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AURASMA. Spark their interest…. What is it?. Augmented Reality Explanations are individualized. Imagine that every picture in your class came alive and engaged your students. Differentiate lessons discretely. Applications are limitless. Present two or three lessons simultaneously. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Spark their interest.AURASMA

  • Augmented Reality

    Explanations are individualized Applications are limitlessWhat is it?Imagine that every picture in your class came alive and engaged your students Differentiate lessons discretelyPresent two or three lessons simultaneouslyNever repeat the same set of directions for each class

  • What subject does Aurasma lend itself to best?

    Secondary EducationChemistry: Instructions for Lab set-upGeometry: ConstructionsAlgebra II: Solving SystemsHistory: BiographiesForeign Languages: Vocabulary ReviewEnglish: Diagramming Sentences

    Elementary EducationEstimatingAdding FractionsPoetryWriting PromptsWeather PatternsDays of the weekMonths of the yearWax Museum comes to life

  • How???Create Auras using your laptop, iPad, or Smart device.Auras are made by using an image (trigger) and an overlay (video, web page, 3-D image)Getting Started..Think of one way that you could use Auras in your classroom.Find an image that you can print or that is in your room.Find a video or create a video that supports the image.

  • www.aurasma.comCreate an account

    Select Apply Now and sign upOnce you sign up, Log into Aurasma Studio

  • Aurasma studio: ChannelsSelect Channels; create your own channelName your channel so that your students can easily find you.If you want your students to be able to view your Auras with their device, make sure to click Public

  • Aurasma studio: Trigger ImagesThe best trigger images have a good amount of detail .Try to use a digital image, or a photo taken from head on. Avoid anything reflective, or anything that moves or isn't flat.

  • Aurasma studio: OverlaysOverlays are images, videos, animations or even3D modelsthat appear whenever Aurasma sees an image that it recognizes. SomeAurascan have multiple overlays. For example, one overlay could be a video, and the second could be an image of a button saying Click here for more help.

  • Aurasma studio: AurasEach Aura is created by tying together two different pieces of information:Thetrigger imageor object which should cause the Aura to appear, for example a poster on a wall.Theoverlaythat is inserted into the world when you view the Aura, for example a video or animation.To create an Aura you just need to pick one trigger image and one overlay, then decide where exactly the overlay will appear on the image.

  • Aurasma studio: AurasAura Details:Overlay properties allows for more than one overlay

  • Using iPad or smartphoneOpen App: choose plus symbol.Choose overlay: Device, Plus symbol, cameraMake a quick video, acceptCapture triggerName Aura, public, Add to Channel (Yes)

    Get the Aurasma App

    Auras are stored in Aurasma Central. Whenever Aurasma is running on a device it talks to Aurasma Central to download Auras which are of interest to that user.Any Auras you create on this site will be uploaded to Aurasma Central ready to be delivered to mobile devices.

  • Now its your turngo crazy!