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  • 1. Welcome to Splash Galleries Turn on your Imagination

2. Our Promise Here at Splash Galleries we have a staff of knowledgeable design consultants, a skilled locksmith and a master plumber to assist you in making all your selections. We strive to meet all of your needs and expectations while providing you with personal experiences and knowledge of the products we provide.Our working showroom has many shower, tub and toilet options allowing you the opportunity to see their performance before your purchase. You can rest assured that your selections will perform as expected. We promise to go above and beyond your expectations while providing you with exceptional customer service. 3. Only the Best. Splash Galleries only provides the best quality plumbing fixtures and door & cabinet hardware. With a wide variety of fixtures on display, your customers can see first hand the high quality products they will be choosing from. 4. Vanities From Contemporary to Traditional, your customers can choose from multiple brands and styles to find the best fit for what they are looking for. We can also provide mirrors, shelving, lighting and bath accessories to coordinate with the chosen style. 5. Green Plumbing For customers mindful of the environment, we offer low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters, recycled copper sinks and much more. Now is the time to buy! Many counties are offering rebates when qualifying toilets are replaced with certain low-flow models. If your customer qualifies, visit us today to order your newGreentoilet! 6. Breaking Barriers Splash Galleries is proud to present our new line of Barrier Free Shower Systems. This elegant system transforms an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing spa right at home. Accessibility challenges are also commonly experienced in the bathroom areas. Our showers provide truly functional solutions for baby boomers, and people with disabilities or limited mobility. New Product 7. Cabinet& Door Hardware We have a vast array of Cabinet and Door Hardware on display in our showroom. We carry high-quality products that are sure to fit the style you are looking for. In addition to Cabinet and Door hardware, we also provide products such as Door Hinges, Mailboxes and Shoe Molding. 8. What you can Expect We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your customers.When selections are finalized, we will prepare a quote and pictorial that will be sent to you with a trade discount taken off each item.We offer shipping to job sites at no additional cost if you are not able to pick-up your items. 9. We Look forward to working with you! Hours of Operation Monday Friday..8:00am 5:00pm Saturday....By Appointment Splash Galleries 5060 Trademark Drive Raleigh, NC 27610 919-719-3333p 919-231-4904f www.SplashGalleries.com