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  • spring | summer 2015

    designed and made in idaho since 1998

    windowsill grow boxTM strawberry


  • design with purpose.Potting Shed Creations is a design company with

    an innovative and award winning internationally

    recognized brand. Al l of our products are

    exquisitely made in Idaho by hand, one piece at

    a time, using only the finest materials.

    established. 1998

    design & production studio. a renovated 1970s elementary school in idaho.

    design statement. to create genuine, straight forward minimal design that distills through material, color, word, hand and function.

    inspiration. nature, reclaimed objects, gastronomy, modern culture and japanese minimalism.

    philosophy. people make better products than machines.

    clientele. a wide range of ar t galleries, vineyards, museums, culinary shops and boutiques in both the USA and abroad.

    custom work. build and expand your brand; we customize our products for special events and promotions.

    we stand behind what we make. our goal is to produce products of the finest quality and surpass your expectations. If you have a question or problem, just give us a call.



    Simple, functional and understated, the Grow Bottle DemiTM

    is made from recycled restaurant wine bottles. A fresh take on

    the traditional bottle of wine hostess gift. Grow directly in

    the half bottle with soil and coconut husks for drainage.

    includes: seed . OMRI listed soil . OMRI listed coconut husks fordrainage . growing directions . Bottle 5.5" high x 2.75" diam. mom zinnia . thank you forget-me-not . lavender $20.00

    grow bottle demiTM

  • hand-crafted from recycled restaurant wine bottles,

    Grow BottlesTM combine smar t design and functionality

    with a clean aesthetic that is respectful of the ear ths

    resources. Using simple hydroponics, these durable

    glass vessels grow fresh culinary herbs indoors

    year-round and are reusable.

    includes: repurposed wine bottle . seed . OMRI listed soil-less mix wool wick . plant nutrient . cork coaster . directions Bottle 8" high x 3" diam. $36.00


    grow bottleTM


    handmade fromrepurposed restaurant

    wine bottles


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    Simple, functional and understated, this true working container garden is a modern interpretation

    of the classic window box. A complete kit to grow a superb blend of lettuce, fresh strawberries

    and culinary herbs year-round indoors or out.

    includes: recycled US steel box, lid inverts for saucer . organic/standard seed . OMRI listed soil . directions Box 4 high x 5 wide x 18 long $54.00

    organic gourmet lettuce mix | organic cut-and-come-again variety will regrow after each harveststrawberry | beautiful plant bearing fruit the first season basil . chives . oregano | organic quintessential culinary herb trio

    windowsill grow boxTM




  • black beauty eggplant . five-alarm hot pepper . sweet pepper . market cucumber

    yellow pear tomato . brandywine tomato . zucchini . french pumpkin . acorn squash

    butternut squash . watermelon . cantaloupe

    Complete kits to star t organic seed and, once seedlings have grown, transplant to an outside

    garden or container for harvest. The vegetables and fruit in this collection were chosen for

    their culinary excellence as well as ease in growing. Perfect for creating

    your own kitchen garden.

    includes: rice paper leak-proof growing bag . USDA organic seed . OMRI listed soil OMRI listed coconut husks for drainage . growing, transplant and harvest directionsBag 9 high x 6 wide $10.00



    plant . grow . transplanteasy, convenient complete kits

    to grow organic veg + fruit

    seed startsTM

  • Crafted from sustainable bamboo, the components of our herb and flower grow pots unite

    contemporary design with good stewardship of the ear ths resources. Each pot is hand-crafted

    and finished. Modular by design, the lacquered lid elegantly inver ts to become a saucer.

    includes: handmade bamboo pot . natural lacquer lid inver ts to become saucer . ribbon made in the US from recycled plastic bottles . organic/heirloom/standard seed . OMRI listed soil . directions

    Pot 4 high x 3.5 diam. $20.00Rack (recycled US steel) 2.5 high x 14 long x 5 wide $10



    bamboo grow potTM + grow pot rackTM


    Bring spring indoors with this beautiful

    organic culinary mixed herb garden

    of basil, oregano and parsley

    in a hand-crafted bamboo box.

    includes: handmade bamboo box lacquer lid inverts for saucer . ribbon made in the US from recycled plastic bottlesUSDA organic basil, oregano and parsleyOMRI listed soil . OMRI listed coconut husks for drainage . directions Box 5.25 high x 10 diam. $40.00




    bamboo grow boxTMculinary herb garden

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    This 1.5 litre version of our best selling terrarium bottleTM allows

    for more planting space to grow both moss and sedum. The wider

    mouth enables you to easily add momentos and create a unique

    miniature green world for your home or office.

    TBlARGE winnerNY NOW Award

    most sellable product

    moss + sedum



    moss+sedum | broom and sheet moss, dwarf sedum blend

    includes: upcycled wine bottle . OMRI listed soil . recycledglass pebbles for drainage . bamboo tweezer

    tool (doubles as base) . directionsBottle 9.5 high x 3.5 diam. $48.00

    moss | dormant broom and sheet moss

    sedum | dwarf low-growing sedum blend

    vertical sedum | tall-growing sedum blend

    includes: upcycled wine bottle . OMRI listed soil . recycled glass pebbles for drainage . bamboo chopstick tool and ribbon

    band to make base (for moss and sedum) . directionsBottle 8 high x 3 diam. $38.00

    Combining smar t design and sustainable materials to

    create a modern interpretation of the classic terrarium,

    these indoor garden collections contain everything needed

    to grow a woodland moss-scape or a tapestry of

    dwarf sedum in a repurposed wine bottle.

    terrarium bottleTM

  • dawn redwood forest | An ancient tree related to the coastal redwoods of California, Dawn redwood

    was once thought to be extinct. In the 1940s it was re-discovered growing in a remote region of central

    China. What makes the Dawn redwood truly special however, is its distinction of being a deciduous

    coniferous tree. Meaning, in the autumn, the light green foliage turns bronze and ultimately, like leaves,

    drop off as a normal par t of growth. The only other coniferous tree to do this is the larch.

    includes: recycled US steel box . tree and moss seed . OMRI listed soil . seedling training potsbonsai shears . river stone . directions Box 3.25 high x 9.5 square $50.00


    3 ye


    handmade in the US fromrecycled steel

    our bonsai tool makerhas been making tools

    since 1663

    bonsai boxTM

  • Growing bonsai from seed gives complete control over the styling of the tree and allows for the enjoyment of each stage of the trees growth. Choose from flowers, leaves or needles. All of the tree species in our bonsai collection were carefully chosen for their beauty as bonsai as well as for their fast growth rate, allowing you to grow beautiful authentic bonsai trees in no time.

    includes: recycled US steel box . seed . OMRI listed soil . bonsai scissors . directions Box 7.25 high x 4.5 square $34.00

    japanese elm | small serrated leaves, turn orange and yellow in autumnjapanese black pine | evergreen, epitomizes the bonsai aesthetic gardenia | evergreen, flowers second year May to Junecrepe myrtle | fastest grower, flowers second year June to July


    4 ye



    3 ye


    3 ye



    3 ye



    bonsai boxTM specimen tree

  • These beautifully handmade container

    gardens include a leak-proof galvanized pail

    and all the ingredients to grow exceptional

    flowers, herbs and tomatoes. A perfect

    complement to a windowsill

    or patio garden.

    includes: steel pail . organic/standard seedOMRI listed soil . OMRI listed coconuthusks for drainage . directions Pail 5.5" high x 6" diam. $25.00 MInI-hERB





    Micro-greens are intensely flavored (a little goes a long way), easy to grow vegetables and spices

    ready to enjoy in 7-14 days. They are harvested fresh from the grow box by snipping the fresh shoots just

    above the soil line. Two full crops of each seed are included. Micro-greens veggie and Spice offer an inspired

    addition to sandwiches, soups, salads, eggs, hors doeuvres, sushi, pastas, rice blends or couscous.

    spice | japanese mibuna mustard . daikon radish . shungiku chrysanthemum

    veggie | organic tom thumb pea . organic red russian kale . organic mini-carrot

    includes: recycled US steel grow box . hand-coiled bamboo lid inver tsfor saucer . organic/standard seed . OMRI listed soil . directions

    Box 18" long x 2.25" high x 3 deep $48.00


    harvest year-roundin 7-14 days