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Spring Home Improvement 2012 special section with bonus section of Interior Decorating

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  • April 19, 2012







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    Cant wait any longer to make some much needed changes in your home? You are not alone. Americans are once again getting ready to be-gin the home improvement pro-cess. This pent-up energy often begins in the kitchen, a room that gets a lot of wear and tear but also seems to go out of fash-ion more quickly these days.

    This time around, you will be more cautious like many con-sumers are with their choices and costs ... and yet you want to make observable changes.

    The most obvious change is installing a new countertop. Re-

    member that countertops repre-sent 30 percent of the color in any kitchen. Create new excite-ment by simply replacing your tired, scratched or stained coun-ter surface with one made from the latest generation of premium laminate.

    The good news is a fashion-able look is available without the high cost of stone or the constant maintenance that stone requires. Unlike granite, the sur-faces of these new laminates are non-porous and never need to be sealed.

    These lighter, less patterned laminate designs are perfect for

    todays hectic lifestyle. In fact, the new cost-ef cient counter-top can be installed within a few hours and without disrupt-ing family life. They also give an existing kitchen the promise of a whole new look thats uni-versally appealing. That equals a big change for small change.

    All of these new designs are available in a new surface effect of a lower matte-gloss sheen that seems almost glazed. The glaze texture is actually a layering of matte features over a glaze of semi-gloss. This creates a timeworn result that is less re ective and more re-strained. Its a perfect balance for the sophisticated dramatic materials that are part of todays kitchen: stainless steel, chrome, copper, and even glass.

    Here are some other remodel-ing ideas that will have high im-pact without high expense:

    Replace your old refrigerator with an energy-ef cient model. Look in the big box stores for oor models or even those with a little dent on the side, which will never be seen.

    Refresh your cabinets with a coat of paint, and change all the cabinet hardware in the process. This makes everything look new.

    Swap out your old ceiling light xture and install under cabinet lighting as well. A little light can make a dramatic dif-ference.

    Change your sink when add-ing a laminate countertop.

    Give Remodeling The Go-ahead With Easy, Economical Solutions

    Easy-to-do updates of countertops, appliances, sinks, lighting x-tures, or cabinet hardware can give any kitchen a facelift without the price tag of a complete remodel.








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    Maintain Healthy Soil For A Lush Lawn And Bountiful Gardens

    A lush lawn and garden is a part of many a home owners dream home. A lawn that emanates green and a garden thats home to suc-culent vegetables is desirable to homeowners everywhere.

    Of course, such lawns and gardens take time and effort, and a host of factors will de-termine if a lawn and gar-den is something a ho-meowner can be proud of. One such factor is soil health. Healthy soil helps deliver food and water to plants, allowing them to thrive and add aesthetic appeal to homes. To maintain healthy soil, homeowners should con-sider the following tips.

    Get the soil tested. When addressing soil health, its best to rst get the soil tested. A soil test will show which type of soil you have as well as its make-up and structure, and just how good or bad it currently is. Such tests can also reveal if the soil is missing any essential nutrients. Some soil tests can be conduct-ed by novice green-thumbers, while others are best left to the local agricultural bureau. These

    tests are a good investment, as they will remove the guess-work from fertilizing. Without a soil test, many homeown-ers end up overdoing it when fertilizing, which can prove a costly mistake. Take a soil sample a few months before you plan to plant or landscape to give yourself enough time

    to apply test rec-


    Avoid wet soil.

    W h e n soil is wet, dont walk or drive over it and keep the kids out of the yard. When wet soil is walked on or driven over, the soil gets packed down, pushing out air and making it more dif -

    cult, and sometimes impossible, for water to pass through the soil. That makes it hard for roots to grow. Gardeners who plan to plant this season should wait for the soil to dry before planting.

    Keep soil well-drained. Well-drained soil will dry fast and enable oxygen to reach the root zone, helping build stron-ger roots as a result. Plants with strong roots are more likely to survive severe weather.

    Use compost. Compost can prove very bene cial to soil health. Organic compost is typi-cally loaded with nutrients that, upon maturity, feed the soil and promote soil health. Biodegrad-able items like grass clippings, leaves, and even food waste like apple cores can strengthen the compost. And worms, which

    break down compost quickly and add nutrients, are a valuable addition to organic compost.

    Dont bash bacteria. Bac-teria is often seen as a formi-dable foe, but some bacteria can actually promote healthy soil. Bacteria decompose plant mat-ter, releasing the nutritive value into the soil, and can also break down chemical pesticides. So while bacteria is bad more often than its bene cial, some bacte-ria are quite useful, particularly when it comes to healthy soil.

    Dont be scared off by slime. Like bacteria, slime has a bad reputation. However, veteran gardeners understand that reputation isnt warranted. Slime mold is ugly, and many new gardeners see it and in-stantly assume its bad for their

    gardens. However, slime molds are good for the soil, helping break down dead wood and leaves. They might not add aes-thetic appeal, but slime molds do serve a practical and im-portant purpose in maintaining healthy soil.

    Remember that some pests can be an ally to healthy soil. Some ga