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Speaking Tips . The Do’s and Don ’ ts of Public Speaking LS English 9: Miss Twaddell . The Speech . 3-5 minutes long Effective introduction Clearly state thesis Organization! Transitions Effective conclusion. Know your stuff !. The needs of your audience Your material - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speaking Tips

The Dos and Donts of Public SpeakingLS English 9: Miss Twaddell Speaking Tips

The Speech 3-5 minutes longEffective introductionClearly state thesisOrganization!TransitionsEffective conclusionKnow your stuff !The needs of your audienceYour material Order of the speech

Perception is keyDress appropriatelyLook confidentRemain calm & relaxedSpeak SLOWLYEnunciateShow appropriate emotion Walts DeadUse inflectionDont lean, sway, or tapMove, walk around the room when appropriateMake eye contact with your audience!Dont stare at teacher, the presentation, the floor or ceiling

Body LanguageSpeak with convictionKnow when to stop talkingDont mumbleIf you made an error, correct itNo ums, uhs, likeBe confidentHove a logical progressionDont say, Thats It!

The Donts of public speakinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhV5RgcNJjE