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  • 1959Larry Fitzmaurice, a member of the

    Babson Alumni Association board of direc-tors, is president and CEO of The NewEngland Center for Homeless Veterans(www.nechv.org) in Boston. He e-mails,Twelve alums and friends of Babson gavetheir time on Feb. 5 to volunteer at thecenters clothing store, where they prepareddonated clothing for display. The store pro-vides clothing free of charge to the centersmale and female veterans. The store man-ager said that the Babson group accom-plished in three hours what would havetaken his staff two to three days. Volun-teers included Jeff Pace 69, MBA 72;Dave Egan 78; Precillia Redmond,MBA 07, with husband Matt Redmond;Monica Guisa Sanchez, MBA 07; RichMcMahon, MBA 03; Martha Donovan,MBA 84; Kathy Moss, MBA 82; TedVahey 86; Marc Hofner, MBA 08;Jerry Porter, MBA 92; and Kevin Fox,MBA 90, Babson Alumni Associationvice president.

    1960Join classmates at Back to Babson.

    Gerald Nightingale writes fromDuxbury, Mass., that he has retired fromRaytheon Co. He can be e-mailed atgnightingale@comcast.net.Richard Snyder, H 94, P 93, P 01,

    writes from Nahant, Mass., Recentlycompleted term as chair of Babson Boardof Overseers, currently a member. Alsotrustee emeritus of the College. Threechildren, 10 grandchildren. I practice lawwith a 750-lawyer national firm. MyBabson education was a superb preparationfor a great career. Richard is married toMarilyn Bachelder Snyder, MBA 80,P 93, senior director of advisory boardsat Babson.Samuel Telerico writes from Riverside,

    Conn., Life continues at a very active pace

    N E W S F R O M F E L L O W A L U M N I

    26 B A B S O N M A G A Z I N E www.babson.edu/alumni

    The ClassesB A C H E L O R S N E W S

    in the export business, town government,Republican politics, and volunteer work.I had the pleasure of communicating withGeorge Dunnington, and we both arelooking forward to our 50th reunion andreturning to campus.

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    Mark Bentley is executive directorof Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition inBirmingham, Ala. He writes, ACFC is anonprofit, DOE Clean Cities organizationthat works to reduce our dependence onforeign oil, increase economic development,and improve air quality. Check out our Website. For more information, contact Markat mark@alabamacleanfuels.org.

    1968Jordan Estra, P 97, has been

    appointed to the board of directors ofEnsurge Inc. As part of its new business

    direction, the Holladay, Utah-based com-pany is investigating gold mining claimsand properties in South America. Jordanis managing director of private equity atSutter Securities Inc., a full-service invest-ment banking firm headquartered in SanFrancisco. He focuses on raising capital foremerging natural resource companies.

    1969John Landry, P 08, has joined the

    board of directors of Sonian Inc., a datamanagement company headquartered inNeedham. John is the founder and manag-ing director of Lead Dog Ventures LLC, acompany that provides intellectual, relation-ship, and financial capital to early-stagetechnology companies. He is a memberof Babsons Board of Overseers.Gregg Nolan e-mailed in March, While

    my general business activities as chairman ofGFE Corp., The Global Financial Exchange,continue with good fortune in a tight econ-omy, I have started another new business,Nothing But Ammo. The company is a spe-cialty sporting goods operation that catersto hunters, competitive shooters, policeorganizations, and agencies. It will offereverything except firearms for the competi-tive shooterabout 400 types of ammo andup to 50,000 related productsthroughretail locations and online. The first storeopens in Prospect, Conn., in March. I hopeto open up to 10 locations over three years.I live in Connecticut with my beautiful fam-ily (wonderful wife, son an attorney, onedaughter a teacher, and another daughter ininsurance) and always look forward toreturning to the Babson campus.

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    1974Steve Creamer writes from Denver,

    50th ReunionS E P T. 2 3 2 5 , 2 0 1 0

    Ambrosio Pena 55 e-mails fromColombia, Here you have part ofmy family, all of them wearingBabson pullovers: (left to right) mygranddaughter Maria Fernanda,myself, my granddaughter AngelaMaria, my wife Lucia, my son-in-law Juan Camilo, and our daughterMaria Margarita.

    45th ReunionS E P T. 2 3 2 5 , 2 0 1 0

    40th ReunionS E P T. 2 3 2 5 , 2 0 1 0

  • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0 27Send your news and photos to alumnews@babson.edu

    Im hanging up the spurs in 2010 to growgrapes in British Columbia, Canada. Best toall who might remember. Come visit us ifyoure in the area. His e-mail address isstevejcreamer@msn.com.

    1975Join classmates at Back to Babson.

    1978Jefferson Caverly is the president of

    G3 Mastering Solutions Inc., a Los Angelesarea-based, optical-disc company. He writes,Best wishes to my friends and fellow class-mates. If you are ever in sunny SouthernCalifornia, give me a call or e-mail me atjeffc@g3mastering.com.

    1979Jon Carson founded BiddingForGood

    .com, his online auction fundraising plat-form, in 2003. The company originallywas called cMarket. The Web sites newestoffering, Auction Item Request System,which is offered to businesses at no cost,creates forms for a businesss Web site thata charity seeking a donation can fill out.The AIRS system confirms the donationrequest with an automated e-mail; lateron, the system e-mails approval or denialof the request. Donors can track the chari-ties theyve aided, the dollar value of theirdonations, and the exposure of their prod-ucts at fundraising auctions.

    1980Join classmates at Back to Babson.

    Mark Till is a professional photographer;his studio, Till Photography, is in Natick,Mass. He e-mails, I am pleased to announcethat my prints earned four blue ribbons atthis years PPAM [Professional Photogra-phers Association of Massachusetts] PrintCompetition on Feb. 27 at the PlymouthRadisson Hotel. I was one of only threephotographers to earn four blue ribbonsand the only one to do so in each of thepast two years. Images were judged by apanel of master photographers from aroundthe country using stringent criteria, includ-ing composition, lighting, and digitalmanipulation, established by ProfessionalPhotographers of America. To view mywork, visit www.tillphotography.com.

    seats at the State of the Union address onJan. 27. He is the founder, president, andCEO of Browns Super Stores Inc., aPhiladelphia-area supermarket chain. Thecompany, which has more than 2,300employees, was named to the Best Placesto Work Hall of Fame by the PhiladelphiaBusiness Journal in October 2009.

    1987Michael Bastian, a specialty menswear

    designer, has partnered with Gant to createa cobranded menswear collection startingwith the fall 2010 season. The lacrosse-inspired collection, which will be soldunder the Michael Bastian for Gant label,will be distributed worldwide in Gant stores

    1983Bill Fearnley (MBA 94) has been

    appointed managing director at JanneyMontgomery Scott LLC, a financial servicesfirm in Philadelphia. Previously, he workedin the areas of PCs, enterprise hardware,and storage at FTN Securities.

    1985Join classmates at Back to Babson.

    1986Jeffrey Brown was among 26 invited

    guests in first lady Michelle Obamas box










    MaryGrace (Roberts) DiGiacinto 74 e-mails, In fall 2009, a few alumni andspouses met at the Southampton, Long Island, N.Y., house of A.C. Hudgins 74,P 09. Everyone enjoyed the beach, the perfect weather, and the fun of catching upwith old Babo friends: (left to right) Charles Hutchings 74, myself, A.C., RudgeMcKenney 72, MBA 76, Alex Duncan 74, Sharon (Rowser) Hewitt 74, andMaryJo (McCormick) Duncan 72. Also attending but not in the photo was JackTilton 74, P 09.

    35th ReunionS E P T. 2 3 2 5 , 2 0 1 0

    30th ReunionS E P T. 2 3 2 5 , 2 0 1 0

    25th ReunionS E P T. 2 3 2 5 , 2 0 1 0

  • www.babson.edu/alumni

    and specialty retailers. Now in its eighthseason, Michaels eponymous line, MichaelBastian (www.michaelbastiannyc.com), iscarried in more than 50 retail locations inthe U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, and theMiddle East.Gary Johnsen has been appointed

    commercial relationship manager forGreenville, S.C., at The Palmetto Bank,an independent community bank.

    1988Scott Baker is a principal at Perspecta

    Trust LLC, a full-service trust company inHampton, N.H. In March, he addressedthe Babson Investment ManagementAssociation. The topic of his presentationwas How to Get a Job in the FinanceIndustry, and he discussed real-worldstrategies and tips for a successful financecareer search. Scott is a 16-year veteranof the wealth management industry; previ-ously, he was a principal at Cook PineCapital, a firm that specializes in advisingultrahigh net worth individuals.James Foley writes, My wife Diana

    and I, along with our three children, livein Hudson, Ohio. I am vice president foraftermarket sales at PneumaticScaleAngelus,the largest packaging machine manufacturerin the U.S.John Marsland has been promoted to

    senior vice president, supply chain at AirProducts, headquartered in Allentown, Pa.He also is a member of the corporate exec-utive committee at the company, which hejoined in 2002 as director of business devel-opment. Most recently, he was vice presi-dent and general manager of global liquidbulk, generated gases, and helium. Thecompany provides industrial, energy, tech-nology, and health care markets worldwidewith gases and related materials, equipment,and services.Rusty Vanneman, CFA, is the author

    of The Biggest Mistake Investors Make:Fixed Income and Gold Are the LatestPerformance-Chaser Traps, an articleposted on Morningstar.com on Dec. 23,2009. He is the chief investment officer