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1. formal: He sent me a formal letter.

2. whistle: I whistle when Im happy.

3. label: Look on the label.

4. puzzle: This puzzle has 500 pieces.

5. legal: The legal voting age is 18.

6. angle: A right angle has 90 degrees.

7. normal: Hot weather is normal in July.

8. needle: The needle was very sharp.

9. angel: The angel in the play wears a halo.

10. pupil: Is he a pupil at your school?

11. struggle: I struggle with math work.

12. level: Pitch a tent on level ground.

13. local: I often use our local library.

14. bicycle: My bicycle had a flat.

15. channel: Mary swam across the channel.

16. global: Scientists study global warming.

17. stumble: I often stumble on this step.

18. quarrel: My sister and I quarrel.

19. article: Did you read the article?

20. fossil: The dinosaur fossil was old.