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1. Spring 2013 with Jennie PlattSPRING INTO THELATEST TRENDSSPRING IS ALL ABOUT RENEWAL AND NEW BEGINNINGS.One of the things I love most about Miche is that women canfollow the latest fashion trends for the season beautifully andaffordably anytime the mood strikesall it takes is three secondsor less to get a look thats as fresh as springtime for your handbag.Sprinkled throughout this catalogue, youll discover Shells andAccessories that give you choices in trends to outwardly expressyour inner sense of style for the season. The Spring Collectioncombines soft, subtle pastels with splashes of boldness. Which ofthese hot trends will make you feel beautiful today?1 DETAILS, p.82 BRIGHTS, p.183 ANIMAL PRINTS, p.284 NEUTRALS, p.385 PATTERNS, p.486 RETRO, p.587 JEWEL TONES, p.64Its a true exploration of color and all its possibilities. Soon well feelthe warmth of the long-hidden sun on our faces and drink in thescents of the awakening earth. Are you ready? A. Heres to you!Jennie Platt-Chief Design Officer1 2. C.B. A. ELAINE - CLASSIC, p.9 SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLE STRAPS (cream), p.72, INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (silver), p.71, and SINGLE HANDLE CONVERSION KIT, p.65 B. ROSE - DEMI, p.41 SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (brown/ silver), p.72 and 1.5 CARABINER (silver), p.12 C. JAYDEN - PETITE, p.57 SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLE STRAPS (cream), p.72, INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (silver), p.712 3. CHANGINGYOURSTYLE IS QUICKAND EASYWith so many styles and sizes availablenow you can match your handbag to yourmood anytime. A. A. CHRISTINA - DEMI, p.7 SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLE CHAIN SET (gold), p.72, INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (black), p.71 B. KAYE - DEMI, p.39 SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL FASHION HANDLES (white croc), p.73 4. 1. Chooseyour Basea size thatworks for you2. Add a Shellexpress yourself with a Shell of your choicethe MICHE difference.Owning a Miche means never having to switch handbags againits a beautiful thing. Our unique magneticinterchangeable exterior Shells allow you to change the look of your bag anytime you want without the bother ofmoving all your essentials to a new purse. Theres a size for every occasion and need, and with dozens of ever-changing styles and accessories to choose from, its easy to create a look thats uniquely you.B.3. Finishyour styleadd different Handles orother choices from our4. Voila! Your style.Accessories CollectionYour way. One Bag.4 5. style startsPETITEWITH ACLASSICBASE BAGDEMIPRIMASelect a size that works for you, then its time to shop for Shells and AccessoriesSPECIALTYACCESSORY PetiteClassicWHETHER YOURE MEETING A FRIEND FOR COFFEE OR GOING TO THE TAKE THIS PURSE TO WORK LUNCHES, A DAY AT THE SPA OR ABALLET, YOU DONT WANT TO TOTE A LOT OF THINGS. THIS SIZE HOLDSDINNER PARTY. THIS SIZE HOLDS EVERYTHING YOU NEED PLUSTHE ESSENTIALS: KEYS, PHONE, LIPSTICK AND WALLET.SOME EXTRAS LIKE A HAIRBRUSH, A COMPACT AND A CAMERA.PETITE BASE BAGCLASSIC BASE BAGBeige fabric interior features one open elastic pocket. Length: 8; width: 4; height: 6. Beige fabric interior features two open elastic pockets and one full-length zipperedHandle pictured comes with bag. Handle length: 24.25; handle width: .25 handle drop: pocket. Top zipper closure. Length: 11.75; width: 5.75; height: 6.5. Handles11.25.pictured come with bag. Handle length: 16.75; handle width: .75; handle drop: 7.5006 $21.954001 $34.95 black 4000 $34.95brownPETITE HANDLE (black/silver)Replacement Handle for the Petite Base Bag. Length: 24.25; width: .25 handle drop: CLASSIC HANDLES (black)11.25.Replacement Handles for the Classic Base Bag. Length: 23.75; width: .75; handle9451 $5.95 drop: 11.75. 5 9022 $9.95 6. PETITE SHOPPING IS EASY!Once you choose your Base Bag, use these tabs to find the perfect Shell CLASSIC for your size Base, Accessories and specialty items to complete your style. DEMI PRIMA SPECIALTY ACCESSORY DemiPrimaWHETHER TRAVELLING TO THE PARK OR ON A BUSINESS TRIP, YOULL FROM FIELD TRIPS TO WORKING AT THE COFFEE SHOP, YOU NEED TONEED ROOM TO STASH SOME BASICS. THIS CARRY-ALL CAN BE WORN CARRY A LOT. THIS BAG HOLDS YOUR CHILDS NEEDS, YOUR LAPTOPWITH TWO HANDLES OR HOBO-STYLE WITH A SINGLE STRAP.AND ALL THE ESSENTIALS NEEDED FOR YOUR BUSY LIFE.DEMI BASE BAGPRIMA BASE BAGBeige fabric interior features one zippered pocket, one small open pocket, two mediumBeige fabric interior includes two small open pockets, large open pocket with card inserts,pockets and two pen holders. Length: 14; width: 7; height: 9.5. Top zipper closure. Handles two pen holders and long zippered pocket. Length: 15; width: 5; height:12. Handlespictured come with bag. Handle length: 23.75; handle width: .75; handle drop: 11.75.pictured come with bag. Handle length: 20.75; handle width: 1; handle drop: 10.3001 $39.957002 $39.95DEMI HANDLES (black) PRIMA HANDLES (black)Replacement Handles for the Demi Base Bag. Length: 23.75; width: .75; handle drop: Replacement Handles for the Prima Base Bag. Length: 20.75; width: 1; handle drop: $9.959452 $9.956 7. THIS PAGEPETITECHRISTINA - DEMIBlack faux leather with black snakeaccents, stud and pleat detailing andgold hardware.3152 $39.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALCLASSICINTERCHANGEABLE HANDLESCHAIN SET (gold) p.72, andINTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES(black), p.71FACING PAGEA. ANGIE - PRIMA White croc faux leather with front zipper detail and gold hardware.DEMI Side pockets.7596 $44.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALFASHION HANDLES (white croc)Bright gold hardware. Length: 22;width: 1; handle drop: 10.759441 $24.95PRIMAB. WALLET (teal) Teal and mint wallet with silver piping. Length: 8; width: 4.259114 $29.95SPECIALTYACCESSORY 7 8. 1 PETITEtrend # CLASSIC DEMIA. SPRING MEANS SPARKLE AND PRIMASHINE. EMBRACE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE SEASON SPECIALTYWITH CLEAN WHITES, GILDEDACCENTS AND VIVID BURSTSA hint of gold on a fresh white background makesOF GREEN. ACCESSORY a style declaration.B. Add some subtle shimmer detailing at your feet.8 9. ELAINE - CLASSICPETITE Mint faux leather with white piping and stitching. 1213 $24.95 SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL BRAIDED FASHION HANDLES (cream) Antique brass hardware. Length: 23; width: .75; handle drop: 11.5CLASSIC 9457 $24.95DEMIYOU KNOW YOU WANT IT . . .PRIMA. . . get this Shell free when youhost a Miche Party!SPECIALTYACCESSORY 9 10. PETITEA. LANA - DEMI Mint faux leather with white piping and stitching. Side pockets.3153 $34.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALINTERCHANGEABLE HANDLE STRAPS(cream), description on p.72 CLASSIC9440 $8.95INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (silver),description on p.719454 $39.95B. AERIAL - PETITE White faux leather with diamond stitching detail and gold hardware. DEMI5158 $18.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALPETITE HANDLE (white croc/gold)Length: 24.25; width: .5;handle drop: 11.259459 $5.95 PRIMAC. COLE - PETITE Dark pink faux leather with white contrasting diagonal accents.5139 $14.95 A. SPECIALTY ACCESSORY B. C. 10 11. ACCESSORY SPECIALTY PRIMA DEMI CLASSIC PETITE11 12. FACING PAGEPETITEANNDREA - DEMIWhite croc faux leather with front zipperdetail and gold hardware. Side pockets.3162 $39.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALFASHION HANDLES (white croc),A.see description on p.7CLASSIC9441 $24.95THIS PAGEA. 1 CARABINER (silver) Add length to both single and double Change up your look or add lengthto your handles with carabiners Handles. Sold in sets of 4.9650 $5.95DEMIB. 1.5 CARABINER (silver) B. Add length to both single and double Handles. Sold in sets of 4.9651 $8.95C. CLARISSA - PETITE Yellow faux leather with white piping. End pockets.PRIMA5136 $18.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALPETITE LONG HANDLE (black)Length: 48; width: .75; handledrop: 23.55300 $5.95SPECIALTYD. FLO - DEMI Yellow faux leather with white stitching. Side pockets. 3136 $34.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALINTERCHANGEABLE HANDLE STRAPSACCESSORY(cream), description on p.729440 $8.95INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (silver),description on p.719454 $39.95D. C.12 13. PETITEMORGAN - PRIMABlack faux leather with double zippersand tassel pulls. Side pockets.7565 $39.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALCLASSIC HANDLES (black),description on p.5CLASSIC9450 $9.95QUICK-CLIP SHOULDER STRAP (black)Length: 42.5; width: 1.25; handledrop: 17.759031 $14.95DEMIPRIMASPECIALTYACCESSORY 13 14. PETITE A. CLASSICC. DEMI PRIMAB. SPECIALTY ACCESSORYD.A. JEAN - PETITESHOWN WITH OPTIONAL Navy blue embossed woven pattern QUICK-CLIP SHOULDER STRAP with black accents and tie detail. (black), description on p.13 End pockets. 9031 $14.955131 $18.95D. JANELLE - CLASSICB. JOYANNA - DEMINavy blue embossed woven pattern Navy blue embossed woven patternwith black accents and tie detail. with black accents and tie detail.End pockets.3112 $39.95 1187 $29.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL SHOWN WITH OPTIONALROPE FASHION HANDLES (black)INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLESLength: 25; width: .75; (black/silver), description on p.71handle drop: 12.59454 $39.959098 $19.95C. JANICE - PRIMA Navy blue embossed woven pattern with black accents and tie detail.7572 $39.95 14 15. ACCESSORY SPECIALTYPRIMADEMI CLASSIC PETITE15B. C. A. 16. FACING PAGEPETITEA. HEIDI - PRIMA Faux leather layers in black, grey and taupe with pleating. Side pockets.7533 $39.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALROPE FASHION HANDLES (black),CLASSICdescription on p.149098 $19.95B. ROSLYN - PRIMA Deep purple abstract cobblestone pattern with faux croc detail. Side pockets.7570 $44.95C. DONNA - PRIMADEMI Soft grey faux leather with tuxedo-shirt pleating detail. Side pockets.7562 $39.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALINTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES (black/silver), description on p.719454 $39.95PRIMATHIS PAGEVIOLET - CLASSICPurple faux leather with cream accentsand rivet details. End pockets.1170 $29.95SPECIALTYSHOWN WITH OPTIONALBRAIDED FASHION HANDLES(cream), description on p.99457 $24.95ACCESSORYYOUVE GOT THE LOOKShare your flair with yourown style business16 17. THIS PAGEPETITEROCHELLE - PRIMARed croc faux leather with tan trimand functional front flap.7598 $44.95SHOWN WITH OPTIONALBRAIDED FASHION HANDLES (cream),CLASSICdescription on p.99457 $24.9