set cabochon (non-faceted stone) sterling silver ring using basic soldering techniques. Fusing techniques will be explored while working in copper with sterling adornment. You will also create a small brass/copper container using scoring or forming techniques. All materials are included. Class size islimited to 12.Instructor: Lauri AdkinsSchedule: Feb. 23Mar. 30 (6 sessions), Wed., 6-8:30 pm | $159

    Mosaic Flower Pot and Candle Holder Workshop

    Course #119LPELearn the basics of mosaic while embellishing the border of an 8 terra cotta pot and saucer. Stained glass chips will be used to fashion a hanging votive holder from a glass jar. Copper wire hangers and glass beads will be used for finishing touches. Welcome spring with beautiful garden accents made in this class.Instructor: Lauri AdkinsSchedule: Apr. 11May 2 (4 sessions), Mon., 6-8 pm | $69 plus $30 materials fee due at first session

    NEW! Introduction to Permaculture

    Course #119KPWThis class explores the universally applicable principles of permaculture, a holistic, sustainable land use design


    system for growing healthy foodscapes and healthy bodies!Instructor: Penryn Craig, certified permaculture designerSchedule: Apr. 13 (1 session), Wed., 6-8 pm | $29

    NEW! Garden Like the Forest

    Course #119KPXLearn how to design and plant a colorful and use