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Joe McVeigh presents tips for helping adult level English language learners with speaking skills. Download the handout at www.joemcveigh.org

Transcript of Speaking skills for_english_language_learners

  • 1. Speaking Skills for English Language Learners Joe McVeigh Literacy New York Spring Conference Saratoga Springs, New York April 17, 2010

2. Needs Assessment 3. Who are your students? 4. What do they want to do that they cant do? 5. What do you need to know to help them? 6. Power Tools 7. Using language to get more language 8. Making recordings 9. Writing things down 10. Listening andpronunciationbasics 11. Distinguishing sounds: minimal pairs 12. Word Stress 13. Sentence stress and reduced forms 14. Basic intonation patterns 15. Cultural differences Cultural differences 16. Nonverbal communication 17. Directness and indirectness 18. Language differences and interference 19. Working with speaking 20. Controlled to less controlled activities 21. Repetition and drills 22. Dialogs 23. Information gap activities 24. Free conversation 25. Who is doing most of the talking? 26. Questions 27. Useful resources 28. Photo Credits All photos from flickr used under a Creative Commons license

  • Biking daredevil MartinTerber
  • Men in hardhats USACE Europe District
  • Woman in bedroom with laptop Kenny Corbin
  • Boy with glowing light The hills are aliveCaroline
  • Ryobi power tools MichelNgilen
  • Saw blade Paul Hart
  • Audio recorders by yoppy & edvvc
  • Listening ears Ky Olsen
  • Twin sheep Donald MacLeod
  • Small and large buildings Ibrahim Iugaz
  • Blurred baby on swing BartEverson
  • Roller coaster JustinHolzworth

29. Photo Credits All photos from flickr used under a Creative Commons license

  • Mother with baby Hamed Saber
  • Peaceful Chinese water village Luo Shaoyang
  • Colored lights patterns ctd 2005
  • Surprised girl Paulo Cruz
  • Control key Faramarz Hashemi
  • Red dimpled pattern fdecomite
  • Dialog IndiSamarajiva
  • Ice crevasse McKaySavage
  • Women in conversation ProcsilasMoscas
  • Baby birds Robert S Donovan
  • Question mark Ethan Lofton
  • Colored thank you vistamommy

30. Download the handout and other resources at www.joemcveigh.org