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    s a l u d o s ! Spring has returned. The earth is like a child that knows poems.

    Rainer Maria Rilke

    If youre paying close attention, youll recognize this Rilke quote is the same one I used last year to welcome spring. Ive cited it again because its so very appropriate to our best and brightest news of the season. Caroline Kennedy will visit San Antonio and Gemini Ink in April, touring her newest poetry anthology, She Walks in Beauty, A Womans Journey through Poems (Hyperion/Voice, 2011).

    Thanks to her mother, Caroline has been steeped in poetry since childhood, so she has always been a child that knows poems. She also believes in every childs right to know poems and devotes a goodly portion of her time to that end. There is no more powerful ambassador on the national stage for reading, writing, poetry, and the power of language. (See pages 18 and 19.)

    As for the the local stage, our own Coleen Grissom is the maven par excellence for the power of language. This spring, she will, of course, handle the conversation with Caroline Kennedy at our colloquium luncheon and also run her wild literary discussion class again to the amazement of participants and passersby alike.

    Other wonders this spring include a return round of screenwriting with prizewinning filmmaker YaKe Smith, a stunning evening of La Causa performance with Gregg Barrios and friends, mind-body work that leads to writing with Tinka Tarver, a wide range of approaches to memoir, and much, much more.

    Also, see our website for writing by Writers in Communities students of all ages throughout our city. We show their anthologies in fancy page-turning software, so its almost like holding a real book!

    Rosemary CatacalosExecutive | Artistic Director

    Gemini Ink, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, is extremely grateful for contributions from avid readers and writers, as well as grants from the George W. Brackenridge Foundation, the Brown Foundation, the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs, Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation, the Edouard Foundation, Frost National Bank, theFund, Guerra DeBerry Coody Marketing and Communications, H-E-B, King William Association, the Albert and Bessie Mae Kronkosky Charitable Foundation, Ruth Lang Charitable Fund and Beulah M. and Felix J. Katz Memorial Trust of the San Antonio Area Foundation, Lifshutz Foundation, Martin Foundation, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation, Rackspace Foundation, the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation, the Russell Hill Rogers Fund for the Arts, the San Antonio Express-News, Shield-Ayres Foundation, the Smothers Foundation, the Jack and Doris Smothers and Mary Ann Smothers Bruni Memorial Foundation, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and Wayne Wright Lawyers. We extend very special thanks for in-kind support to H-E-B and Clear Visions Inc. for the printing of this catalogue.

    a b o u t G e m i n i I n kGemini Ink nurtures writers and readers and builds community through literature and the related arts. At Gemini Ink we believe human story in all its diverse and complicated forms and genres from poetry and fiction to memoir and oral tradition is essential to developing compassion and richness in both individual and community life. We encourage focused reading, writing, and exchange at every level, from elementary school student to incarcerated youth and from polished professional to the elder who has always wanted to record her family stories.

    Cover art: Linocut by Beatrice Pealoza (now Catacalos), From In and Around the Alamo City, a book of linocuts and poetry by art students of Mrs. Mary Free, San Antonio Vocational and Technical School (now Fox Tech High School) Class of 1942.

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    s p r i n g 2 0 1 1 s c h e d u l eDates Classes & Events PageMonday, Jan. 3 Spring Registration Begins page 22

    Saturday, Jan. 15 Poetry Out Loud page 15 (Regional Semi-finals)

    Wednesday, Jan. 26 Lifelong Learning / Grissom* page 9

    Saturday, Jan. 29 Film / Scott page 6

    Friday, Feb. 4 First Friday Reading page 15

    Saturday, Feb. 5 Poetry / Mlinko page 5 Film / Smith page 7

    Thursday, Feb. 10 POV Series page 15

    Thursday & Friday, AUTOGRAPH Series page 23Feb. 17 & 18 Colloquium Luncheon & Reading / Audrey Niffenegger

    Friday, Feb. 18 Master Class: Conversation / page 4 Audrey Niffenegger

    Saturday & Sunday, Lifelong / Shipley* page 9Feb. 26 & 27

    Friday, Mar. 4 First Friday Reading page 15

    Saturday, Mar. 5 Poetry / Cassells page 6 Nonfiction / Grimes page 7

    Sunday, Mar. 20 Community Talk page 15

    Friday, Apr. 1 First Friday Reading page 15

    Saturday, Apr. 2 Fiction / Hinojosa-Smith page 5 Nonfiction / Taylor* page 8

    Friday, Apr. 8 Expreso Mi Cultura with page 24 Gregg Barrios & Friends

    Wednesday, Apr. 20 Nonfiction / Silverstein page 8

    Thursday & Friday, BREAKTHROUGH THINKERS Series page 18,19Apr. 28 &29 Caroline Kennedy

    Friday, May 6 First Friday Reading page 15

    Saturday, May 7 Fiction / Rosario* page 4 Lifelong Learning / Tarver page 8Note: Classes are shown here by genre and instructor(s). See page listings for detailed class descriptions and registration deadlines. *Multi-session courses are shown with an asterisk.

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    About Our Classes Are you interested in music, photography, theater, science, or philosophy? Are you a teacher searching for ideas to use in the classroom? Are you a business professional wanting to polish your communication skills? Do you enjoy books and good conversation? Maybe youve always wanted to be a writer, but youre not sure how to get started. Or youre a writer whose work needs more attention. The University Without Walls program offers a wide range of classes and workshops for anyone with an inquisitive mind. Whether youre curious about ideas or deeply committed to the craft of writing, youll find the literary camaraderie youre looking for at Gemini Ink. Our faculty members have extensive credentials and are committed to teaching. And, at the heart of our classes are creative, intelligent, and talented students like you. Join our community and make Gemini Ink part of your life. Course LevelsBeginner: Writers or readers who are new to the course subject and/or design.Intermediate: Writers or readers who have background knowledge of the course subject, will complete required readings, and will actively participate in class discussion. These writers have had working practice with this aspect of craft and have participated in at least one writing workshop (either with Gemini Ink or elsewhere); they are comfortable with in-class writing exercises.I n t e r m e d i a t e / A d v a n c e d : Intermediate level requirements, plus a knowledge of all technical and formal aspects pertinent to this class. Participants are experienced in critical analysis. Writers have a history of practical experience in this area, have participated in several writing workshops, and are probably researching the publication process (and have a realistic understanding of its demands). Advanced: Intermediate/Advanced requirements, plus extensive knowledge of this course subject. Each participant is something of an expert in this field. Each writer has attained a professional level, that is, writing has become an integral part of her/his routine and her/his work is of publication quality.

    Course levels are self-selected.


    #1 Conversation: Master Class with Audrey NiffeneggerLevel: MasterInstructor: Audrey NiffeneggerCalling all visual artists! Calling all writers! Calling anyone interested in books and art! Give yourself the rare gift of an informal conversation with Audrey Niffenegger, the multi-talented artist and handmade book maker turned international bestselling novelist. How did she go from primarily visual handmade editions of ten to publishing novels by the thousands from major publishers? Where does her current graphic novel fit in this trajectory? Does the image come first or the egg? How does the word cross the road? Youll not have an opportunity like this again!Date: Friday, Feb. 18, 6pm - 8pmLimit: 15 ParticipantsRegistration Deadline: Tuesday, Feb. 15CPE Credits: 4 Language ArtsFee: $100 Discounted Fee: $90


    #2 Building Blocks of FictionLevel: AllInstructor: Nelly RosarioThis weekend intensive workshop focuses on the basic narrative elements of fiction writing: characterization, plot, dialogue, mechanics, point of view, and setting. Through brief readings, in-class/take-home writing exercises, and peer critique, students will develop and strengthen their muscles in each of these five areas. Students are especially encouraged to create new work that they can apply to their current projects. Date: Saturday and Sunday, May 7 - 8, 9am - 4pm (1-hour lunch break)Limit: 12 ParticipantsRegistration Deadline: Wednesday, May 4CPE Credits: 8 Language ArtsFee: $110 Discounted Fee: $99

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    How to Register A registration form appears on page 22. Please mail the completed form to Gemini Ink at 513 S. Presa, San Antonio, TX 78205, along with your class tuition and registration fee. You may also register by visiting our website at www.geminiink.org, calling us at 210.734.9673 (877.734.9673, toll-free), or visiting our office at the above address.

    Registration Fee Be sure to include the $10 registration fee in your total. The fee is required each time you enroll for classes and helps cover expenses like registration staffing, classroom maintenance, handouts, flyers, mailings, and s