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  1. 1. Speaking & Speaking SkillsDefinition of the term speaking and description of some essential skills that every speaker must have
  3. 3. Presented by:Noaman AhmedCIIT/SP10-BEC-037/LHR
  4. 4. What is Speaking ? Conveying information verbally Expression of thoughts Expression of feelings Expression of ideas
  5. 5. What are Speaking Skills ? Ability to convey ones message orinformation, verbally, in a proper and suitable manner Ability to express oneself clearly in front of others Ability to express ones ideas, feelings, and thoughts Ability to give ones opinion in different matters
  6. 6. Importance of Speaking Skills Help create understanding Help express oneself to others Help a person grow socially in his personal and professional life Help avoid conflicts
  7. 7. How do speaking skills help usavoid conflicts ? By knowing the proper words and the proper way to use them, we can definitely work our way through a conflicting situation and ease the tension build-up Silence is not always good Speaking up is better and its about being honest about our experience in a way that is respectful to ourselves and to those around us.
  8. 8. Some important aspects of yourvoice Tone Intonation Pronunciation Flow/Pace Pitch
  9. 9. Some important speaking skillsduring private speaking Intermediate pace Clear voice Regard of the situation Letting the other person finish first Clear description of point
  10. 10. Some important speaking skillsduring public speaking Research a topic Organize your ideas logically Employ quotations, facts, and statistics Incorporate humor Start strong, end stronger Analyze the audience Punctuate words with gestures Vary vocal pace, tone, and volume Interact with audience by holding a Q&A session Seek feedback Convince or persuade listeners when necessary Act and speak ethically
  11. 11. Places where you can practice yourspeaking skills At home At school/educational institute At your workplace At public places like cafs, restaurants, shopping mallsetc. At public and private events
  12. 12. Methods which can help improveyour vocal quality Drink hot beverages Gargle your throat using salt solution Get enough sleep Eat a healthy diet Avoid yelling