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  • Make it your place, Buy at Your Space.


    Spring 2012

    710 Commercial AvenueMonterey, Tennessee 38574

    Phone: (931)839-2970Fax: (931)839-8876

    yourspace@gaggletn.comVisit us at www.yourspace-tn.com
















    Order Form............22

    Dear Customers,

    Thank you for taking your valuable time to see what Your Space, Inc. has to offer. Your Space, Inc. specializes in interior and apartment dcor. Our customers satisfaction is the most important factor which makes this company a success. It is vital for us to please our customers. Our catalog is comprised of merchandise to satisfy your needs. We take each customers interest and income in mind. We choose our products based on the customers highest demand and what is most appealing. Our products are made out of top-of-the- line materials, and we sell them at extraordinarily low prices. Free shipping is included with every one of our customers purchases. Your Space, Inc. is not just a company with employees; we are a family. It takes an immense amount of time and work to develop a successful company; we would also like to thank our customers as they are also part of the Your Space family. Your Space, Inc. is located at Monterey High School, 710 Commercial Avenue, Monterey, TN, 38574. You may reach us by telephone at (931) 839-2970, Fax (931) 839-8876, or by email yourspace@gaggletn.com.

    Luis HuertaCEO of Your Space, Inc.

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 2

  • Gray Striped Bedding Set

    Keep your dorm room classy with this soft cotton bedding set. Not only is it sophisticated, but it also makes any dorm room feel cozy and warm!

    (item # 1000) $150.00

    Purple Zebra Bedding Set

    Add some flare to your room with this wild zebra bedding set. As our most popular item, the combination of purple and black make the zebra print pop!

    (item # 1010) $150.00


    Black and White Bedding Set

    This Black and White Bedding Set will make a dramatic statement in any dorm or apartment. This modern bedding set, paired with elite comfort, is one deal you cannot resist.

    (item # 1030) $150.00

    Black Plaid Bedding Set

    This super soft down comforter will keep you warm and cozy throughout the year. With the classic plaid look, your bedding will match with any dcor.

    (item # 1020) $150.00

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 3

  • Zebra Satin Sheet Set

    This incredibly silky sheet set will let you show your wild side and jazz up your boring bedroom. With its high thread count, these sheets will make you want to stay in bed all day long!

    (item # 1070) $50.00

    Red Striped Bedding Set

    Liven up your bedroom with this red racing stripe comforter and finish line pillow. The one-of-a-kind design will awaken you for anything at anytime!

    (item # 1040) $150.00

    Eco-Friendly Bedding Set

    Are you looking for a stylish eco-friendly bedding set? We have what you need. This set helps you achieve the comfort you need while saving the planet.

    (item # 1050) $150.00

    Multi-Colored Sheet Set

    Experience comfortable sleeping with the Multi-Colored Sheet Set. These solid colored sheets will match any bedding and promise the best comfort and sleep.

    (item # 1060) $50.00

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 4

  • BATH Zebra Flat Iron

    Go wild! Your hair will never be frizzy again with this stylish ceramic flat iron. This product heats up in just thirty seconds for a quick low-maintenance experience. (item # 2000) $80.00

    Zebra Bathroom Set

    Decorate your bathroom with untamed black and white stripes. This set is complete with a shower curtain, towels, a bath mat, trashcan, soap dish, tissue box, toothbrush holder, and soap dispenser! (item # 2010) $450.00

    Zebra Hair Dryer

    Never experience dried-out, tangled hair again. Our high tech, stylish hair dryer with two heat settings and cold shot option will save you from a bad hair day. (item # 2020) $80.00

    Laundry Bag

    Keep your room organized with these stylish and efficient laundry bags. These bags feature convenient wide shoulder straps and a drawstring closure on top for easy transportation from your dorm to the washing machine. (item # 2030) $20.00

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 5

  • Magazine/Towel Rack

    Life is better when youve got something to read. At Your Space, Inc. we have the racks to ensure your magazines are never out of reach! Whether its Sports Illustrated or the latest issue of Seventeen, you will never have to stack your books on the floor again!

    (item # 2040) $50.00

    Multi-Colored Bath Mat

    Sink your wet feet into the plush cotton of our stylish bath mat. With six options including, lime green with blue stripes, dark green with light blue stripes, yellow with blue stripes, yellow with orange stripes, blue with green stripes, and pink with purple stripes, there is a style for everyone!

    (item # 2060) $30.00

    Sleek Stainless Steel Bathroom Set

    The bold solid and metallic colors bring a chic look to your home. Make a fashionable statement with these bath accessories. This set is complete with a shower curtain, two hand towels, one decorative towel, trash can, toothbrush holder, toothpaste holder, soap dispenser, soap dish, and shower curtain rings!

    (item # 2070) $350.00

    Shower Caddy

    This over-the-shower-head shower caddy is perfect for any shower. It has four individual baskets that adjust horizontally to best fit your bath. The metal baskets are great for shampoo, soap, shaving cream, or razors.

    (item # 2030) $20.00

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 6

  • FURNITURE Beanbag Sectional

    The beanbag sectional is super comfortable and the perfect size for your apartment! You also wont have to worry about seating when you have friends over!

    (item # 3000) $150.00

    Rotating Bookcase

    Do you have countless books and no space? If so, this bookcase is for you! The rotating feature offers four times the amount of space of a regular bookcase.

    (item # 3010) $300.00

    Circle Door Bookcase

    This one-of-a-kind bookcase is ideal for anyone with a unique sense of style. With circular openings to large shelves, you will never run out of space!

    (item # 3020) $350.00

    Video Gaming Rocker

    Rock out while playing video games with this stylish rocker! This chair features convenient arm rests, storage pockets and even folds for storage!

    (item # 3030) $120.00

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 7

  • A. Laptop ChairLooking for a lounge chair where your guests can work? Try the unusually sculptured laptop chair, an eye-catching single-seater that comes with sweeping lines and a utilitarian desk for placing your laptop.(item # 3040) $400.00

    B. Glass Desk This three-piece desk offers a sleek modern design crafted with durable steel and thick tempered glass. A perfect fit for any desktop computer or laptop, complete with plenty of room for books, and notebooks.

    (item # 3050) $150.00

    C. Solid DeskThis desk is simple yet refined. It will turn your boring apartment into a sophisticated, classy space. The desk is perfect for any corner of any room, and it has enough space for any task.

    (item # 3060) $150.00

    A B



    E F

    D. Zebra FutonThis wild and fun futon is perfect for any high school or college student! With its soft texture, bold print, and affordable price, this futon would add style to your dorm room or small apartment.

    (item # 3070) $400.00

    E. Eco-Friendly LoungerDo you want to help our planet? Our lounger is perfect for you and made with 100% recycled fill. This chair brings style to any space. It can be used to study or to just kick back and relax.(item # 3080) $400.00

    F. Black FutonThis stylish and bold futon would be great in any dorm or apartment! With its soft quality and affordable price, this relaxing futon will go great in any room!

    (item # 3090) $300.00

    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 8

  • A. Biomass-ArmchairThe Biomass-Armchair has an laid-back angle with its ultra-modern chrome legs. Made with soft white leatherette, it is hard-wearing yet easy to clean. This chair would be perfect for lounging around or for finishing up college homework. (item # 3100) $300.00

    B. Zebra BeanbagComplete your fierce bedroom theme with this stylish beanbag. This piece is perfect for late night sleepovers, a lazy Sunday, or even a place to sit while enjoying a good book or perusing through a magazine.

    (item # 3120) $130.00

    C. Apollo-X-TableLooking for a refined table to finish off your modern room? The Apollo-X-Table is the table for you. With chrome supports and a glass top, it will be a true conversation topic.

    (item # 3110) $200.00

    D. Zebra Computer Chair Go wild with this swiveling computer chair! The zebra print can liven up any study session, dorm, or apartment. With adjustable height, the computer chair fits any size desk.

    (item # 3030) $400.00



    Visit us at www.yourspace-tn.com 9



  • ACCESSORIES Electrical Charging Base

    Finally get rid of all those loose charging cords with this convenient electrical charging base