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Transcript of Spirituality :: Love Tarot Readings and The Devil Tarot Card

1. Spirituality :: Love Tarot Readings and The Devil Tarot Card Perhaps one of the most frightening cards within a love Tarot reading is the Devil Tarot card. The image of the Devil invokes fear, uncertainty and hesitation. Having said that, in most love Tarot readings, the Devil Tarot card is usually misinterpreted. The Devil Tarot card should not be interpreted literally. In reality, it is a metaphor for our own behaviors and attachments to others. In love Tarot readings, the Devil can serve as a messenger. Its presence warrants reflection along with a willingness to explore our own behaviors and relationships to other people. Customarily, the Tarot card meanings of the Devil Tarot Card refer to issues of materialism and selfishness. It is a indicator that one might be misusing their energy or influence. It also refers to over indulgence and the urge to please one's most primitive desires. The Devil Tarot card encourages one to go within their shadow self and to learn how to become self-aware of their most inner desires. Inevitably, one must deal with these desires and learn to master them. The Devil reminds us, that if we are not knowledgeable of our personal behaviors, we will be enslaved by them. In love Tarot readings, the Devil Tarot card often refers to one's emotional reliance upon their romantic relationship. Essentially, the Devil Tarot card is the card of co-dependency. When one becomes fully dependent upon ones own companion, they eliminate their personal independence. In love Tarot, the Devil can suggest that your attachments may be too dependent upon another. An additional suggestion of Reading Rainbow Television Show guide the Devil Tarot card in love Tarot readings is its relation to someone's past. Often, these are the cases where relationships of the past have ended poorly or have yet to be fully processed. In such a case, there usually is an unhealthy bond or damaging projection into an individual's current romantic relationship. The Devil Tarot card is really a reminder that one has ended up being enslaved by one's past and that their existing romantic relationship might be determined by older pains which have not been emotionally worked through. The Devil urges a person to discover the nature of one's current romantic relationship. This certainly 2. is the chance to ask yourself if your relationship is in good condition. Are you feeling trapped or enslaved? Do you think you may be repeating old behaviors? Is the relationship driven by old childhood expectations that were never the met? Are you selecting to remain in an unhealthy relationship because you are attempting to alleviate a previous wound? In love Tarot, the Devil Tarot card urges us to grow and become conscious. It is really a card that warrants understanding and self observation. The Devil expects us to search within and investigate our personal urges and expectations. Are we enslaved by them? If that's the case, exactly how may we release ourselves? When dealing with romantic relationships, the Devil reminds us that we have the power to choose the kind of relationships we desire. The Devil Tarot card reminds us that we should always be willing to battle our reservations and former injuries in order to obtain personal freedom and fulfillment.