Spelesanatorium 'Salt symphony' and salt lamps

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Transcript of Spelesanatorium 'Salt symphony' and salt lamps


Speleosanatorium Salt symphony was founded in exhausted galleries of one of the SE artyomsols mines for treating pulmonary and allergic diseases

Salt galleries are effective for strengthening immunity and vitality of the human organism

Practically all of the patients of the speleosanatorium in the age from 6 to 60 feel well after the treatment

For fanciers of exotics there is a good opportunity to have breathtaking excursions to the salt mine that is located almost at the depth of 300 meters

The first underground balloon flight was arranged there in a fabulous kingdom of salt. This event was registered for Guinness World Book of Records

World famous music festivals were held in this natural concert hall with beautiful acoustics. The participants were symphonic orchestras, opera singers, outstanding musicians and composers

Visitors can also watch figures made of salt and enjoy salubrious microclimate of the salt mine

In September of 2001, a shop for production of lamps Salt Shine and souvenirs made of salt was opened at the mine 1.3

The domes of salt lamps are carved out from natural salt boulders. Inside the dome there was a small incandescent lamp. This lamp inside the dome both lit it up and warmed it up

Rock salt produces ions, including the light negative ones, and air becomes healing. In addition, salt lamps help cure many deceases

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