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    S H E R P AA R A R E V I E W , N O W I N

    E N G L I S H , P A G E 4

    U P D A T E D T R A I L

    G U I D E C L A S S I C S

    T H E C O L O R A D O T R A I L ,

    9 T H E D I T I O N , P A G E 1 2

    1 0 0 C L A S S I C H I K E S : W A S H I N G T O N ,

    3 R D E D I T I O N , P A G E 1 5

    S H E R P AA R A R E V I E W , N O W I N

    E N G L I S H , P A G E 4

    U P D A T E D T R A I L

    G U I D E C L A S S I C S

    T H E C O L O R A D O T R A I L ,

    9 T H E D I T I O N , P A G E 1 2

    1 0 0 C L A S S I C H I K E S : W A S H I N G T O N ,

    3 R D E D I T I O N , P A G E 1 5

    S H E R P AA R A R E V I E W , N O W I N

    E N G L I S H , P A G E 4

    U P D A T E D T R A I L

    G U I D E C L A S S I C S

    T H E C O L O R A D O T R A I L ,

    9 T H E D I T I O N , P A G E 1 2

    1 0 0 C L A S S I C H I K E S : W A S H I N G T O N ,

    3 R D E D I T I O N , P A G E 1 5

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  • 1001 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 201 Seattle, Washington 98134

    PRSRT STDU.S. Postage

    PAIDSeattle, WA

    Permit No. 3407

    COVER PHOTO: From Yoga for Hikers. Photo by Erika Schultz.





    M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S

    r e c r e a t i o n l i f e s t y l e c o n s e r v a t i o nC A T A L O G S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 6

    T I T L E S C O M I N G T H I S S E A S O N !

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  • Our conservation titles are published by Braided river, which uses the emotive power of books as key tools in advocacy campaigns. These are lush, photo-driven books, with insightful essays presenting the environmental, social, and scientific issues related to a critical ecosystem. Each book is accompanied by educational outreach and is usually paired with a traveling museum exhibit. We work with well known nonprofit partners and reach millions of passionate citizens with messages for solving problems to make the world a better place for present and future generations.

    Mountaineers Books creates outdoor recreation titles for activities ranging from nature walks to bicycle tours to climbing adventures and much more. Our owner, The Mountaineers, is a nonprofit membership organization that has been a leader in outdoor education for more than 100 years. Mountaineers Books publishes regional activity guidebooks, sports instructional texts, and nonfiction adventures designed to inspire and also to preserve the history of achievements by those who pushed the boundaries of our sports before us.

    skipstone is our imprint for people striving to live a sustainable lifestyle, which for us means digging in the garden, thinking about what we eat, treating all creatures with respect, and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Skipstone books are for people who want to live life deliberately, finding joy in the nature just outside their back door.

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  • I t's al l about the outdoors.

    Mountaineers Books is an independent, nonprofit publisher

    M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S

    r e c r e a t i o n l i f e s t y l e c o n s e r v a t i o n

    Photo from 100 Classic Hikes Utah (see page 14)

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  • M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S phone: 800 .553.44534

    Popular in Legends & Lore (see page 48)


    avaiLaBLe in MarCH

    Adventurous stories told from a non-Western perspective by one of the most accomplished early Himalayan climbersnow in English for the fi rst time

    Ang Tharkay was the sirdar for Maurice Herzogs Annapurna expedition in 1950the rst 8000-meter peak to be climbed

    Ang Tharkay was a key member of the 1951 reconnaissance of Everestwhich led to the successful 1953 ascent

    Sherpas have recently been in the public eye, in part because of the 2013 Everest brawl, the 2014 avalanche that took the lives of thirteen climbing Sherpas, and the 2015 earthquake that devastated Nepal. These events and others have led to much public discussion about how Sherpas today are treated and viewed by their Western employers. Sherpa expands our understanding of these issues by providing historical context.

    The autobiography of Ang Tharkay, who was born in 1908 and became one of the most renowned Sherpas of early Himalayan exploration, has long been a collectors item in the original French-language edition but it has never been available in English until now.

    In Sherpa, Tharkay describes his experiences traveling with Eric Shipton and H.W. Tilman and as the sirdar (head Sherpa) on Maurice Herzogs 1950 ascent of Annapurna. Few such Sherpa accounts have been written, and fewer still from these early Himalayan expeditions. Opening with a brief account of Tharkays childhood and background, Sherpa then immerses readers in expeditions on Everest, Nanga Parbat, and, of course, Annapurna. Tharkay reveals some of the politics within the Sherpa support teams: petty arguments and shared struggles that went unnoticed or at least unrecorded by those who hired them. Tharkays admiration of his employers is leavened with his recognition of their shortcomings, but his affection for the climbers who employed him, and theirs for him, radiates throughout the story.

    Sherpa includes an original foreword by tashi sherpa, founder of Sherpa Adventure Gear and the nephew of Ang Tharkay. He remembers how he and his young cousins worshipped Agu (Uncle) as a respected mountaineer and hero, a warm and safe presence for the family.

    Ang Tharkays son, dawa sherpa, provides a brief afterword to the book. Little is known about Basil p. norton, who assisted Tharkay with his original text, Memoires dun Sherpa, published in France in 1954, and now made available in English by Mountaineers Books.

    192 pages, 6 x 9, 1 B&W photo, 3 maps, paperback, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-59485-997-7 (ebook 978-1-59485-998-4). MEMOIR/MOUNTAINEERING. Rights: World (English).





    L E G E N D S & L O R E S E R I E S

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  • www.mountaineersbooks.org fax: 800 .568.7604 5

    You may also like these titles (see page 53)

    avaiLaBLe in MaY

    An honest, uplifting memoir of overcoming addiction, and nding direction, through climbing

    The author is a popular journalist and blogger and the creator of Semi-rad.com

    A full journeyfrom confusion to clarity, remorse to redemption

    Will appeal to those searching for adventure and purpose

    When Brendan Leonard fi nished substance abuse treatment at age 23, he was lost. He knew what not to donot drink alcohol and not get arrested again. But no one had told him what it was that he could do. He quickly realized that he had to reinvent himself, to fi nd something other than alcohol and its social constructions to build his life around.

    A few years later, Brendan was sober and had completed a graduate degree in journalism, but he still felt he was treading water, searching for direction. Then his brother gave him a climbing rope. And along that sixty-meter lifeline, Brendan gradually found redemption in the crags of the American West. He became a climber, someone who learned to push past fear, to tough it out during long, grueling days in the mountains; someone who supported his partners, keeping them safe in dangerous situations and volatile environments; someone with confi dence, purpose, and space to breathe.

    Sixty Meters to Anywhere is the painfully honest story of a life changed by climbing, and the sometimes nervous, sometimes nerve-wracking, and often awkward fi rst years of recovery. In the mountains, Leonard ultimately fi nds a second chance.

    Brendan Leonard's writing has appeared in Backpacker, Outside, Men's Journal, High Country News, Adventure Cyclist, Mountain Gazette, and dozens of other publications. He is a contributing editor at Climbing, Adventure Journal, and the podcast The Dirtbag Diaries. He divides his time between Denver and a roaming 2005 Chevy Astrovan. You can fi nd him at www.semi-rad.com.

    208 pages, 512 x 812, paperback, $16.95, ISBN 978-1-68051-040-9 (ebook 978-1-68051-043-0). MEMOIR/CLIMBING. Rights: World.





    ra Savage

    Miles from Nowh


    Memorial Award Winner

    I promise not to suffer

    Brendan Leonard

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  • M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S phone: 800 .553.44536

    avaiLaBLe in MarCH

    A well-written, compelling account . . . it provides meaningful insight from a more balanced perspective into the interplay between two initially competing teams. Tom Hornbein, author, Everest: The West Ridge

    The classic story of a notorious climb, now revised, updated, and expanded by the original author with new information

    Literally a race to ascend Europes most formidable mountain wallBrits and Americans versus Germans

    The North Face of the Eiger was long renowned as the most dangerous climb in the Swiss Alps, one that had cost the lives of numerous skilled mountaineers. In February 1966, two teamsone German, the other British/Americanaimed to climb it in a straight line from bottom to top.