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Star Distributing's spring catalog

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  • Visit Our Website:stardistributing.com

    Call Now For Reservations 800-897-7570


    Hurry...Limited Seating


    Open House & Service Schoolfor the Laundry


    Thursday, May 10th,


    Star Distributing COVER_Spring S1 1 2/23/12 10:21:56 AM

    Nashville, TN

  • Open House Show SpecialsDay of Show Only Must be present at show to receive specials

    Procter & Gamble Soap.....$60.00 case

    Laundry Carts with Racks Liquid Wisk Detergent$115.00 each $39.00 each

    40% OFF most Speed Queen Parts

    OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULEThursday, May 10th, 2012

    09:00 12:00 Speed Queen Service School presented by Mickey Forshay, Star Distributingand Joe Stone, Alliance Laundry System

    12:00 01:00 Lunch01:00 02:00 Current Laundry Owners Speak Out About Their Successes

    Kenneth Cherry, Big Wash Tub; Joe Dan Reed, Splash Em Out; Grady Hensley, Harding Place Coin Laundry

    02:00 02:30 Coin Changers - New Products & General Maintenance02:30 03:00 Jeff North, Setomatic

    Credit Card Acceptance System for your coin washers and dryers

    03:00 04:00 Tom Fleck, Senior Factory Representative, Alliance Laundry SystemsUpgrade now to increase your bottom line and compete!

    LOCATION:3729 Charlotte Ave, Nashville at Star Distributing Corporate Offices


  • WHY SHOULD I REPLACE LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT?A Coin Laundry Owner CanRun A Laundry Two Ways:

    1) They can sit up all night (EveryNight) and worry about a grossincome that is on a steady declineand wonder just how many washers(or dryers) are going to be out oforder the next day or2) They can go to bed at nightrelaxed, secure and comfortablebecause their customers are gettingwhat they pay for -- service. Theyknow their customers will come backto their laundry next week and theweek after that. They arent harassedby broken machines. Whats more,their customers probably tell theirfriends & neighbors about the nice,well equipped laundry with reliableequipment and these friends and

    to increased gross income!8) Increased Value of Your Business!9) Increased retained income due totax benefits derived from purchasesof new equipment!10) More free time for yourself andfamily!

    The Coin Operated LaundryIndustry is no different than otherretail businesses. To be successfuland maintain maximum profits,equipment needs to be replaced andupgraded on an ongoing basis. Yourcustomers prefer to use new equip-ment! Dont lose them to your com-petitors! It just makes good sense!Dont let old equipment make yourbusiness obsolete! Let your StarRepresentative help you to enjoy theadvantages of upgrading your laun-dry!

    neighbors may become new cus-tomers.What do you think? Which is theeasier way to operate a coin laun-dry? Its easy to figure that one out,but you say, its so expensive toreplace equipment. True, equipmentisnt free, or is it? LOOK AT THEADVANTAGES NEW EQUIPMENTAFFORDS YOU:

    1) Excellent Tax Benefits (Up to$5,000 in Tax Credits and $15,000 inTax Deductions on QualifyingEquip.)2) Lower Maintenance Costs!3) Higher customer satisfaction!4) Lower Utility Costs!5) Higher Income Potential due toincreased vend prices!6) Less harassment due to fewermaintenance problems!7) Higher bank balances for you due

    Save up to $5,000 . . .With the American Disability Act - ADA TAX BENEFITS!!

    on the purchase of Front Load Washers and Stack DryersYou can reduce your Federal Income Tax by a Tax Credit ofup to $5,000. You may claim 50% of the installed purchase priceof handicapped accessible equipment up to $5,000 after a $250deductible. See IRS Code Section 44.

    Under Section 190 up to $15,000, or any portion thereof, of the remaining amount may be taken as a

    Tax Deduction during the same year, reducing your taxbase or it can be depreciated over the accepted life of the equip-ment.

    Your Star representative can show you how you may benefit.Be sure to consult with your CPA or tax preparer.

    You Deserve a Tax BreakThis Year!


    Established in 1958

    Star Distributing welcomes you to our Spring Open House and Service School. We use our resources toremain on the cutting edge of market innovations and to provide laundry owners guidance on new prod-ucts so they can remain profitable despite rising industry costs.

    We continuously strive to make Star Distributing your one stop shop for all your laundry needs. We are afull service commercial laundry equipment distributor, offering a wide variety of sales, service, installa-tion and parts. Our experienced staff assists in making Star not only the largest distributor in Tennesseebut also one of the largest in the Southern United States.

    Star Distributing will continue to monitor the marketplace to keep you abreast of the indicators and products that can help your business be successful. Heres a reminder of what you need to sign up for:


    Guest Speakers:Tom Fleck Michael Davis Jeff North

    Senior Factory Representative President Factory RepresentativeAlliance Laundry Systems Star Distributing Setomatic Systems


    Call now for Reservations Seating Available on a First Come Basis

    800-897-7570Attend our show for the LOWEST pricing of the year!